Local Car Historian Bob Elton Presents A Brief History of Chrysler Corporation

This event was held on July 7, 2008 at Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room

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The story of Chrysler Corporation is an epic story of bold, ambitious men, horrible mismanagement, bad luck, gritty perseverance and the will to never say die. Local car historian Bob Elton presents a fascinating introduction to this once great company. In today’s troubled times for the car business, it’s a story worth hearing. This event is held in conjunction with the Main Street Area Association’s July 11 Rolling Sculpture Car Show and cosponsored by the Main Street Area Association. Mr. Elton is one of the founders of the Rolling Sculpture Car Show.

Ten years ago, the Chrysler Corporation, then one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world, ceased to exist. Swallowed up by a much smaller Daimler-Benz, it became merely a division of a German company. Today it’s the private preserve of a New York investment company.

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