AADL World Languages Audiobook Collection

Did you know the AADL has audiobooks in many languages? If you're learning a new language (or already know a few!), check out some of these titles:

Award Winning Audiobooks:

The Pulitzer Prize winning story, Enrique's Journey (Spanish) by Sonia Nazario

The Harry Potter series in German and French.

Classic Literature:

Of Mice and Men (French) by John Steinbeck

Old Man and the Sea (Chinese) by Ernest Hemingway

For Kids:

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (Spanish) by C.S. Lewis

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Italian) by Lewis Carroll

For more fiction and nonfiction audiobooks in Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish, browse our World Languages Collection!

Wonderful World Languages #5

Want something you can do no matter what the weather? Do you speak Spanish? Then take a look at AADL’s Spanish language collection! In addition to language learning materials, the Library also has a wide selection of materials for native speakers, including audiobooks and graphic novels.

For example, AADL just acquired a book titled Viviendo, written by celebrity actress Adamari López. Although it was just published in December 2012, it has already received bestseller status and worldwide acclaim. “Viviendo” details Lopez’s most intimate moments, including her battle with breast cancer and her divorce from Luis Fonsi. Adamari López is currently a host on “Un Nuevo Día” on Telemundo, and has acted in several telenovelas.

AADL also has many other biographies in Spanish, Chinese, and French. If you would like to explore the collection more, you are welcome to visit the world language collection Downtown on the 3rd floor or at any of the branches.

If you don’t speak a language other than English but still like biographies, click here for a list of our newest acquisitions!

Wonderful World Languages # 3

Happy Chinese (Lunar) New Year!

This Sunday, February 10 marks another Chinese New Year, a major holiday for millions of people worldwide. Following the lunar calendar, the Chinese New Year is based on solar and lunar movements. Literally translating to the “Spring Festival,” this significant holiday emphasizes good luck and fortune in the coming year. To celebrate, people often travel long distances to see their families and participate in traditional Chinese practices such as enjoying Chinese cooking, watching fireworks, handing out red envelopes with money inside, and decorating with flowers and lanterns. This year is the year of the water snake.

Since this popular holiday lasts for 15 days, you can take part by checking out our Chinese language collection or related materials, such as traditional folk music, interpretive music, Ni Hao, Kai-lan on dvd, and cookbooks in English or Chinese. AADL also has a wealth of materials on this topic in English for children!

For more information, check out this article by BBC or Wikipedia.

Muzzy Language Learning for Kids

The library has a new children's language learning database called Muzzy. Currently there are 8 different languages to choose from: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, and Russian. You can use it at home or at the library. The Muzzy animated story and games are a captivating way for kids to learn another language. It was originally a BBC program so those from Europe may recognize it. Learn more about this database here. We also offer the Muzzy multilingual series (it includes a choice of learning English, French, German, Italian, or Spanish) and the separate traditional Chinese language learning version for checkout.

World Language Books on CD

Did you know that the library has books on CD (or BOCDs) in different languages at the Downtown branch in both Youth and Adult? Languages that we currently have BOCDs for are Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish.

All are shelved after the books in the respective language in either the Youth (1st floor) or Adult (3rd floor) World Language Collection. They have the same loan period as regular BOCDs. And, as with many of our other materials, you can place holds and request them for pick up at any of our branches. You can find them in our catalog here or by doing a search by call number for ' bocd world*' for the adult (or click here) and ' youth-bocd world* ' for the youth (or click here).

Author Birthdays: Lorca, Scarry, Drabble

June 5th marks the birthday of authors Federico García Lorca, Richard Scarry, and Margaret Drabble.

Federico García Lorca was a Spanish poet and playwright who is believed to have been killed during the Spanish Civil War. Some of his unpublished poems and essays were collected in a volume in 1998, A Season in Granada; the overall theme of the collection is Granada, where Lorca was supposedly killed.

Lorca's works also include: In Search of Duende, which describes theories on dance, music, and bullfights; the play Yerma, which was made into a Spanish language film; and a collection of his letters, which gives a sort of autobiography of his life.

Richard Scarry was an American author and illustrator of children's stories. His most well-known works include those about Busytown, a place inhabited by animals.

Scarry wrote for many ages; we have board books, picture books, and readers. We even have some of his works in Chinese.

Margaret Drabble is an English writer of novels and biographies, as well as some other assorted non-fiction subjects. Of these non-fiction works, AADL has a biography of Angus Wilson (a fellow novelist), and a book on jigsaw puzzles, The Pattern in the Carpet.

Drabble's novels include: The Red Queen, which details the story of a London woman who receives an unpublished memoir of a Korean princess; The Seven Sisters, which Library Journal noted as having "a character who describes herself accurately as having 'much to be ashamed about'"; and The Millstone, set in 1960s London.

