Web Bits - I'm B-O-R-E-D !!

SUMMER FUN sites on the internet "for staying safe and active" come from Gail Junion-Metz' column in SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL. Check these sites when you have free time and perhaps get UN-bored:
Exploratorium Sport Science offers incredible science bits behind sports, like why do skateboards seem to magically stick to skater's feet?
Funology Boredom Busters for craft ideas and other things to make and play.

Truck Stuck author Sallie Wolf comes to Ann Arbor!

Calling all preschoolers who love those big noisy vehicles. Come to the Pittsfield Branch on Thursday, July 23rd at 2:00 to meet Sallie Wolf, author of the picture book Truck Stuck. See what happens when a big red truck causes a traffic jam by getting stuck under a bridge. How can it be unstuck?

Craft Bits - Make Exotic Pencils

Monday we created exotic pencils to impress friends when schools start again. You can find more craft ideas to do at home in the following books:
Earth-Friendly Crafts with "clever ways to reuse everyday items".
The Usborne Children's Book Of Art an "introduction to painting ..." of famous artists, includes suggested internet links.
Usborne Complete Book Of Art Ideas with "Over 400 inspiring ideas for things to do with paints ...pens, found objects, stitches, rubbings."

Great summer walks with Brenda Bentley


Don’t miss meeting Brenda Bentley, author of Riverwalks Ann Arbor when she speaks at the downtown library 7-8:30 p.m. Friday, July 10. Her book is gaining plenty of attention, and she recently spoke to city council against removal of Argo dam, according to the Ann Arbor Chronicle. Her library program is called "Walking For Fun, Exercise And Cultural Edification In The Ann Arbor Area." Books will be on sale, and a signing will follow the presentation.

July 4 - Independence Day Action

4th of July is "Independence Day".
Celebrate "Independence" by learning personal stories of people who have stretched the definition of civil liberty in US history.
Our Children Can Soar
Madame President
Elizabeth Leads The Way
American Heroes: Robert Smalls
River Of Words: Story Of William Carlos Williams
Boy Named Beckoning:True Story of Dr. Carlos Montezuma

PreK Bits - The World I Live In

On the NEW BOOKS shelf for kids, we have a NEW series of books that are very nicely done. Colorful illustrations include kids of many cultures. In The Nest
In The Pond
On The Moon
Under The Ground
The Rainy Day
The Sunny Day
Each title provides very satisfying pieces of information about the world we live in.

Following the crowds to Nora Roberts

Just for fun, I typed Nora Roberts into our catalog--245 hits. More than Stephen King! Wow, I thought, maybe I will read one of these in our Summer Reading Game. Then, for more fun, I searched J.D. Robb, the name under which Roberts writes police procedurals. Whoa, another 72 hits! Clearly Roberts is beyond prolific, and you can learn (lots) more about this bestselling phenom in Lauren Collins’ wonderful profile in the June 22 New Yorker. As many as 27 Nora Roberts books are sold every minute, the article suggests.

PreK Bits - Once Around The Block

Ms. Rachel is doing stories about HOME and HOUSE this week. You
can read the same stories at home, or try more stories from around the block....
Friday My Radio Flyer Flew ... did yours?
Annabelle's Big Move from the arctic to the tropics.
"We Were Tired Of Living In A House," declared the kids.
Too Many Toys in the house. Familiar?
Hello Goodbye Window at Granma and Grandpa's house.
Jethro And Joel Were A Troll. With two heads, who gets the troll for the day?

Take a Hike! @Lakewood Nature Area


Tonight at 7pm, join the City of Ann Arbor Natural Area Preservation staff in a botanical walk through Lakewood Nature Area. Meet in the parking lot of Lakewood School, 344 Gralake. This event is held in conjunction with the summer reading program, Local Motion, which encourages the use of local neighborhoods, gyms, recreational facilities and outdoor areas to move and get fit!

Kid Bits - Pencil Action

Got Pencils or Crayons? Get Movin'....
The NEW Books Shelf has NEW Drawing Books for Kids.
You might be an Artiste!
How To Draw Incredible Cars
Drawing: The Only Drawing Book You'll Ever Need
Draw 50 Baby Animals
Draw 50 Princesses
Ed Emberley's Drawing Book: Make A World
The Draw 50 Way
You might even illustrate your own book someday.

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