PreK Bits - “O” is for Owl

Ms. Rachel presented stories with Owls in Preschool Storytime.

LITTLE OWL LOST ... fell out of her tree and lost her mommy. Squirrel came to help out ....
Ms. Betsy accompanied the action song "Wake Up You Sleepy Heads"
OL' MAMA SQUIRREL ... is an experienced mama and she does not let anything near her nest. Especially not the owl!

For more Owl stories try these favorites:
I’M NOT READY! and I’M NOT CUTE! by Jonathan Allen … a baby owl who expresses definite opinions.
OWL BABIES ... sit in a tree waiting for mama to come home .... and she always does.
GOOD NIGHT OWL ... a story full of bird songs as owl tries to sleep.
HOOT And PEEP ... a big sibling owls showing the younger sibling how things work ...
OWL BOY ... wants to live like an owl and do what owls do.
HOOT OWL: Master Of Disguise ... you need to try many things to catch a meal.
LITTLE OWL'S DAY ... and how to spend a day.
TOO TALL HOUSES ... a parable.
BARN OWLS ... a book of true facts.

Come see the new fairy door in the Downtown youth area!

Visitors to the Downtown Library in recent months might have noticed that the fairy door area was “under construction.” Just this week we installed a BRAND NEW fairy door and fairy door fans of all ages will definitely want to come check it out! Located in the same spot as the old fairy door, in the Downtown Youth Department, this new door is super special. You can peek inside to see an adorable scene with a tiny desk, fairy-sized chairs and pillows and little books. There’s even a cute hanging plant—in a thimble, of course! And, this fairy door has a special light that allows you to really see the details that make it so special. Each time you look inside, you’ll notice things that you hadn’t before—like how the walls are papered with dozens of images from old books. The new fairy door is really a treat—come see for yourself!

Toddler Play @ Malletts Creek - ASTRO SPACE

Enjoy the toys and find some books to carry the Astro theme home.
You will find the following for imagining your scene:

ROCKET SHIPS - and books such as:
ROBOTS - and books such as:
PLANETS - and books such as:
MILKY WAY - and books such as:
SHOW ME SPACE: My First Picture Encyclopedia
ALIENS - and books such as:

June Jungle Stories!

Friday June 10, 2016: 7:00 pm to 7:30 pm -- Downtown Library: Youth Story Corner

This event is intended for preschool- grade 3

Join us for a fun night of jungle-themed stories, rhymes and songs!

Watermelon Moon Sand

Saturday July 9, 2016: 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm -- Malletts Creek Branch: Program Room

This event is intended for Grade K-5

Create this fun, colorful and moldable moon sand for lots of summer fun!

Summer Olympics Celebration!

Friday August 5, 2016: 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm -- Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room

This event is intended for Grades K-5

Celebrate the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio by joining us for an afternoon of Olympics-themed crafts and activities!


Sunday February 7, 2016: 1:00 pm to 1:30 pm -- Downtown Library: Youth Story Corner

This event is intended for ages 2-5

We won't stop singing and dancing in three fun and rhythmic stories for tots on the go!

The AADL Staff Awesome LEGO Exhibit

Now through August 30, 2015 -- Downtown Library: Lower Level Display Cases

Summer 2015 is all about LEGO at AADL!

Thursday, August 6 is our 10th Annual LEGO Contest, hosted at Kensington Court in Ann Arbor for kids, teens and adults! Every year a few children of Library Staff enter the LEGO contest and sadly, no matter how awesome their project is, they can't WIN. To rectify this and to show off the awesome creativity and LEGO enthusiasm of AADL staff, we're filling the Downtown Library display cases with lots of LEGO awesome projects!

AADL staff, family, and friends of staff worked hard to show off their work with unique LEGO structures, built with pieces from favorite sets and everything in between!

This special LEGO display is also part of AADL’s Summer Game 2015! Game codes and other clues will be hidden in the display and LOTS of points will be earned! Go to for more information about the Summer Game and to learn about earning LEGO badges!

At the Art Table: She’s Like a Rainbow

This month at the art center in the youth department downtown we’re making rainbows! This will help to spread spring cheer! What colors make up a rainbow? Why are they always the same color? Explore rainbows and ROYGBIV with art and make your own rainbow.

Here are a few books about rainbows to help get you in the mood.

At the Art Table: Shapescapes!

At the art table in the downtown youth department we're featuring playable art! This time it's Shapescapes. Shapescapes are amazing, colorful and sturdy shapes that are interlocking. They can be put together in a myriad of ways to form a variety of neat sculptures! Children will enjoy putting them together, taking them apart, and creating something all new with the same pieces. Check it out and start shapescaping!

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