Veteran's Day Event: Yankee Air Museum's Randy Hotton Discusses How Detroit Saved the World: World War II And The Willow Run Story

This event was held on November 10, 2011 at Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room

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In the first 18 months after Pearl Harbor, 350,000 people came to the city of Detroit to work in defense plants. The Willow Run Bomber Plant played a key role in what became known as the "Arsenal of Democracy" by producing 8,685 B-24 bombers before it closed in 1945.

Join us, on the eve of Veteran's Day, as Yankee Air Museum's Randy Hotton shares his extensive research on the Willow Run Bomber Plant. He is the Director of Flight Operations at the Yankee Air Museum as well as a Board Member and Committee Chair of the Long-Range Planning Committee. Randy is also a retired US Navy Captain who began his aviation career as a pilot in P-3 Orion aircraft flying Anti-Submarine Patrols during the Cold War. He now flies with the Yankee Air Museum in C-47 and B-17 bombers.

Randy will cover the world and national events leading up to the decision to involve the auto industry in the construction of airplanes for WWII and ultimately to build the Willow Run Bomber Plant. He will also discuss the history and future of the Yankee Air Museum.

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