Taiwanese Hip Hop and R&B from Will Pan


以名字名命的Will 未來式,是潘瑋柏出道以來的首張精選專輯,為他由2002年《壁虎漫步》至2007年《玩酷》的音樂作出一個完整的小結。同時代表意志力與未來的「Will」,這張雙CD專輯分別以「瑋柏的力量」和「瑋柏的情歌」記錄了潘瑋柏最具代表性的快歌與慢歌,包括︰「快樂崇拜」、「我的麥克風」、「Wu Ha」、「愛上未來的你」、「不得不愛」、「KISS NIGHT」等主打歌之外,還特別加錄了最新快歌「夏日瘋」和抒情歌「轉機」,而Will更首次以廣東話演繹「轉機」粵語版。

隨碟加送的DVD,輯錄了Will 13首主打MV,當中有新歌「轉機」粵語版以及多首Will與其他歌手合唱歌,有與張韶涵合唱的「快樂崇拜」、弦子的「不得不愛」、蘇芮的「我想更懂你」、阿信的「Shut Up」、王珞丹的「戴上我的愛」。
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This Love, the latest Mandarin album from R&B artist Khalil Fong.

《愛 愛 愛》專輯收錄了方大同的個人新作「愛愛愛」情歌,方大同確實寫歌有一手。主打歌「愛愛愛」(方大同作曲、周耀輝填詞)在2006年底橫掃各大流行音樂頒獎典禮,成為熱播金曲,歌詞抒發愛情遊戲的種種現象,經方大同演繹後別有一番味道。

方大同的R&B音樂才華被各電台和媒體肯定,這張2006年壓軸大碟《愛愛愛》值得歌迷珍藏,收錄了新歌「蘇麗珍」、「愛愛愛」和「歌手與模特兒」。特別版加送輯錄了四首新歌MV DVD一張,DVD以Digi package精美包裝。
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Debut Album from Korean R&B Sensation Dam Bi Son.

Cry eyeCry eye

CF와 댄스 동영상으로 화제를 모으고 있는 손담비가 힙합 댄스곡 ‘Cry Eye’를 타이틀로 하는 싱글 1집을 들고 가수로서의 첫걸음을 내딛었다. 광고를 통해 대중에게 친숙해진 손담비. 특히 그녀의 비보이 대회 댄스 동영상을 통해 알려진 춤솜씨는 2005년과 2006년 미국과 한국을 오가며 저스틴 팀버레이크, 브리트니 스피어스의 안무를 맡아온 브라이언 프리드만과, 세븐의 ‘크레이지’ 활동 당시 함께 무대에 섰던 클럼핑 댄스의 창시자 릴C, 베이비C로부터 특훈을 통해 갈고 닦은 것. 손담비는 힙합 댄스곡 ‘Cry eye’를 통해 광고나 댄스 동영상에서 보여주었던 댄스보다 업그레이드된, 외국 톱 댄서들로부터 전수 받은 진짜 실력을 선보일 예정이다. 또한 ‘Cry Eye’를 통해서 지금까지 베일에 가려져 있던, 힘있으면서도 허스키한 음색이 돋보이는 그녀의 보이스를 처음으로 팬들에게 들려준다.

- 삼성 mp3 플레이어 옙, SK텔레콤 광고로 ‘CF퀸’ 예약
- 국내 데뷔 전 일본에서 먼저 러브콜
- 댄스 영상에 ‘여자 비’ 나타났다, 네티즌 극찬

‘Cry Eye’는 MC몽의 '180도', 장우혁의 ‘Last Game’, 배틀'Crash'의 히트작곡가이자 이번 손담비 첫번째 싱글의 프로듀서인 장준호가 작곡하고 신화의 ‘Once in your life time'의 작사가 Brian Kim이 가사를 쓴 곡이다. 강한 비트와 반복되는 신디사이저 선율이 귓가를 맴도는, 슬픈 멜로디라인에 손담비의 허스키한 보이스가 잘 어울러진 중독성 강한 힙합 댄스곡. 수년간 댄스와 보컬 트레이닝을 받으며 실력을 다져온 손담비. 섹시 코드로 어필하는 기존의 여가수들과 차별화 된, 강렬한 힙합 음악과 뛰어난 댄스실력과 가창력으로 가요계에 신선한 충격을 안겨줄 것으로 기대된다.
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The latest album from Kelly Chen.


2008年,陳慧琳全面回歸,繼年初上演了她與黎明合拍程小東的古裝浪漫大作《江山美人》之後,闊別了紅館四年的Kelly將於6月舉行第五次個人演唱會《陳慧琳Love Fighters演唱會08》,並推出年度全新廣東大碟Kellylicious. 率先曝光新作「抱歉柯德利夏萍」為一首中板的情歌,由黃偉文譜詞,舒文的編曲傷感中卻帶節奏時代感。接力主打歌「有時寂寞」則由好拍檔雷頌德一手包辦作曲、編曲及監製,詞中談及寂寞的樂趣,Kelly一改以往情歌的曲式,以懶洋洋的心情來演繹。

已兩年沒有出廣東碟的Kelly,今次還找來七大監製合作,包括王雙駿、C.Y. Kong、 Alex Fung及雷頌德等,務求令樂迷耳目一新的音樂元素。碟內還收錄了Kelly在2007年中秋節主打的廣告歌「最好給最好」,以及她與黎明為電影《江山美人》合唱的國語主題曲「隨夢而飛」等11首新作。隨碟附上的DVD特別加送四首新歌MV。 Review courtesy of yesasia.com.

