Kid Bits - A FLYING bed ?!?

How can this happen? A FLYING bed??
She said, "A bed I WANT and a bed I shall HAVE, even if it carries me to the ends of the earth." And then ....
If you enjoyed Me, All Alone At The End Of The World by M.T. Anderson, you might enjoy The Flying Bed. It has more words than a picture book, and fabulous enough pictures to win the 2006 Hamilton King Award.

Kid Bits - Imagine THIS !

Imagine you're a PIRATE, a PRINCESS, a KNIGHT, or a MERMAID, a WIZARD and more !!
"The Imagine This!" series helps you know what you need to be an Imagineer... Pirate codes... Equipment and accessories... words... food and drink...
Have FUN !

Don't be a square, do the cube!

With the Summer Reading Games well under way at the AADL many Figure-It-Out puzzle pens have been awarded to some hard working youth readers. Perhaps that has some parents feeling nostalgic for their old original Rubik’s Cube! If so, why not take a peek at a couple books that explain a bit about what the Cube is all about. Curiosities of the Cube is a more mathematical take on cubes and puzzles in general, while Notes on Rubik's Magic Cube goes into specifics about the famous cube itself. It’s not cheating, it’s being educated!

KidBits - Peter Pan

There is only one sequel to Peter Pan that has ever been granted. It is a current award winner titled Peter Pan In Scarlet by Geraldine McCaughrean. You can visit Geraldine McCaughrean's web site and FIGURE OUT why she was chosen. It is a wonderful family "read together" for elementary school ages, or a fun "read alone" for kids who like longer chapter books and fantasy. The library owns the recorded version which is great for road trips!

KidBits - Virtual Museum Trips

A wonderful museum visit can be virtually found for the Children's Museum Of Indianapolis. Kids and Adults can FIGURE IT OUT by traveling the internet. Some day you may REALLY get there.

KidBits - Virtual Museum Trip

What a fun place to FIGURE IT OUT ! Visit the virtual site of The Museum of Unnatural Mystery and explore mysteries of the real world. You can visit and learn about the seven wonders of the world. Try "odd archeology", "cryptozoology" and uncover many, many sources of unusual information. Try "Science Over the Edge" and "Roundup Strange Science for the Month". Have fun on this explore !!

Summer Reading Begins

It’s that time of year again! School is out, the days are longer, and all of us are looking for a little extra fun. In honor of the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum's 25th Anniversary, this year’s Summer Reading theme for children (listeners and readers), teens, and adults is “Figure it Out!" We invite you to enjoy an entire summer of events for all ages that will get you thinking about science. You can register online right now, or in person at any library location.

Kid Bits - 2nd-4th Grade Reads

Youth Librarians have been making school visits to announce Summer Reading starts when school stops in June!
Here are two recommended books for kids in grades 2-4.
In Star Jumper: Journal Of A Cardboard Genius, Alex can make ANYTHING if he can just figure out how to get enough cardboard boxes and duct tape.
In The Homework Machine, Brenton is a 5th grade software ace and figures out how to make his computer do homework. It will even print in his handwriting. The teacher notices that class homework assignments have all become A+. Hmmmm.... She needs to FIGURE IT OUT!

Kid Bits - Ecology Kids

It's time for gardens and summer activities. The following web sites can help kids FIGURE OUT how to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Texas Agriculture Extension Service provides a nice slide show sequence of kids setting up a compost bin. Learn how garbage can become new and treasured at EEK! Recycling and Beyond. At The Imagination Factory an Indiana waste management company has a site full of fun and artisitic ideas on how to reuse materials.

Teen Volunteers Needed at AADL

Summer is quickly approaching and with it the busiest season of AADL’s year. Volunteers are needed at AADL’s four branches (Northeast, West, Malletts Creek, and Pittsfield) to sign up Summer Reading participants June 15-June 29. If you are interested and between the ages of 12 and 18, stop by the information desk at a branch and pick up some forms. Return the completed forms by June 11.

Jump in and lend a hand to make this our biggest summer yet!

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