I, Matthew Henson (Polar Explorer) by Carole Boston

Told as a first person recollection, I, Matthew Henson shows the courage and determination of the famed African-American explorer who was one of the first people to reach the North Pole.

Kid Bits - SUMMER Story Season STARTS !

Storytimes START the week of June 9!
Think GREEN for the first week @ Malletts Creek and Pittsfield.

Crictor and Lizard like to be green.
You can look forward to 8 weeks of Summer programs at
Downtown, Pittsfield, and Malletts Creek Branches for summer.

What IS a Blog?

aadl imageaadl image

And why would you want to read one? For aadl.org readers it’s a great way to find out tidbits from pop culture, top selling DVD’s and cool stuff happening here. You can learn how to blog in one of our future computer classes. Look for a new schedule later this summer!

Twelve Rounds to Glory (the story of Muhammad Ali) by Charles R. Smith

Charles R. Smith chronicles the life of Muhammad Ali in this Coretta Scott King Honor Book. Smith's use of poetic verse splashed with Ali's own words give readers an inside look at one of America's most famous people. As a long time admirer of Muhammad Ali, I think this book is a knockout.

Nothing But Trouble (the story of Althea Gibson) by Sue Stauffacher

Althea Gibson couldn't stay out of trouble. Her family said so, her teachers said so, even a policeman said so. Her life changed when Buddy Walker saw through her wild ways and set her on a path to become the first African American to win Wimbledon. Read about her exciting story in Nothing But Trouble (The story of Althea Gibson) by Sue Stauffacher.

Summer Reading is "Under Construction"

Summer Reading is UNDER CONSTRUCTION so keep your "thinking machine" oiled. You'll need good equipment.
Librarians are visiting schools the month of May promoting Summer Reading.
We can NAIL DOWN some good books for 1st graders, like
Amelia Bedelia Under Construction;
You Read To Me And I'll Read To You: Short Scary Stories; or
Thelonius Monster's Sky-High Fly Pie.
Just Ask!
Sign-Up BEGINS June 9, 2008 at the Library.

To Go Singing Through the World (the childhood of Pablo Neruda) by Deborah Kogan Ray

Pablo Neruda's shyness renders him silent in a world of sights and sounds. When the principal of his school in Chile opens his mind to the world of literature, Pablo Neruda becomes one of the world's most distinguished poets and is awarded the Noble Prize in Literature. With lines of his poetry scattered throughout the text, Deborah Kogan Ray offers an enlightening look into the life of Pablo Neruda.

Kid Bits - Bears

Spring Storytimes ended with BEARS at Malletts Creek and Pittsfield Branches. You can find many versions of the Three Bears. Byron Barton's The Three Bears is perfect for littlest kids. Jan Brett's Goldilocks And The Three Bears has fabulous illustrations. Add action with Michael Rosen's We're Going On A Bear Hunt. If you also have kids in grade school you can continue the theme with the movie A Bear Named Winnie, the true story that inspired A.A. Milne's Winnie The Pooh.

Parent Bits - "ScreenTime" and Behavior

Parents struggle with creating healthy habits for children. One BIG issue these days is "Screen Time", homework, social behaviors, video games, computers, television, and how it all fits together. Perhaps these titles can help .... Taking Back Childhood and Grand Theft Childhood, or the following web site, and it's links.

David Walsh of the National Institute on Media and the Family, presented research on the topic at the Public Library Association 2008 Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota in March 2008.

Henry's Freedom Box (a true story from the Underground Railroad) by Ellen Levine

Henry's Freedom Box tells the amazing story of one of the most famous slaves to travel on the Underground Railroad. Henry "Box" Brown got his name because he traveled to freedom in mail crate. Ellen Levine's short poetic sentences tell the story with clarity and awe. While Kadir Nelson's use of water and oil color illustrations lends a photographic air of realism to the text. An excellent read for young readers.

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