If you are going into 4th or 5th grades this fall, You may enjoy some of the following books:
Good Masters! Sweet Ladies! Voices From A Medieval Village won the 2008 Newbery Award!
Nic Bishop Spiders with fabulous photography, incredible factoids!
Hachiko Waits based on a true story of dog loyalty.
A Crooked Kind Of Perfect a story of how dreams of perfection evolve into reality.
No Talking or Report Card by Andrew Clements.

Kid Bits - True or False?

If you are somewhere between 3rd Grade and 8th Grade, and like to tweek your truth-o-meter, try the "Classified" series. They are fun because they are unproven news stories that have raised questions of hoax.
My favorite is Vanished!, a WWII aircraft carrier that "vanished in port" ... the sailors reappeared elsewhere! You get to read the story, and then read facts from both Witnesses and Doubters.
Other titles are Breakout, Alien Landing, or
Nuclear Winter Man about the disappearance of renowned nuclear Russian scientist Vladimir Alexandrov.

Kid Bits - Bedtime

Galimoto by Karen Lynn Williams

Kondi wants to make a Galimoto but he does not have enough wire. Through ingenuity and a little persuasion Kondi gets what he needs and builds a Galimoto. Karen Lynn Williams captures the simplicity of a child's dream in this Reading Rainbow book.

LOL - Bill Cosby

As a "Baby Boom" family in the 60s, we would travel cross-country in a station wagon full of six kids, two parents, and luggage, for summer vacation with the grandparents and cousins in southern Indiana. There we would learn Bill Cosby routines from vinyl LP records. We'd repeat the routines by memory, on the trip back home. Many of the routines are on CD. Try them on the next generations, or have a mini time-warp experience with yourself or with buddies. I still laugh out loud!
To Russell My Brother Whom I Slept With
I started Out As A Child with "The Lone Ranger"
Wonderfulness with "Tonsils"
and for great nostalgia fun, watch Cosby "Live" on
The Dick Cavett Show: Comic Legends as he tells of his drum stage debut. He's got Jack Benny cracked-up!

Young Cornrows Calling Out the Moon by Ruth Forman

You don't need a backyard, front yard and grass when you have brownstone steps, double dutch, freeze tag and the corner store. The kids in this book know how to have fun, in this poetic tribute to summertime in the city, by award winning author Ruth Forman. Whether you grew up in South Philly or Harlem you will feel right at home with this book.

PreK Bits - Tigers and Pancakes

Storytime at Malletts Creek and Pittsfield Branches featured Tigers and Pancakes this week.
The original story of "Sam and The Tigers" was written by Helen Bannerman in 1899. By the mid-1900s the story and illustrations were viewed as racist. In early 2000 this story was re-published and newly illustrated in three significant versions.
The Story Of Little Black Sambo
The Story Of Little Babaji
Sam And The Tigers.

Cherish Today (A Celebration of life's Moments) by Kristina Evans

Cherish Today celebrates the past, present and future with poetic wisdom. Kristina Evans offers advice to young and old to take each day and each step one at a time. Award winning illustrator Bryan Collier's illustrations highlight the special moments in a child's life.

Night Running (How James Escaped with his Faithful Dog) by Elisa Carbone

James plans to go to Canada to escape slavery. Along the way he gets help from an unexpected friend he tries to leave behind in Night Journey by Elisa Carbone.

Pirate Bits - Hoist the Jolly Roger Ya Scallywags!

Spy a spare frigate? Find an eye-patch or few?
Where could you find a pirate if you need one?
At the Library, of course! Find books such as:
How I Became A Pirate;
What If You Met A Pirate?;
Don't Mention Pirates;
Olive's Pirate Party;
Pirate Pete's Talk Like A Pirate.
Yo, Ho Scurvy Mates!

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