Bestselling Suspense Author Ridley Pearson Discusses His New Thriller 'Cut and Run'

This event was held on April 8, 2005 at Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room

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AADL continues its celebration of National Library Week (something for everyone @ your library) with one of the bestselling authors of the thriller genre. Ridley Pearson discusses his new novel 'Cut and Run' and answers audience questions at this event. He will also sign copies of his books, which will be on sale at the event courtesy of Nicola's Books.

Whether it's writing frighteningly real suspense fiction, playing bass guitar in a literary all-star garage band, or the inherent joys of new fatherhood, Ridley Pearson has mastered the art of keeping a lot of people up all night. With twenty novels under his belt, Pearson has earned a reputation for stories that grip the imagination, emphasize high-tech crime and dazzling forensic detail, and, all too often, imitate life.

"Undercurrents," Ridley's classic 1988 novel, helped a prosecuting attorney from Washington state solve a real-life homicide by referring to research methods used in the book. The attorney - who happened to be reading "Undercurrents" at the time - enlisted the aid of an oceanographer mentioned in the book's acknowledgment page. The oceanographer identified a tidal flow and window of time essential to the case and, serving as an expert witness, helped convict the victim's husband of murder.

The topic of Pearson's 1995 novel, "Chain of Evidence," which involved the existence of a crime gene, was the focus of a genetics conference later that year that erupted in controversy, making national news. "Beyond Recognition" (1997) tackled the violent mystery of high-tech arson, and at least one death occurred subsequently just as Ridley described it in the book.

Ridley has co-produced and written documentaries for television, and is currently working on a dramatic series for Showtime. He is the bestselling author of fourteen novels which have sold over six million copies and have been translated into twenty languages.

In 1991, Ridley was the first American to be awarded the Raymond Chandler Fulbright at Oxford University.

His new thriller, "Cut And Run," features witness protection agent Roland Larson who has the misfortune of falling in love with Hope, a protected witness, whose testimony had put away prominent members of a crime family. In a series of terrifying encounters, he must match wits with a brutally ingenious henchman who has kidnapped Hope and Larson's daughter in a ruthless quest to destroy Hope.

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