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PreK Bits - "G" is for Girls, Goats and Gunniwolf

Ms. Rachel told stories that had names that started with the letter "G" ... as in "Grubb" and "Gunniwolf".

The THREE SILLY GIRLS GRUBB is a re-tell of The THREE BILLY GOATS GRUFF. Three little girls skip over the bridge off to school. They missed the school bus. They had jelly donuts in their lunch boxes ... and someone is under the bridge.
Ms. Sara accompanied Ms. Rachel and the goat limberjack on a floating trip "Down The River" ... where you "can't jump", and you "can't turn around."
The "Jump Josie" song can be heard on the recording DANCE PARTY: movin' and groovin' songs for young children.
Then we went with a little girl to pick flowers for Mama ... until ... The GUNNIWOLF appeared !!

Here are a variety of re-tells. Be sure to get one of the traditional tells too:
The tale is told traditionally The THREE BILLY GOATS GRUFF by Janet Stevens and by Paul Galdone.
Get Rabbit Ears: The THREE BILLY GOATS GRUFF If you would like to watch the tale told on DVD.
The THREE CABRITOS is a Tex-Mex version told by by Eric Kimmel.
THREE SILLY BILLIES is a diverted version told by Margo Palatini.
THREE TRICERATOPS TUFF is a dinosaur version told by Stephen Shaskan.
You still need to deal with who is under the bridge !

PreK Bits - "F" is for farm

Ms. Rachel led folks all around the farm in Preschool Storytime.
First ... GOLLY GUMP SWALLOWED A FLY. This title is out of print. A staff story copy remains. Fortunately, you can use your AADL card to borrow from another library through melcat.
Ms. Sara played the banjo today. We sang OLD Mac DONALD HAD A WOODSHOP. We used tools (including all of the sounds!) to create a play farm.
During The THREE LITTLE PIGS, the pigs left the farm to build their own homes.
Remember how to handle the wolf !!

For more classic farm fun try the following titles:
MR GUMPY’S MOTOR CAR and MR GUMPY’S OUTING both by John Burnigham.
LITTLE APPLE GOAT … a story of sewing seeds.
ROSIE’S WALK by Pat Hutchins. Rosie sets out from the coop for a walk around the barnyard. Beware of the fox.
The TOMTEN And The FOX by Astrid Lindgren. A tomten protects the hen house from the night visits of the fox.
THERE WAS AN OLD LADY WHO SWALLOED A FLY another version of the song by Simms Taback.
Here is a DVD that includes the same book.
The BIG RED BARN by Margaret Wise Brown

For more silly tales and re-tells try the following:
The THREE LITTLE PIGS by James Marshall.
The DAY JIMMY’S BOA ATE The WASH by Trinka Hakes Noble.
CLICK CLACK MOO: Cows That Type a first story of collective cow disobedience by Doreen Cronin.
BARNYARD SONG by Rhonda Gowler Greene.
The THREE LITTLE WOLVES And The BIG BAD PIG … a re-tell by Eugene Trivizas.
The TRUE STORY Of The THREE LITTLE PIGS as told from the wolf’s point of view. This is a modern classic by Jon Scieszka.
Try the 2002 Caldecott winner The THREE PIGS by David Wiesner, where the pigs escape the wolf by entering the fantasy world of nursery rhymes.

Programming For Kids

Are you looking for a fun summer hobby? How about learning how to program and/or design your very own video games? AADL partners with Gamestart to host lots of great programming and gaming events, but we also have some awesome new books and tools to help you out!

For younger learners, check out Awesome Algorithms and Creative Coding, which will give you an intro to basic coding. If you think you’re ready for a longer and more in depth look at coding, take a look at Adventures in Raspberry Pi and Adventures in Python.

If video games are your thing, you’ll want to read Video Games: From Concept to Consumer and Video Game Programming for Kids.

Want more? Check out our complete list of programming books and tools for kids.

Summer Reading - It's Elementary

Maggi Idzikowski, School Media Specialist with Bryant Elementary School and Pittsfield Elementary School has published an excellent packet for elementary summer reading

Of course, Ann Arbor District Library and Ann Arbor Public Schools support reading all year 'round.
When school is out for summer, there's lots of time to enjoy.
Get 'em reading and keep on reading.

Pick up your AADL Summer Reading Cards at any Library Location after June 12, 2015.
Find kid-centered Library events at the official AADL JUMP children's website
Join AADL concerts during Summer Festival. The first Kids Rock @ Top will be the TRUMMYTONES.
Continue exciting web activities at the official AADL Summer Games website.

Try it.
You'll ALL like it!

PreK Bits - "E" is for elephants

Ms. Rachel brought Elephants to storytime.
SEVEN BLIND MICE is a classic folktale from India retold by Ed Young.
The song sung in the story is the same tune as “One Elephant” on the CD GREAT BIG HITS! by Sharon, Lois and Bram
Ms. Sara sang and played guitar to “Put Your Finger In The Air” ... while Ms. Rachel led the actions. There is a version of this song on the CD HONK HISS TWEET GGggg by Tom Glazer.
Then Elephant & Piggy told the story I AM INVITED TO A PARTY! by Mo Willems.

