Spanish Storytime!

Join us at the Malletts Creek Branch this and every Saturday afternoon at 1:30. Native Spanish speakers will tell stories and lead songs in Spanish. Participants do not need to understand Spanish to enjoy this event!

Spanish Storytime!

Join us at the Malletts Creek Branch every Saturday afternoon at 1:30, beginning on September 10, 2011. Native Spanish speakers will tell stories and lead songs in Spanish. Participants do not need to understand Spanish to enjoy this event!

Author Birthdays: Lorca, Scarry, Drabble

June 5th marks the birthday of authors Federico García Lorca, Richard Scarry, and Margaret Drabble.

Federico García Lorca was a Spanish poet and playwright who is believed to have been killed during the Spanish Civil War. Some of his unpublished poems and essays were collected in a volume in 1998, A Season in Granada; the overall theme of the collection is Granada, where Lorca was supposedly killed.

Lorca's works also include: In Search of Duende, which describes theories on dance, music, and bullfights; the play Yerma, which was made into a Spanish language film; and a collection of his letters, which gives a sort of autobiography of his life.

Richard Scarry was an American author and illustrator of children's stories. His most well-known works include those about Busytown, a place inhabited by animals.

Scarry wrote for many ages; we have board books, picture books, and readers. We even have some of his works in Chinese.

Margaret Drabble is an English writer of novels and biographies, as well as some other assorted non-fiction subjects. Of these non-fiction works, AADL has a biography of Angus Wilson (a fellow novelist), and a book on jigsaw puzzles, The Pattern in the Carpet.

Drabble's novels include: The Red Queen, which details the story of a London woman who receives an unpublished memoir of a Korean princess; The Seven Sisters, which Library Journal noted as having "a character who describes herself accurately as having 'much to be ashamed about'"; and The Millstone, set in 1960s London.

An Epic Magazine Update -- Tigers, Fashion, and Valentine's Crafts

by belgianchocolate, Flickr.comby belgianchocolate,
This magazine update is truly epic, folks. Our magazine "in" box is swamped -- and I mean completely flooded -- with new magazines for all.

For the kiddos:
Zoobies -- This one's all about tigers. Adorable and fierce!
Iguana -- Cuentos, poemas, leyendas, y articulos. En Espanol, claro.
Scholastic Math -- The boys of Big Time Rush lead you through some painless problems.

For the teens:
Cicada -- Creative writing for teens, by teens.
WWE Magazine -- Wrestler Kaval tells all. Or at least some.
Lucky -- Going shopping? Find out what's in now! Before you perpetrate some serious fashion crimes on your friends.

And for the parental units:
Family Fun -- Valentine's Day crafts!
Book Links -- Multicultural literature. Hey, that sounds familiar.

With so many new magazines it's almost hard to know where to start. Dive in!

Che bio-pic in 2 parts

Che Part 1Che Part 1

A new movie in limited release, Che, about Ernesto 'Che' Guevara is slated for U.S. release this month. The award-winning Benicio del Toro portrays the revolutionary and he has already picked up a best acting award at the Cannes Film Festival for his role. The movie is directed by Steven Soderbergh, best known for his Oscar award winning movie Traffic (which del Toro won best supporting actor in as well). The movie will be shown in 2 parts, Che Part 1 and Che Part 2, with an intermission since it runs just over 4 hours. It is mostly in Spanish with English subtitles. The first part starts with his meeting Fidel Castro and his eventual involvement with the Cuban revolution. The second part continues his life story ending with his tragic death. The movie (or movies) are based on two diaries by Guevara entitled The Reminiscences of the Cuban Revolutionary War; and the Bolivian Diary. Learn more about Che Guevara.

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