Kid Bits - Imagine!

Here are some NEW books for kids who like to stre-e-etch reality.
The Sea Serpent And Me tumbles a tiny sea serpent through the faucet into the bathtub. What to do?
Tadpole Rex uses dramatic illustration with simple rhyming text to evoke tadpole origins in prehistoric swamp. Thrilling for very young dinosaur and frog fans.
The Child Cruncher finds a bored child for "lunch". She is delighted to have a new "friend".
Imagination required!

Toddler Bits - PLAY Activities

Looking for activities to do with Little Kids? There are great ideas for Play and Arts in the following books:
The Big Book Of Playtime Activities
Games To Play With Toddlers
Bright From The Start
Entertaining and Educating Babies and Toddlers

Eat Your Books and Read Your Vegetables!

Mr SeleyMr Seley

Join us at the Downtown Library on Friday, February 27th at 7:00 pm to sing along with Mr. Seley's popular songs for five year olds and up, such as “You’re So Wonderful (You Should Live In A Castle)”, “Best Friend (The Dog Song)”, and “Eat Your Books (And Read Your Vegetables)”.

Academy Award nominees- some were books first!

Oscar awardOscar award

Some of the 2009 Academy Award nominees were books or short stories first. Here is a a list of some of this years nominees that were books before film:

Curious Case of Benjamin Button (short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald)
The Reader (book by Bernhard Schlink)
Slumdog Millionaire (book entitled Q & A by Vikas Swarup)
Revolutionary Road (book by Richard Yates)
Baader Meinhof Complex (book in German by Stefan Aust)
The Class (book in French entitled Entre les murs by François Bégaudeau)

In honor of the Oscars, Shaman Drum Bookstore asks you to comment on their Twitter page what books you think were better than the movie. So go to the link and post a comment (or tweet) today.

If you are interested in last year's award winners & nominees that were books, here is a brief rundown:
No Country for Old Men (book by Cormac McCarthy)
There will be Blood (based on the book Oil by Upton Sinclair)

Kid Bits - Knucklehead

You need to read Knucklehead if you are a Jon Scieszka fan !!
Scieszka is author of the Time Warp Trio series such as Knights Of The Kitchen Table and See You Later, Gladiator; silly renditions of folklore such as Stinky Cheese Man and The True Story of The Three Little Pigs from the Wolf's point of view, and the Guys Read website.
KNUCKLEHEAD is a laugh-out-loud autobiography of growing up in Flint, MI in a 6-boys family. Dad commonly addressed "the pack" with one word, knucklehead, as in, "Which knucklehead _____?" This saved Dad from having to remember all the names and adequately addressed "the pack".

PreK Bits - Silly Stories

Ms. Rachel's Silly Stories and songs came from the following:
A Far-Fetched Story by Karin Cates
Shoe Town by Janet Stevens.
Monkey Face by Frank Asch.
Moving To Math singing "Hey There's Something in My Boot".
Jim Gill Makes It Noisy in Boise singing "Stick To The Glue".

Kid Bits - Do You Believe in Fairies ?

" A Fairy Went a-Marketing - she bought a winter gown...All stitched about with gossamer and lined with thistledown". If you enjoy "fairy lore" take a look at some NEW books.
Beverlie Manson's Fairies: A Celebration Of The Seasons presents beautiful double-page pictures of fairies in seasonal settings. It is also a visual game. On the page borders are small pictures that name and detail the fairies and plants. Then you can find them in the large scene. Dee-light-ful !

Who's Behind The Fairy Doors? - by Jonathan Wright, the local expert on recent fairy door phenomena. He interprets drawings of fairy sightings in the book.

PreK Bits - Royal Stories

Old King Cole was a Merry Old Soul and the Queen Of Hearts Made some Tarts so let's add Regal Stories to the sharing list.
The Queen's Progress- an ABC of Queen Elizabeth I's entourage to her summer home.
Most Wonderful Egg In The World- the Royal Court must decide whose egg is most wonderful.
The Knight And The Dragon- become business partners.
Princess And The Pea- set in Africa by Rachel Isadora.
Imagine You're A Knight- what is it like?

Art From the Heart by Kathy Whitehead

Clementine Hunter did not wait for the perfect time or the perfect tools to paint. She painted what was in her heart after long days working on the plantation. For all of us who want to wait for the right time or place to use our talents Art From the Heart by Kathy Whitehead is an inspiration.

PreK Bits - Stories from Asia

Stories from Asia were featured in Storytime this week with Ms. Rachel. Favorites include:
The Pan-Asian folktale Counting Crocodiles.
Two Of Everything and The Empty Pot from China.
Mangoes And Bananas from India, and
Go To Sleep Gecko from Bali.

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