Wandering the High Himalayas With Will Weber Of JOURNEYS International

This event was held on March 21, 2012 at Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room

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Will Weber, founder of JOURNEYS International of Ann Arbor, shares images and memories of some of his favorite vistas, valleys and villages from more than four decades of travel in Himalayan Asia. Come travel with Will as he shares his experiences in Ladakh, Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and Burma and his encounters with Buddhist highland cultures.

Will Weber made his first trip to Nepal as a Peace Corps Volunteer high school science teacher in 1971 and has returned to lead trips to some area of the Himalayas nearly every year since.

Ann Arbor's JOURNEYS International is the longest standing family-owned global eco-tourism company in the US, offering full-service exotic, guided cross-cultural explorations, nature safaris, treks and eco-tours in remote corners of Asia, Africa, the Americas and the Pacific.

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