Ms. Rachel's Storytime is sponsored by "D" this week ... for DOGGIES !
Find these dog stories.
Dog Day when the kids get a new teacher in school.
Stanley's Beauty Contest where Stanley shows what "beauty" is.
Not Afraid Of Dogs, "I just don't like them".
Please Don't Tease Tootsie for how to treat dogs and cats.
The Dog From Arf! Arf! tp ZZZ for a complete dog alphabet.
Find more in the catalog when you choose subject "dogs fiction" and limit to "youth" and "books".

Mystery Bits - Back To Africa

Heat Of The Sun was recommended by a patron, and I thoroughly enjoyed the set!! This three movie series is set in Kenya during British Colonization of early twentieth century. Try it if you liked Out Of Africa, and Jewel In The Crown.

BOCD for a spring family road trip

If a driving trip with young children is in your future, say for spring break, be prepared, be very prepared. That could mean checking out PLENTY of family BOCDs from the library. Here’s one from James Herriot to get you started: Treasury for Children, a collection of the author’s stories for kids, including Moses the Kitten, The Market Square Dog, and Smudge the Little Lost Lamb. Happy travels!

PreK Bits - Bears are Out

Kid Bits - Sheer Silliness

Here's a silly book for folks who enjoy authors like Daniel Pinkwater, Roald Dahl, James Marshall, and Shel Silverstein.
Jim Copp Will You Tell Me Story? The book incudes a CD of hilarious original recordings with sound effects. The CD and book text match precisely. There are three silly stories and Jim Copp's telling is THE BEST! My personal favorite is story #2, "Miss Goggins And The Gorilla". =) Now see if you can produce your own radio story.

Kid Bits - NEW Easy Chapter Books!

Is your young Reader stepping out of "Easy Readers" and into "Chapter Books"? Here are some suggestions from the NEW BOOK shelf.

Cinder Rabbit is very easy with double-spaced large print and one paragraph per page. There are cute bunny characters on every page.
Andy Shane Is Not In Love! is a new title the "andy Shane" series with a few paragraphs per page. There are pictures on almost every page.
Annie And Simon is an adorable big brother-little sister pair who share homey family episodes. There are a few paragraphs per page and each scene includes the family dog.
Bad To The Bone is a new title from the “Downgirl And Sit” series. From a dog-point-of-view, this series features single-spaced large print with full page pictures opposite each page of text.
The Haunted Hike is a new title in the “Elliott’s Park” series and may appeal to "Alvin and the Chipmunks" fans. It also features single-spaced large print text. The illustrations are computer-generated cartoon animals.

DVD Bits - The Last Detective

Remember "Triston" in All Creatures Great And Small? If you like to see Yorkshire Farms, Vets in action, WW II era domestic life.

Do you know "Campion" of Campion BBC Mystery? If you like Poirot, mysteries, impeccable set-costumes-cars of the 1930s.

Well I just discovered The Last Detective series! If you like Peter Davison, BBC Mystery series, and contemporary Columbo-type characters, you better try this series.

Yours for Justice, Ida B. Wells (the daring life of a crusading journalist) by Philip Dray

Ida B. Wells fought for justice all her life. When a close friend was lynched she took up her pen and wrote about the injustice of a system that would allow such a thing to happen. Yours for Justice, Ida B. Wells recounts the life of a courageous woman who used the power of the pen to bring about change.

Kid Bits - Nature's Stories

Do you enjoy stories and pictures about natural wildlife? Here are picture books with cozy story lines and elegant illustrations.
How To Heal A Broken Wing is a city story of a pigeon with a broken wing that is taken home to heal, and flies again.
The Very Best Bed settles forest animals into their cozy nests as the moon rises higher in the sky.
Listen Listen with illustrations and rhyming text of nature's sights and sounds each season of the year.

PreK Bits - Backward Day

The Backward Day needs no explaination. =)
The End starts with "Lived happily ever after ... because..." and tells the story of a knight and princess... backwards.
Previously Tells the adventures of various nursery rhyme and fairy tale characters in backward sequence. It includes Goldilocks, Jack and the beanstalk, Jack and Jill, the frog prince, Cinderella, and the gingerbread man.

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