Long Distance Swimmer Liz Elling Discusses Her July Swim Down The Huron River

This event was held on June 14, 2007 at Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room

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Elling will be joined by Laura Rubin, Exe. Director of the Huron River Watershed Council, when they discuss Liz's upcoming July marathon swim to raise awareness about fresh water resources. Liz proved her mettle in a swim around the Leelanau Peninsula in 2001. This summer, she will take on an even bigger challenge: swimming the length of the Huron River, about 125 miles, including stops in communities along the way. Learn more about Liz's personal mission to protect our lakes, rivers and streams, and what you can do. This event will be taped for future broadcast on Community Television Network. Cosponsored by the Huron River Watershed Council

Starting July 7 at Proud Lake, Liz will swim the 125-mile length of the Huron River, finishing at Lake Erie on July 21. The Huron River Watershed Council is the first and oldest river protection group in Michigan. Founded in 1965 as a public, non-profit organization, the Council is a coalition of Huron Valley residents, businesses and local governments established under Michigan's Local River Management Act (253 P.A. 1964). Since its formation, the Council has grown to be a respected voice for protection of the Huron River and its tributary streams, lakes wetlands and groundwater.

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