Gaming Expert Greg Trefry Discusses 'From Indie Games To Big Games'

This event was held on October 7, 2007 at Pittsfield Branch: Program Room

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Greg Trefry is project manager and game designer for the Manhattan-based GameLab, where he has worked on developing such popular games as Egg vs. Chicken, Lego Fever and Out of Your Mind. He will discuss his experiences as a game designer and Big Games, in which players move around cities competing in ways that overlay with day-to-day urban life, such as his Payphone Warriors Game, in which teams try to seize control of Manhattan's forgotten payphones. Those at this event will have ample opportunities for questions - and get a chance to try some of GameLab's best titles!

Greg Trefry has worked on many popular indie games and is one of the founders of the Come Out & Play Festival, which brought highly creative, engrossing city-wide games to the streets of NYC (2006) and Amsterdam (2007). After studying English and fiction writing at Northwestern University, Greg moved into interaction and data design. While working at a financial information company and one day staring at a database diagram too long, he became obsessed with the ways information, systems and patterns create narrative and help people understand the world around them. From this psychosis, games were an obvious next step. Greg earned a Masters degree at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program where he focused a lot on games. The idea of rule sets grabbed hold of his brain and refused to let go, leading him to design experiments with everything from board games to large-scale urban games, like Payphone Warriors. He has spoken at conferences about location-based games and taught workshops on game design. He is currently obsessed with modern office folk games.

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