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New Cuddly Picture Books

No matter what the weather outside, it's always fun to get warm and cozy with our loved ones and a brand new picture book! Check out some of these new titles for cuddly evenings and naptime.

Sun and Moon by Lindsey Yankey treats readers to a dreamy story with soothing illustrations. Moon wants to trade places with the Sun, more than anything, for just one day. Moon imagines all the wonderful things that surely must happen during the day... but then begins to notice just how incredible nighttime is as well. This book will segue well into bedtime, especially for those who find the darkness frightening.

Sweet Dreams, Wild Animals! A Story of Sleep, by Eileen R. Meyer and Laurie Caple, features a rhyming lullaby that wishes each brightly-illustrated animal sweet dreams. Additionally, each page offers interesting facts about each animal for growing biologists. Glossy paintings are sure to bring a sense of calmness before sleep.

So Cozy, by Lerryn Korda manages to combine both humor and comfort. Just as Dog begins to fall asleep in his ample bed, well-intentioned animals arrive one by one to get cozy, much to Dog's increasing annoyance! The quiet illustrations in soft, muted colors convey tranquility with just a touch of silliness. This sweet story will likely become a well-loved bedtime routine.

If these titles interest you, check out AADL's other Good Night, Sleep Tight picture books!

PreK Bits - "P" is for Pie Please!

Ms. Rachel performed "pie" stories for Preschool Storytime this week at Malletts Creek Branch and Traverwood Branch.
Mr. Bingle makes an APPLE PIE every day when the apples are ripe. The book can be borrowed through MelCat with your AADL Library Card.
Ms. Rachel led the action rhythm “A Pumpkin Pie" to the beat of "A-Tooty-Ta" to keep the "p" sound going....
The BEST MUD PIE … is a story from the Easy Reader collection. Ms. Rachel demonstrated exactly how to make one. It is very important to remember HOW you serve it.

If you like pies, and you like stories, try these favorites:
PIE IN The SKY … waiting for cherry pie.
The BLUEBERRY PIE ELF … if no one can hear you and no one can see you … how do you let them know you like blueberry pie?
MORE PIES! … a pie story by a favorite author Robert Munsch.
THELONIUS MONSTER’S SKY-HIGH FLY PIE … fine enough for friends?
The GOOD PIE PARTY … especially for someone moving away.
ALL FOR PIE PIE FOR ALL ... where the pie is shared and enjoyed by many more than you think!
UGLY PIE includes a recipe for how to make it.

Everything is AWESOME!

Shmowzow! 154 of you visited the Downtown Library over the last month and wrote what you think is AWESOME on a sticky note for Summer Game points! The things you wrote were too great not to share.

Many of you showed your love for AADL and the Summer Game, so many thanks! (Remember that you still have time to shop for prizes with those points, so if you're that person who loves AADL's Brick Banks, have at it!) A large number of you also like reading, books, LEGO, sports, your pets, family and friends (aww), and of course, food.

Can't get enough of what YOU think is AWESOME? Check out AADL's related events, like upcoming musicians, video game tournaments, and crafty classes! Animal and nature-lovers can walk around Black Pond Woods and cosplayers can take part in our costume exchange!

We'll see you around the library for all your favorite activities, and THANKS FOR PLAYING!

Summer Game 2015 GAME OVER Gala!

Monday August 31, 2015: 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm -- Downtown Library Lobby

This event is intended for All Summer Game Players

Let's take the Summer Game out with a bang with a building-wide scavenger hunt, badge coloring, a free photobooth, and light refreshments to commemorate the 2015 summer game! Check out the new digs at the Downtown library and get a chance to meet other summer game players!

PreK Bits - "O" is for Only One

One is where you begin.
O is for one.
Ms. Rachel began with ONCE AROUND The BLOCK … a story about what to do while waiting … because waiting is hard to do ... for Beatrice.
Ms. Sara and Ms. Rachel led the action song "Walk, Walk, Walk ... Until We stop" which is sung by Raffi on the CD RISE & SHINE and by the Bartkowiak's on the CD HONK HONK RATTLE RATTLE.
SOUP FOR ONE … is perfect for one bug, ... at least until one (and one, and one ...) more arrive.

