Piano Starts Here by Robert Andrew Parker

The childhood life of one of the great jazz piano players Art Tatum, is told in this lyrical book. Simple sentences give the book a gentle feeling as Robert Andrew Parker tells the story of a young man challenged by poor eyesight.

Anne Rice's spiritual confession

Anne Rice wrote books about vampires long before Stephenie Meyer but in her Called Out of Darkness, a Spiritual Confession, Rice repudiates her vampires and vows to write only on religious themes, most particularly Catholic themes.

The book is interesting for her memories of a Catholic girlhood in New Orleans, her embracing of atheism as a college student and finally her “reconversion” in her early fifties. Although sometimes overwritten, it still stands as the progress of a mind in conflict. Readers of books such as Interview with a Vampire, will find the confession interesting as Rice now sees her fascination with vampires as an attempt to contact the spiritual realm. The reader can judge for him/herself whether she succeeds in her latest endeavors.

Wool Bits - 'Tis the Season

'Tis the SEASON to do COZY things. Here are some ideas with wools and yarns.
Crochet: Fantastic Jewelry, Hats, Purses, Pillows And More
Knit One, Felt Too
Knitted Toys, and
Just Socks.

DVD Bits - Red and Green for the Holidays

If you enjoy HOME IMPROVEMENT with "Tim, the Tool Man, Taylor", you'll get a kick out of this set. Try the Red Green Show from Canadian Broadcast.
Uncle Red and his nephew Harold host the show at the Possum Lodge ("When things go wrong, play dead.") Each episode features segments like "Handyman's Corner" ("If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy"); "For You Older Men Out There" (Just remember, I'm pullin' for you. We're all in this together."); and ends with the Possum Lodge meeting.
Want more ideas of what to do with Duct Tape? Check Out Ductigami; and Got Tape?.

Bird by Zetta Elliott

Mehkai, also known as Bird, struggles to understand the death of his brother and grandfather as he finds what his special something is. A sad and realistic look at life in the ghetto, and how our own special gifts can help us heal.

Baby Bits - Happy Birthday NEW Year!

The NEW YEAR is coming. Sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Here are some birthday books and songs you can enjoy with your baby.
STORIES: Little Gorilla
The Birthday Box
Oscar's Half Birthday
F Is For Fieasta
SONGS on CD: Birthday Party!
Birthday Party Songs

DVD Bits - Searching For Debra Winger

The idea started with "What ever happened to Debra Winger?" Rosanne Arquette went Searching For Debra Winger through interviews with "big name" actresses, exploring their life in the spotlight and the pressures they face in family relations, finding themselves, and finding work after 40. You never confront this insight in the tabloids or Hollywood PR!

Undiscovered is Winger's autobiography. She muses, "someone told me that when you age, you turn into the person you were all your life." The interviewed actresses would agree.

Headed for Mecca

Qanta Ahmed provides a dynamic feminine view inside Saudi Arabian culture as she left the USA and joined the Royal Hospital staff in Riyadh. Raised in Britain. Educated in the USA. A practicing Muslim, of Pakistani descent. In the land of invisible women : a female doctor's journey in the Saudi Kingdom tells her unforgettable experience.

Baby Bits - Boynton Books

When you are reading to Babies and Toddlers be sure to include board books by Sandra Boynton. They are fun ... even after you have read them over, and over, and over, and over .... =)
Doggies; Blue Hat, Green Hat; Barnyard Dance; Moo, Baa, La La La!; But Not The Hippopotamus!; Horns To Toes And In Between; and Pajama Time!.

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