Bright Nights Community Forum with UM Depression Center: Sleep and Depression

This event was held on October 24, 2006 at Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room

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Sleep affects the well-being of all people. Because sleep can profoundly impact those suffering with depression, it is necessary to understand how sleep problems can be managed to make the treatment of depression more effective. Dr. Roseanne Armitage, Director of the UM Sleep and Chronophysiology Laboratory, will present a brief overview describing how sleep and depression interact and information on the latest sleep and depression research underway at UM. This will be followed by a specialist panel discussion with Dr. J. Todd Arnedt and Dr. Elizabeth Young from the UM Depression Center, and Dr. Ronald Chervin, Director of the UM Sleep Disorders Center. This program is the fourth in the Bright Nights series, cosponsored by the UM Depression Center. The UM Sleep and Chronophysiology Laboratory is a research laboratory that investigates sleep and biological rhythm regulation from childhood through adulthood. The laboratory has a strong interest in the biological risk factors for depression, how major depressive disorder affects the sleep of both children and adults, and whether sleep-focused interventions can help to improve depression treatment. For more information on the Center, please visit their website at

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