2006 Mitten Award Announced

Last week the Children's Services Division of the Michigan Library Association announced the winner of the 2006 Mitten Award.
The Award goes to Cynthia Lord for her first novel Rules. This is the story of how twelve-year-old Catherine deals with her autistic younger brother. This title also won a Newbery Honor Medal, the Schneider Family Book Award and is an American Library Association Notable Children's Book. I think this title deserves all these accolades.
There were three Mitten Honor books announced.
The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo
Clementine by Sara Pennypacker
Counting on Grace by Elizabeth Winthrop

The Mitten Award honors one children's book every year as the best published in the calendar year.

The Venice Biennale in Ann Arbor


Well, only a small piece... but so exciting!!!

Works of contemporary Japanese photographer Miyako Ishiuchi exhibited at the 2005 Venice Biennale are on view in the current exhibition Out of the Ordinary/Extraordinary: Japanese Contemporary Photography at the University of Michigan Museum of Art/OffSite.

These elegant and large-format photographs are part of the series called Mother’s, a tribute to her mother whose death in 2000 deeply affected her. By photographing her mother’s possessions, she hoped to come to a better understanding of this extraordinary woman whom she never really got along with.

Apart from Miyako Ishiuchi's, this UMMA exhibition presents works of 10 other young photographers, most of whom are unknown to North American audiences and “challenges conventional Western assumptions about Japanese aesthetics and culture.”

Ann Arbor Summer Festival Top of the Park

The Ann Arbor Summer Festival is kicking off June 15th with music, food, film, and other live performances. While you can pay to see performances such as Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and Lyle Lovett , be sure to check out Top of the Park for free. This admissions-free portion of the festival is held on Ingalls Mall on University of Michigan’s Central Campus and features musical performances, dance demonstrations, films, and even a Brazilian Festival. The three-week festival will kick off with performances by local favorites such as Salmagundi, Hullabaloo, Owen B. and the Overtime Band, and NOMO. Get a sense of the history of the festival by checking out AADL’s collection of posters from some of the past events starting in 1985.

Paul Gauguin

French Impressionist painter Paul Gauguin was born on June 7, 1848 in Paris, France. Originally a stockbroker, Gauguin renounced his profession in middle age to become an artist and moved to Tahiti a few years later. Gauguin was also known as a mentor and companion of Vincent Van Gogh although their relationship was also stormy and often destructive. Best known for his earthy palette and broad strokes in depicting Tahitian women, Gauguin was known as one of the prime artists of French Impressionism.

Farsi/Persian books at the Ann Arbor Library

Have you read or checked out Farsi books from the library? Are you interested in checking out Farsi books from the library? Do you have any suggestions or comments regarding the Farsi collection here?
The library is considering discontinuing the Farsi collection at the library because it is not often used. I would like to have your opinions, suggestions, comments etc. about the Farsi language collection and whether you have or would use it.
Please feel free to e-mail me, Tara, at stantont@aadl.org. I would love to have patron input on whether or not to continue offering Farsi books in the foreign language collection. Thanks!

Sit back and relax....

If you're old enough, you'll remember the days of drive-in movie theaters. On June 6, 1933, Richard M. Hollingshead opened the first one in the U.S. in Camden, N.J. In 1958, at the height of their popularity, there were more than 4,000 drive-ins across America. Today, there are fewer than 600. The largest of these is in Dearborn, MI with nine screens and parking for 3,000 cars.

To find out more about the history of drive-in theaters, read American Drive-In Movie Theater by Don and Susan Sanders. Starlite Drive-in by Marjorie Reynolds is a bittersweet novel whose setting is rural Indiana in the 1950's where 12 year old Callie's father works at a drive-in. Oh those hot summer nights. Ready for a ride to Dearborn?

Museum Design


Curious about the big hole at the corner of State and South University (across from the Michigan Union)?

It’s a much anticipated addition and restoration of the University of Michigan Museum of Art.

Expected to reopen early 2009, here is what we know about the project.

Not coincidentally, the selection of the architect, Brad Cloepfil for this project has generated much enthusiasm among the museum community, and has already won a major national architectural award for its design. Just yesterday, the New York Times published an extensive article on Mr. Cloepfil and his controversial and brilliant restoration of yet another major museum -- the “Lollipop” building at 2, Columbus Circle (in Manhattan), new home for the Museum of Arts and Design.

New Spanish books at all branches!

The library has just received many new Spanish books, including more copies of the Harry Potter books and the Chronicles of Narnia. We also have new original Spanish titles in both fiction and non-fiction. Additionally we have many new children's books including picture books and books for older kids.
Various new books are at all the branches in the foreign language section and you can easily find these books by the call number "FLC SPA" and the "New 5/07" or "New 6/07" stickers on the books. You can also search the catalog by call number "FLC SPA" and reserve books at any branch to be picked up at the branch location of your choice.
If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please e-mail stantont@aadl.org. Your suggestions for materials are always welcome.

Dance Dance Revolution at Taste of Ann Arbor: Canceled!

AADL-GT Pad Logo

Sorry guys, but there's a big storm a comin', and our equipment is not rated for wet/dry use. Taste of Ann Arbor is still going strong, but we've had to take down our DDR equipment before the next storm comes. However, don't despair: our next all ages DDR event is just a month away: Sunday, July 1, from 1 - 4 PM at the downtown library. Also, don't miss our simultaneous Guitar Hero 2 / Pikmin 2 tournaments Friday Night, 6/29, from 6-8:30 PM, and our massive 5-hour Super Smash Bros. Regulation Throwdown, Saturday, 6/30, from Noon - 5 PM. Plus, our Pokémondays Summer Tournament Series starts Monday, 6/25, from 1 - 5 PM at the Pittsfield Branch. See you soon!

How do you spell "misspell?"

Believe it or not, the word "misspell" is one of the 100 most commonly misspelled words. Try your luck with many more challenging words as you watch the Scripps National Spelling Bee Finals. You know the spelling bee has made it big when it's broadcast on ESPN. The finals are happening today and tomorrow in Washington, D.C. Newspapers around the country send up to 250 young people who with sweat beaded lips and heads that barely reach the microphone compete. If you can't make it to the competition, you can do the next best thing and watch Spellbound, an engaging movie that puts a human face on the "bee" culture. Also, to find out everything you ever wanted to know about spelling, check out the Library's resources.

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