Bright Nights Community Forum with UM Depression Center: Anxiety Disorders: Panic and Phobias

This event was held on September 25, 2007 at Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room

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About 40 million adults in America suffer from anxiety disorders. Anxiety can become debilitating when it is excessive and irrational and when it leads to overly restrictive avoidance of things we really need to be able to do. James Abelson, MD, PhD, a professor in the UM Dept. of Psychiatry and Director of the Depression Center's Anxiety Disorders Program, will present a brief overview of research findings on panic, anxiety, and phobias and their connections to depression. This will be followed by questions from the audience with a panel discussion including Joe Himle, PhD, MSW, Assoc. Director of the Anxiety Disorders Program, Pam Schweitzer, RN, NP, MS, a psychiatric nurse practitioner in the Anxiety Disorders Program, and Laura Nisenson, PhD, a Licensed Psychologist in private practice in Ann Arbor. This event is scheduled to be broadcast live on Community Television Network, Channel 18.

Effective treatments for anxiety attacks, including medications and specific types of psychotherapy, are available. However, many sufferers do not receive the most effective available treatments. Anxiety disorders very frequently co-occur with depression, and the anxiety often cannot be successfully treated unless the depression is treated as well. Fortunately, there are now medications that can simultaneously treat both anxiety and depression. For more information on the UM Depression Center, please visit the Depression Center website at, or contact Trish Meyer, 763-7495, or

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