Story Collider: Where Science And Storytelling Combine! at Live!

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Brian Wecht & Company return with another edition of Story Collider - best described as "This American Life meets NOVA!" This special edition of Story Collider will be held at Live! located at 102 S. First Street (on the corner of First and Huron).

Story Collider is an evening of entertaining, personal stories about science. Presenters tell their stories--from the hilarious to the poignant--about how science impacted their lives in a relaxed, fun setting. Based in New York, Story Collider wants to know people's stories about science. Their monthly live shows and other projects bring together scientists, comedians, librarians, and other disreputable types to tell true, personal stories of times when, for good or ill, science happened.

Storytellers for this time include:
-Ryan Burns, electronics engineer, founder and host of Ignite Ann Arbor, and president of the board of A2Geeks
-Jonathan Cohen, computer scientist and filmmaker
-Madeline Huberth, musician and acoustics student
-Christopher Roussi, senior research scientist at Michigan Tech University
-Aaron Santos, physicist and author
-Danielle Schultz, organic chemist

The last AADL session for Story Collider was arrive early! Find out more about Story Collider at

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