Kid Bits - Going Places

Got wheels? Let's GO !!
But Don't Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus!.
In Mouse Tales "The Journey", Mouse sets out to visit Mother. And if you are very courageous, see what it's like to get In The Driver's Seat. These are the stories for Malletts Creek and Pittsfield Branch Storytimes this week.
Now pick out something by Richard Scarry like Richard Scarry's Cars And Trucks And Things That Go and study those pictures when you get home.

Kid Bits - Dragonology

Kids have asked for books about dragons. The pictures were the treasures! Look for The Book Of Dragons with illustrations by Michael Hague. Dr. Ernest Drake's dragonology : the complete book of dragons. If you like to draw, find Ralph Masiello's dragon drawing book and get out your colored pencils! For stories of girls who went up against dragons look for The Serpent Slayer: And Other Stories Of Strong Women with illustrations by Trina Schart Hyman.

Kid Bits - PIGGIES !

See the piggy? See the puddle? See the Piggy In The Puddle?
We'll do "Piggies" in Storytimes at Malletts Creek and Pittsfield Branches.
Once you know a traditional version of a folktale, revisions are fun.
Begin with traditional The Three Little Pigs by Paul Galdone; Try a revision of The Three Little Pigs by James Marshall;
And when you know the story, you can read ....
The wolf's point of view by Jon Scieszka in The True Story Of The 3 Little Pigs.

PreK Bits - Stories From AFRICA

Storytime @ Malletts Creek and Pittsfield will feature stories from Africa this week. We did Rachel Isadora's new Princess And The Pea and Anansi And The Moss-Covered Rock.
Rabbit Ears: Anansi is a DVD production of Anansi stories based onthe book illustrations and text. Rabbit Ears Productions publish, "stories read by well-known actors accompanied by music from top-notch groups".
Look for the Rabbit Ears DVDs in the Library collections.

Jean De Florette

Jean De Florette is a wonderful French film. Making its debut in 1987, the film stars Gerard Depardieu and Daniel Auteuil. The beautiful setting for this movie is 1920's Provence, France.

Jean De Florette, the main character, is played by Depardieu. Jean makes his living as a tax collector in the city, until one day he inherits a plot of land in Provence. Only too happy to make a move to the country for a new beginning, he arrives in Provence with family in tow. He is joyously looking forward to working a garden and raising small livestock, all the while utilizing a wonderful fresh water spring that is located on the property.

Unknown to Jean De Florette, his "new" neighbors have long had their eyes on his newly inherited piece of heaven. They scheme against Jean and begin to make his life of farming unbearable. They are motivated by their belief that if they can discourage Jean enough, he will fold like a cheap card table, and sell his land to the first buyer. They block the natural spring, conceal its location from Jean, and sit back to see what happens.

I'll be the first to admit that a story about the tribulations of a rural farmer in 1920's France doesn't sound that interesting. However, that's not really what this film is all about. This film is an interesting study in human nature. Jean De Florette is a must see film for anyone interested in exploring the realm of French Film. This movie is as much a staple to French cinema, as baguettes are a staple to French cuisine.

The official FFG rating of this film is 8.

There is a Flower at the Tip of My Nose Smelling Me by Alice Walker

Celebrate our connection to nature in There is a Flower at the Tip of My Nose Smelling Me. Written by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Alice Walker.

HomeWork Bits - Online Science Fair Sites

School Library Journal provides an "Online Science Fare" resource list for Science Fair season.
Here it is, and hope it HELPS !
Science Fair Project Resource Guide from the Internet Public Library.

Online (and Hands-on) Activities created by the San Francisco Exploratorium.

Science Fair Project Resource Guide created by Librarians, "a well-known classic among science fair veterans". And

ZOOMsci with simple experiments especially good for elementary students and teachers looking for in-class projects

PreK Bits - Doggies

We'll do "Doggies" in Preschool Storytime this week @ Malletts Creek and Pittsfield Branches. Doggies is one of my favorite Board Books by Sandra Boynton. The Cake That Mack Ate is out of print, and is still fun to tell. The Great Gracie Chase is Cynthia Rylant's story of the day the dog got out. If you have a dog, you know ALL about this story!

Lift Every Voice and Sing illustrated by Byan Collier written by James Weldon Johnson

The African American National Anthem, Lift Every Voice and Sing is brought to life with illustrations of children drinking from water fountains and looking at a statue of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The illustrator, Bryan Collier notes that he was inspired by the events that followed Hurricane Katrina to use water symbolically throughout the book.

PreK Bits - Kid Music

Folks ask us, "Where do you find kid songs?".
The answer is ... "From listening to CDs."
Here are some all-time favorites.
Raffi's Baby Beluga and Rise And Shine. Sharon, Lois, and Bram's Mainly Mother Goose and Sing A to Z. HarpBeat's Around the World In a HerpBeat. Tom Chapin and Some Assembly Required ... And a new favorite, Dan Zanes with Catch That Train! and Family Dance.
Tune-up and Sing!

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