For more great elephant stories, try the following:
5 ELEPHANTS by Rob Laidlaw. 5 stories of famous “real” elephants.
ELLA by Bill Peet.
ELMER by David McKee.
17 KINGS And 42 ELEPHANTS by Margaret Mahy.
The BABY SWAP by Jan Ormerod
ELEPHANTASTIC! by Michael Engler.
NANCY KNOWS by Cybele Young.
The LAST KING Of ANGKOR WAT by Graeme Base, a master of search-and-find illustrations.
OLIVER’S TREE by Kit Chase.
For elephant silliness try ELEPHANTASTIC: a trunkful of unforgettable jokes … if you like jokes and riddles.
For an informational journey of elephants in the wild .... watch together BORN To Be WILD 2011.
For pure enjoyment of language and great storytelling try the Rabbit Ears edition of Rudyard Kipling’s jungle stories on DVD … HOW THE RHINOCEROUS GOT HIS SKIN and The ELEPHANT’S CHILD.

PreK Bits - "D" is for Driving

You have to be careful when you drive.
There are consequences.
Ms. Rachel told two stories about driving.
The first story was a cautionary tale ... DON’T LET The PIGEON DRIVE The BUS by Mo Willems. You probably already know why.
Ms. Sara accompanied the song "Wheels On The Bus" while Ms. Rachel led the motions.
You can hear “Wheels On The Bus” on the CD HONK HONK RATTLE RATTLE
Ms. Rachel tried to teach a driving lesson, just like the book IN The DRIVER’S SEAT.
The library no longer owns a circulating copy of the book but you can request this title from MelCat Michigan Electronic Library, using your AADL card.

If you want to continue on this theme, try the following titles:
MOO! by David LaRochelle
MITCHELL’S LICENSE by Hallie Durand.
AXLE ANNIE And The SPEED GRUMP by Robin Pulver.
MILES To GO by Jamie Harper.
RED LIGHT, GREEN LIGHT by Anastasia Suen.
LET'S GO For A DRIVE by Mo Willems
Remember to adjust your mirrors when you take the driver's seat!
Also use your turn signal lights.

PreK Bits - "C" is for crocodiles

Ms. Rachel had tricky stories today. Crocodiles lost. Chickens and Monkeys won.
In MRS CHICKEN And The HUNGRY CROCODILE, Mrs Chicken convinces Crocodile that they are sisters because they both lay eggs. “You can’t eat your sister !!”
Ms. Sara played guitar and sang “Chick-chick Chicken” from Sharon Lois and Bram SING A-Z and the play-song ”Miss Lucy Had a Baby”. You can find this song in the kit SHAKE IT TO The ONE THAT YOU LOVE The BEST songs and play from Black musical traditions.
In COUNTING CROCODILES Monkey held a count off with the crocodiles in the sea.

For more tricky crocodile stories and songs try these favorites:
The CD CLUCK OLD HEN by Barnyard Seranade. They perform a riot of chicken songs for you to cluck and peck to.
SOLOMON CROCODILE by Catherine Rayner.
LYLE, LYLE CROCODILE by Bernard Waber. Bernard Waber has many classic stories that continue to appeal.
CORNELIUS: A Fable by Leo Lionni.
The WATERMELON SEED by Greg Pizzoli.
I'D REALLY LIKE TO EAT A CHILD by Sylviane Donnio.

PreK Bits - "B" is for buttons !

In Ms Rachel's Storytime this week ... each story had buttons.
A very big favorite character is PETE The CAT And His FOUR GROOVY BUTTONS by Eric Litwin. When Pete lost a button did he cry?
"Goodness No! Buttons come and buttons go." He just kept on walking!
Ms. Sara accompanied the group singing "My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean", while Ms. Rachel led action to go with the song. Be careful about those "B"s!
Frog told the story of “The Lost Button” from FROG And TOAD ARE FRIENDS by Arnold Lobel. Toad lost a button. Each button they found was not the one Toad lost. But Toad was so grateful for Frog's help that he made him a special gift with the leftover buttons. This is why they are best friends forever !!

For more stories about why buttons are special, try these titles:
GRANDMA’S BUTTON BOX by Linda Williams Aber
PRESS HERE by Herve Tullet
CORDUROY by Don Freeman.
The BELLY BOOK by Fran Manushkin. Guess where "the button" is ?

Transportation: Past, Present, and Future

If you’ve got a little one who loves planes, buses, trucks, cars, and more, check out some of our new transportation books, featuring images from the past, present, and future!

French illustrator Alain Grée’s wonderful illustrations from the late 1960’s have been bundled into the fabulous book Transportation, which will satisfy any young readers with an interest in cars, buses, planes, trains, and more. Simple illustrations and facts will help children learn about transportation. The plane illustration may make adults jealous of the early travelers pictured reclining in great comfort! Because this book originated in 1968, adults reading it to little ones may want to explain some anomalies, such as why almost everyone in the book is white, that Native Americans don’t actually travel by canoe anymore, and that spaceships look somewhat different than they used to.

If you want to learn about futuristic machines, we’ve got lots of new youth books that will help you out! Check out the books Hovercraft and Drones. For military machines, look at Denny Von Finn’s military planes series, or Ryan Nagelhout’s books Air Force One and Fighter Planes.

Finally, for older readers looking for a history of flight, you can’t do much better than Tim Grove’s colorful and detailed book First Flight Around the World: The Adventures of the American Fliers Who Won the Race. Published with the help of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, this book contains a plethora of pictures, maps, and primary source material. Readers will love this exciting story.

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