For more stories that begin with one, try the following favorites:
ONE BIG BUILDING ... begins with one big machine.
ONE DUCK STUCK … who will help?
ONE TWO THAT’S MY SHOE … counting one to ten with a puppy.
ONCE UPON A TIME, THE END … one imaginative bedtime story.
ONCE UPON AN ALPHABET … where every letter gets its own story.
YOU ARE (NOT) SMALL …. settling a bet once and for all.
ONCE UPON A MEMORY … a gentle journey of growth.
ONE WORD FROM SOPHIA ... sophia uses too many words until she finds the perfect "one".

The Day the Crayons Came Home!

If your kid loved The Day the Crayons Quit, and it seems like almost every kid on the planet did, check out the new companion book, The Day the Crayons Came Home, by collaborators Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers!

Oliver Jeffers’ amazing illustrations drew me to The Day the Crayons Quit, but the text in this new book really shines. The illustrations are still wonderful, and Drew Daywalts’ story is sharper and funnier than the first book. In The Day the Crayons Came Home, each crayon has written their owner Duncan a postcard telling the sad story of where they have been and what they are doing. I won't ruin any surprises, but each crayon's story is sillier than the last. Particularly funny is Neon Red Crayon’s journey through the world. He’s a little confused on geography (he reports riding a camel through the deserts of New Jersey), but he has a great trip. And of course, all of the crayons get their happy ending.

PreK Bits - "N" is for Noisy

Ms. Rachel did noisy stories in storytime.
There are so many ways to make noise!
The NOISY COUNTING BOOK … has lots of pond noises. Let's count with them.
WHOSE NOSE? is a guessing game book.
We played “Whoops! I dropped my nose!” to get some body action going.
We heard the noisy story “The Princess, The Frog, and the Little Bird”. This story has been passed from storyteller to storyteller, and uses sound effects to tell the story. Did you see the princess?

If you like to make noises and you want more noisy tales, try these favorites:
WHERE The WILD THINGS ARE … the night Max wears his wolf suit and made mischief of one kind and another…
TICK-TOCK DRIP DROP: a bedtime story
NOISES ... the STORIES To GO set of books and activities for fun with preschool concepts.
The LOUD BOOK ... poetic descriptions of "what is loud?"
TIPTOE JOE … shhhh …. On tippytoes ….
For older preschool kids who enjoy a bigger story, try The CABOOSE WHO GOT LOOSE a Bill Peet classic. My boys loved poring over the book and talking about it when they were in preschool. We couldn’t have grown up without Bill Peet in our bedtime stories.

Congratulations to all of the WINNERS at the 10th Annual LEGO Contest! 2015 is the summer of LEGO Awesome!

Summer 2015 has been the summer of LEGO in all of its interlocking awesomeness and the highlight of EVERY summer, the annual LEGO contest, has come and gone and now it’s time to celebrate! This year we had 200 entries in 6 age categories:

Preschool, Grades K-2, Grades 3-5, Grades 6-8, Grades 9-12 and Adults!

We gave out 24 LEGO trophies, 72 medals and over $500 in gift cards to the winners! As always the house was packed and about 600 people attended to vote of their favorites, see all the projects and experience the Award Ceremony!

Congratulations to the winners in our 10th Annual LEGO Contest!

PreK Bits - "M" is for Monkeys

Ms. Rachel and Ms. Sara played with monkeys in Preschool Storytime.
The CAPS FOR SALE Peddler brought the hats and monkeys.
You can play the activity game “Monkey See, Monkey Do” with the DVD JAMARAMA LIVE! KIDFEST.
FIVE LITTLE MONKEYS JUMPING ON The BED were put to sleep. You can hear the song in the CD + Book Kit.
MONKEY FACE has no circulating copies. There is a copy on the Downtown Story Shelf you can read in the Youth Department. You may borrow a copy through Melcat interlibrary loan.

If you like monkeys and you want more stories try these favorites:
The HATSELLER And The MONKEYS … an African version of CAPS FOR SALE.
Eileen Christelow’s series of monkey books.
COUNT The MONKEYS … that run off the page.
ZARAFA: The Giraffe Who Walked To The King.
WARNING: Do Not Open This Book!. 'Nuf said!

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