Women on the move

March is Women's History Month, a time to celebrate the past accomplishments of American women and those who continue to work for women's rights. March 22 is the anniversary of two significant events for women. On that day in 1972, the Senate passed the 27th amendment, prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sex. Known as the Equal Rights Amendment, the law was then sent to the states for ratification. Even with an extension from Congress, the ERA failed to pass, short of three votes.

Searching for foreign language books

The best way to see what is available in our foreign language collection is by call number. Searching by call number allows you to differentiate between adult and youth books. When at the Catalog page, select "More search options", then select "call number". If you enter the general call number, a list of the holdings for that language will be displayed. Of course, you can also search by title, author and subject ("name of language" language materials).

The call numbers for the adult foreign language books are FLC + the first three letters of the name of the language. The only exception is Japanese which is "FLC JPN".

For example: Chinese = FLC CHI, Arabic = FLC ARA, Spanish = FLC SPA

The call numbers for children's foreign language books are Youth FLC + the first three letters of the name of the language. Again, the only exception is "Youth FLC JPN".

For example: Telugu = Youth FLC TEL, Hebrew = Youth FLC HEB, Urdu = Youth FLC URD

Foreign language books at the library

Did you know that the Ann Arbor Library has a large collection of books in languages other than English? We have books for both adults and children, including many bilingual books for children. Whether you are a native speaker of these languages or just learning them, we have plenty of international language books to fit your needs.

We have

Spanish books
Chinese books
Korean books
Arabic books
French books
Japanese books
Russian books
Hebrew books
Farsi/Persian books
Polish books
Urdu books
Italian books

And the winner is...


Today NASA announced Harmony as the name of the new module of the International Space Station. The name was chosen from an academic competition involving thousands of students in kindergarten through high school which required students to learn about the International Space Station, build a scale model of the module, and write an essay explaining their proposed name.

Harmony is a pressurized module that will act as a connecting port and passageway to additional international science labs and supply spacecraft. It also will be a work platform for the station's robotic arm. Find out more at NASA's website.

It's all sewn up.

Besides the wearin' of the green, try a range of colors on March 17, National Quilting Day. Quilts have been used as navigation tools for African Americans fleeing slavery, to warm wounded soldiers, and to express the cultural traditions of many countries. This day represents a grass roots effort to unite quilters around the world. Organizations, groups and individuals are encouraged to join NQA and to promote quilting in their communities.

Quilting is alive and strong in the Ann Arbor area. In fact, this weekend, the Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild will be presenting a talk, "Treasures in the Trunk," followed by a showing and sale of quilts by members. For more information, call 878-6396.

Gilberto Gil!

Yes, legendary musician, songwriter and activist Gilberto Gil is in Ann Arbor this week! There is still time to get tickets to his performance at the Hill Auditorium this Friday, March 16th at 8pm. I'll be "esperando na janela." If you want a preview or can't make it to the concert, the library currently has Quanta Live for check out.

What do Piglet and Captain Underpants have in common?

They are sharing the March is Reading Month celebration in the glass display case at the Downtown Library's Youth Department. Take a peek at The Velveteen Rabbit, Madeline and other favorite characters.

High Adventure That’s Beyond Compare…

gummi bearsgummi bears

Remember Grammi, Cubbi, Gruffi, Sunni, Tummi, and Zummi? They lived in Gummi Glen and used the special properties of Gummiberry Juice to help protect the kingdom of Dunwyn from the evil antics of Duke Igthorn. Adventures of the Gummi Bears ran for six seasons (from 1985-1991) and was Disney’s first successful animated television series. The animation is spectacular and the mysteries of the Ancient Gummis lead to many different and thrilling storylines. Make it Saturday morning any day by checking out the DVD.

He's always prepared and has 122 merit badges to prove it!

Eagle Scout James CalderwoodEagle Scout James Calderwood

As a Boy Scout you may have earned a lot of badges, but James Calderwood of Chevy Chase, Maryland probably has a couple more than you. He's earned all 122 Merit Badges! Read & hear more about this enthusiastic Eagle Scout on NPR. To learn more about the Boy Scouts check out these books on the Boy Scouts of America or visit the National Council's website.

Think Spring in Botanical Language

Think SpringThink Spring

Two mid-career Michigan artists will dazzle you with luminous images of botanicals at the River Gallery in Chelsea, Michigan, March 3 - March 31st.

Mary Beth Koeze is an award-winning painter who received her degree from the University of Wisconsin.

Kim Kauffman, a technically astute photographer, will present unique photo collages created from multiple scans of original botanical images.(Artist statement).

An artist talk is planned for March 17th at 4 p.m. at the gallery. FREE.

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