Story Collider: Where Science And Storytelling Combine! at The BTB Cantina!

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Brian Wecht & Co. return with another edition of Story Collider - best described as "This American Life meets NOVA"! This special edition of Story Collider will be held at the BTB Cantina - located above Goodtime Charley's at 1140 S. University Ave.

Story Collider is an evening of entertaining, personal stories about science. Presenters tell their stories--from the hilarious to the poignant--about how science impacted their lives in a relaxed, fun setting.

This event is co-sponsored by Open.Michigan, a University of Michigan initiative housed in the Office of Enabling Technologies at the Medical School. Open Michigan is dedicated to increasing knowledge dissemination across the higher education community through encouraging a culture of sharing.

The last AADL session for Story Collider was arrive early! Find out more about Story Collider at

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