Car & Driver Editor-in-Chief, Csaba Csere Discusses the Future of the Car: What Will We Drive

This event was held on July 7, 2005 at Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room

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What fuel will the cars of the future use cars use? What will they be made out of? Will they drive themselves? These are all topics Csaba will explore in this fascinating discussion, which will leave much time for audience questions.

What will we be driving in the next decade? Find out in this program held in conjunction with the Rolling Sculpture Car Show, co-sponsored by the Main Street Area Association.

Csaba Csere has been writing about cars since he joined Car and Driver magazine as its Technical Editor in 1980. He has specialized in stories about technical issues and first-person experiences in various competition machines ranging from NASCAR stockers to Formula 1 cars. In the process, he has managed to snag rides in professional rallies, off-road races, and countless road races-including fifteen 24-hour events. He has even achieved the dubious distinction of performing an automotive back flip at over 200 mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Outside of Car and Driver, Csaba has appeared as an authority on automotive issues ranging from product design to safety to energy policy in venues ranging from the United States Senate to virtually every national television and radio news program.

Csaba became Editor-in-Chief in 1993 and directs his energy towards strengthening Car and Driver's position as the world's largest circulation and foremost automotive magazine, while integrating Car and Driver's TV, Internet, and radio extensions.

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