Juggler Jason Kollum at AADL!

It's going to be a very exciting week in Ann Arbor. Along with the Art Fair there are always many interesting activities. We're going to provide you with one of them. On Tuesday, July 19 Juggler Jason Kollum will be coming from Chicago to the Library for two shows. At 2:00 p.m. he'll be performing at the Pittsfield Branch. At 7:00 p.m. he'll be at the Downtown Library.

These shows will be fun to watch!!

To learn how to juggle yourself, click here.

Magic Show with Jeff Wawrzaszek!

Magic Show with Jeff WasrzaszekMagic Show with Jeff Wasrzaszek

Come one! Come all! You have two opportunities to see local magician Jeff Wawrzaszek and his amazing feats of magic.
On Tuesday, July 12 he'll be at the Pittsfield Branch at 2:00 p.m. That evening he'll be at the Traverwood Branch at 7:00 p.m.

Want to to try some tricks yourself? Click here.

The Caterpillars Have Molted -- New Summer Game Code Now Available At Traverwood Branch.

If you haven't yet visited the display of live Cecropia Moth caterpillars at the Traverwood branch library, then now's a great time to do so. The caterpillars, currently on loan from the Leslie Science & Nature Center, have recently molted (most of them anyway) and are starting to display some vivid color. To celebrate this monumentous event, we've created a new Summer Game code, and bumped the points up to 450, so be sure to look for the new code when you visit the display at Traverwood. The caterpillars will stick around until they construct their cocoons, probably in another 3 or 4 weeks. Soon after they will return to the Science Center, where they'll spend the winter before emerging as North America's largest native moths next spring.

Updated 7/14: The caterpillars have molted! New game code info at http://www.aadl.org/node/41218

Ginormous Mutant Caterpillars Conquer Traverwood Branch Library.


More Summer Game fun everyone! Stop by the Traverwood Branch Library to view a temporary exhibit of live Cecropia Moth caterpillars. The Cecropia Moth, the largest native North American moth, reproduces by laying eggs that hatch into caterpillars. Over the next month they will put on quite a show as they progress through their 6-stage life cycle.

The caterpillars, on loan from the Leslie Science and Nature Center, will remain until they complete their cocoons in early August. They will then return home, to overwinter on the grounds of the Science Center, where they will emerge as moths next spring.

When you visit the caterpillars make sure and find the code to earn 400 Summer Game Points, which you can enter at play.aadl.org and redeem for prizes at the online Summer Game Shop. Want to visit the caterpillars more than once? You sound like a savvy gamer. We'll generate a new code each time the critters molt, and we'll announce that in this thread. Will the points increase in accordance with the caterpillars girth? Possibly.

Updated 7/6: The caterpillars have molted. New game code info at http://www.aadl.org/node/41137

New Badges! Now with BADGE BONUSES!

New Badges ARE GONew Badges ARE GO

Greetings players! We've got 10 new badges for you today, and these badges come with point bonuses... watch for those big points when you earn a badge!

As you pursue the review series badges, please make sure your reviews are helpful! Unhelpful reviews might be deleted, taking their points with them. If you just want to grind, grind stars!

More badges to come... what are your badge ideas?


Super Summer Game Update!Super Summer Game Update!

Thanks to everybody who's signed up for the Summer Game so far! We're off to a great start, and we've got a few updates for you today and more coming yet this week, including NEW BADGES and BADGE BONUSES! But first, an update to the points scoring page, and some news about much-needed MULTIPLE PLAYERS PER ACCOUNT!

So, as you can now see when you click the "I've read / watched / listened to etc" button on your player page, or click "I've finished this" button on an item in the catalog, we've made the points entry form able to optionally record time spent or pages read, plus a 100 point bonus when you finish an item. So, you can enter time or pages daily, or when you finish an item, or not bother with time and pages at all, just taking the 100 point finishing bonus per item. Let us know what you think about this approach by leaving a comment on this post!

Then, we're hard at work on adding an "add player" button to your player page, allowing you to add extra players on your account who can each earn their own points. There's one catch, though: extra players attached to your account won't be able to earn automatic contribution points for reviews, ratings, comments, or tags, as those are all keyed solely to the main player on the account. If you have extra players in your house who'd like to earn automatic contribution points, they can just create a new aadl.org account (email isn't required) and signup for the game there to have all scoring options available. Don't forget, you can always click "log out" in the top right corner of any aadl.org page to log out of your account and then log in to another. If you have any questions about this, ask away by leaving a comment, or as always, feel free to contact us.

Thanks again for playing the Summer Game! Keep the ideas and the points coming, and have fun with YOUR library this summer!

Beach Read 2011

summe readingsumme reading

School is out and the longest day of the year is here. The sun is hot and the water is calling. Time to pack the beach bag. Want some suggestions?

Every year, I look forward to the NPR's recommendations of summer books. I especially like the Indie Booksellers Target Summer's Best Reads for an insider's take on what is good that might not hit the bestseller lists.

This year O's (Oprah) Summer Reading Lists go for wide appeal. You are bound to find something to your liking.

These are what the editor's of the New York Times Book Reviews are reading for pleasure this summer. Check out their recommendations in the great big Summer Reading issue.

New Yorker Magazine wades in with their own Beach Reads for (Almost) Everyone.

I also like this year's Summer Beach Reads from Goodhousekeeping. Great current titles.

Just to prove that writers are avid readers, here is Stephen King's month-by-month summer reading list. Boy, is he organized!

Hey, if you are going to spend a lot of time in the car, try Summer’s Best Audio Books recommended by the Washington Post, and Library Journal's Best Audiobooks. Want more? Here is a list of the Top 100 Audio Book Bestsellers.

One last thing..... don't forget to sign up for the Summer Reading Game. Here's how to get started. You can actually earn points and get stuff for having fun. Really. For grown-ups too.

AADL Summer Game Begins!

Summer Game CroppedSummer Game Cropped

Get Started playing AADL's all new Summer Game for All Ages today! Earn points for using YOUR library, going to events, reading/listening to books, watching movies, posting reviews! Get prizes for completion (kids get a mid-way prize, too). Get the details at play.aadl.org!

Summer Reading Kick-off Concert At Top Of The Park Featuring The Board Of Education


Sunday June 19, 2011: 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm -- Top of the Park

Kick off the 2011 AADL Summer Reading Game at this family-friendly concert with the Seattle-based band, The Board Of Education, on the Rackham stage!

Sign up for the AADL Summer Reading Game at the concert, and learn how attending this event may put you in the lead for great summer reading prizes. This event is presented by AADL and the Ann Arbor Summer Festival and is also the first in the Kids Rock Series@TOP - a Sunday series of concerts at Top of the Park, presented by AADL and the Summer Festival.

Enjoy The Board of Education's trademark encyclopedic silliness and irresistible hooks - perfect for ages 7-12 to rock out to with their parents!

Write Songs That Rock! With The Board Of Education

Rock songsRock songs

Ever wanted to perform a song you wrote yourself? Learn the tricks of the trade from the Seattle-based band, The Board of Education. BOE lead singer, children's novelist Kevin Emerson and his bandmates will give you some great tips at this songwriting session.

After jamming with them here, be sure to catch their performance at the library's summer reading kick-off event at Top of the Park later that night!

This event is co-sponsored by the Ann Arbor Summer Festival and 826Michigan.

Sunday June 19, 2011: 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm -- Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room

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