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Union Jacks

History Boys is a wonderfully entertaining movie which is an amalgamation of wit, comedy, drama, and philosophy. The story centers around eight intelligent, outspoken, and highly spirited students in the U.K. They are all striving to learn as much as possible to procure admittance to England's most prestigious universities.

They are facilitated on their quest by two teachers. One is a practical, young, and conservative newbie. The other is an inspiring older eccentric. The eccentric teacher is a great inspiration to the boys as he pushes them through philosophical challenges to motivate them. This helps them begin to examine the true meanings of education, happiness, and success.

What is cool about this movie is that it is adapted from the original Tony Award winning play written by Alan Bennett, AND stars the original Tony Award winning cast! So these chaps are believable and know their characters inside and out.

After this movie, you want to have a pint at the pub with these blokes! The official FFG rating of this movie is a 9.

Indian Language Books

Hindi imageHindi image

Ann Arbor District Library has a number of Indian language books in our Foreign Language collection that you may not be aware of. There are books in Hindi, Gujarathi, Marathi, Kannada, Punjabi ,Malayalam, Bengali, Telugu and Tamil. Please tell your friends and neighbors about this impressive collection at the Ann Arbor District Library!

Amores Perros

Amores Perros is a wonderful film that was nominated for an Academy Award in 2001. Three individual stories combine to make up this movie, and they are all connected by one chance accident. Set in Mexico City, all three separate stories involve love, loss, and dogs. Gael Garcia Bernal, who has also starred in Y Tu Mama Tambien, The Crime of Padre Amaro, and The Motorcycle Diaries is the main character of the first story. (He is one of our most favoritest foreign actors). His character finds himself in a traumatic car chase with another dogfighter. The second story involves a married man and his model girlfriend and her dog, and the third revolves around a homeless killer and his dog. This movie pulls the viewer in and puts them on a roller coaster ride. Hang on tight, this is one not to miss. The official FFG rating is an 8.

P.S. No dogs were hurt during the filming of this movie.

Jean De Florette

Jean De Florette is a wonderful French film. Making its debut in 1987, the film stars Gerard Depardieu and Daniel Auteuil. The beautiful setting for this movie is 1920's Provence, France.

Jean De Florette, the main character, is played by Depardieu. Jean makes his living as a tax collector in the city, until one day he inherits a plot of land in Provence. Only too happy to make a move to the country for a new beginning, he arrives in Provence with family in tow. He is joyously looking forward to working a garden and raising small livestock, all the while utilizing a wonderful fresh water spring that is located on the property.

Unknown to Jean De Florette, his "new" neighbors have long had their eyes on his newly inherited piece of heaven. They scheme against Jean and begin to make his life of farming unbearable. They are motivated by their belief that if they can discourage Jean enough, he will fold like a cheap card table, and sell his land to the first buyer. They block the natural spring, conceal its location from Jean, and sit back to see what happens.

I'll be the first to admit that a story about the tribulations of a rural farmer in 1920's France doesn't sound that interesting. However, that's not really what this film is all about. This film is an interesting study in human nature. Jean De Florette is a must see film for anyone interested in exploring the realm of French Film. This movie is as much a staple to French cinema, as baguettes are a staple to French cuisine.

The official FFG rating of this film is 8.

DVD Bits - World War II

Two gripping films of World War II Europe can be found in the Library Collections. Sophie Scholl: Die Letzten Tage is the trial and "final days" of Sophie Scholl, her brother, and another member of the White Rose, who became synonymous with civil courage through their resistance and protest against the Nazi regime. Another is Louis Malle's film Au Revoir Les Enfants based on the director's childhood experience in boarding school during the German occupation of France in World War II. If you would like to read a memoir of the Holocaust, the library has more excellent choices.


"White" is the second of movie in the Three colors, trilogy by Polish director Krzysztof Kieslowki. This is a movie of irony, tragedy, and comedy.

This movie tells the story of Karol Karol, a Polish immigrant, who has found himself barely treading water in the scum pond that has become his life. His gorgeous wife Dominique, played Julie Delpy, is totally unsatisfied in her marriage to Karol. So, she decides to file for the big D.

Once divorced Karol finds his bank accounts frozen, and his worldly possesions fitting into one trunk. Understandably so, he becomes desperate to get out of France and go back home to Poland. Coming up with what he believes to be a brilliant scheme, he succesfully convinces a fellow Pole to smuggle him back to his homeland in a suitcase.

Just when we think things couldn't get any worse for Karol, they do! The suitcase he is being smuggled in gets stolen from the airport!! Once the thieves find out they have gotten a middle aged Pole instead of gold bars their frustrations are taken out by the fistfuls on Karol. After finding himself dumped into a gravel pit, broken down emotionally, mentally, and physically he finds all there is left to do is plot his revenge.

Karol picks himself up, dusts himself off, and determinedly goes forth. Finding himself strolling through a field of good luck after working hard to refuel his career, he finds a most opportune time to begin his revenge.....

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