EMU Professor John McCurdy Discusses Ben Franklin's America

This event was held on June 7, 2011 at Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room

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Benjamin Franklin was a remarkable American, and strongly believed in free expression and a free press, but what kind of world did he live in? This lecture explores what it was like to live in eighteenth-century America. Franklin's Boston, Philadelphia, and London were alive with divisive controversies, racial strife, and constant international tension. But it was also a time of new media, new ideas, and the creation of the American self. Learn what lessons Ben Franklin's America has for us at the dawn of the millennium.

John G. McCurdy is Associate Professor of History at Eastern Michigan University where he teaches colonial American and the Revolution. He is the author of "Citizen Bachelors: Manhood and the Creation of the United States" (Cornell, 2009). He is a constant if not avid student of Benjamin Franklin.

Held in conjunction with the Downtown Library May 4 - July 8 exhibit, Ben Franklin: In Search of a Better World

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