Chinese Moon Festival

One of the most important traditional Chinese festivals is the Chinese Moon Festival, also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival which is held this year on October 3. Come join us downtown Sunday September 27 at 1:30 for this special celebration with The Golden Years Dance Troupe - a group of Chinese elders who live in Ann Arbor. The troupe will perform traditional Chinese dances, singing, tai chi and more! Plus there will be a special treat at the end of the performance! For more books on the subject: Harvest Festivals Around the World and Asian Holidays.


# 周杰倫一直示國際巨星李連杰為他的偶像,李連杰與Jay惺惺相惜,為了李連杰主演的電影《霍元甲》(Fearless),終於有機會合作,由周杰倫作主題曲及主唱。而Jay表示能為偶像主演的電影作曲及主唱主題曲,心情興奮。與電影同名主題曲,希望透過一代中國武術宗師霍元甲的一生傳奇及Jay的歌聲,來宣揚積極向上的訊息。此曲及其MV均輯錄於《霍元甲 EP》內。 「霍元甲」︰李連杰最新武術作品《霍元甲》電影主題曲,是周杰倫繼「雙截棍」、「龍拳」之後又一精華創作,以中國大鼓氣勢磅礡地開場,運用古箏、笛子等大量古樂器配樂,是一首中國風嘻哈歌曲;歌詞富有武術精神,以正面訊息宣揚給青少年,喚醒青少年珍惜生命。
# 「獻世」︰此曲是周杰倫在無與倫比紅磡演唱會上特別獻唱於2003年寫給陳小春的抒情歌。Live版別有一番風味,是周杰倫第一首發行的粵語歌曲。(粵語Live版)

隨著電影處女作《頭文字D》紅遍亞洲,周董年度專輯《十一月的蕭邦》在全亞洲銷量又大賣250萬,Jay更預定於二月飛往東京開唱,舉辦「無與倫比」演唱會。為了回饋樂迷,今次隨《霍元甲 EP》內加送專輯《十一月的蕭邦》12首歌曲MV、「霍元甲」MV及Bonus「周杰倫無與倫比香港紅磡演唱會」片段,讓你視覺上一次過感受鋼琴詩人周杰倫的浪漫古典曲風!
# DVD︰13首「霍元甲&11月的蕭邦」千萬製作全MV——周杰倫不但為電影「霍元甲」創作及演唱歌曲,更親自執導此曲的 Music Video,在畫面中杰倫帥氣秀出Locking 武扇舞,大膽耍三截棍,大器英姿鐵定讓歌迷們尖叫。此曲「霍元甲」加上《11月的蕭邦》專輯共13支精緻的MV,絕對珍藏!包含新出爐「藍色風暴」和「逆鱗」MV獨家收錄。
# BONUS︰周杰倫「紅磡演唱會」精彩影音剪輯——此次更難得地將「周杰倫The One/無與倫比紅磡演唱會」壓箱寶精彩畫面彙整收錄於DVD中,隨《霍元甲EP》附贈給喜愛杰倫的歌迷朋友們,難得的畫面,不可錯過!

DVD 樣品

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Taiwanese Hip Hop and R&B from Will Pan


以名字名命的Will 未來式,是潘瑋柏出道以來的首張精選專輯,為他由2002年《壁虎漫步》至2007年《玩酷》的音樂作出一個完整的小結。同時代表意志力與未來的「Will」,這張雙CD專輯分別以「瑋柏的力量」和「瑋柏的情歌」記錄了潘瑋柏最具代表性的快歌與慢歌,包括︰「快樂崇拜」、「我的麥克風」、「Wu Ha」、「愛上未來的你」、「不得不愛」、「KISS NIGHT」等主打歌之外,還特別加錄了最新快歌「夏日瘋」和抒情歌「轉機」,而Will更首次以廣東話演繹「轉機」粵語版。

隨碟加送的DVD,輯錄了Will 13首主打MV,當中有新歌「轉機」粵語版以及多首Will與其他歌手合唱歌,有與張韶涵合唱的「快樂崇拜」、弦子的「不得不愛」、蘇芮的「我想更懂你」、阿信的「Shut Up」、王珞丹的「戴上我的愛」。
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This Love, the latest Mandarin album from R&B artist Khalil Fong.

《愛 愛 愛》專輯收錄了方大同的個人新作「愛愛愛」情歌,方大同確實寫歌有一手。主打歌「愛愛愛」(方大同作曲、周耀輝填詞)在2006年底橫掃各大流行音樂頒獎典禮,成為熱播金曲,歌詞抒發愛情遊戲的種種現象,經方大同演繹後別有一番味道。

方大同的R&B音樂才華被各電台和媒體肯定,這張2006年壓軸大碟《愛愛愛》值得歌迷珍藏,收錄了新歌「蘇麗珍」、「愛愛愛」和「歌手與模特兒」。特別版加送輯錄了四首新歌MV DVD一張,DVD以Digi package精美包裝。
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