This 2004 film written and directed by Olivier Assayas is heart touching. Clean delves into the life of rock star Emily Wang, played by Maggie Cheung. She has become entangled in the fast life of music, drugs, and a never ending search for happiness. She wakes up one day with the painful realization that she must make the most difficult decision of her life. If she continues on the road she is on as a heroin addict, she will never get her son and her life back. Nick Nolte plays Emily's boyfriend, Albrecht Hauser, in the film. After tragedy strikes, Emily abruptly realizes her life has come to a dead end, and she is left without any choice but to change.

Look at Me

Look at Me, is a thought provoking film that explores self image and how self image is formed through family relationships. The film also explores the way fame can change people, and those around them.

The main character Lolita, Marilou Berry, is an aspiring singer who dislikes everyone who pays attention to her because she assumes they are only doing so to get to know her father.

Her father Etienne, Jean-Pierre Bacri, is a famous writer who likes to surround himself with people who want something from him. Thus reinforcing Lolita's views of why people want to be around her. Etienne gets away with treating everyone around him terribly because of his powerful literary position, and resentments soon follow him wherever he goes.

Though this film is satirical in nature, it gradually changes to show us that the main characters, although very abrasive, are human and genuine.

New Moon in World Languages

new moon picnew moon pic

Did you know AADL has copies of Stephanie Meyer's New Moon in multiple languages? You can find them in Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Spanish and French. Read the book before the film comes out November 20!



Cache is a 2005 French award winning film. It stars Daniel Auteuil as Georges Laurent and Juliette Binoche as Anne Laurent. This movie was written and directed by Michael Haneke. This amazing movie was nominated for 22 different International Film Awards and won 21!

The main characters, Anne and Georges Laurant, reside in a Paris townhouse. She works at a publishing house, and he is a television literary host. They have one teenage son, Pierrot. Anne and Georges have little to say to each other, and you can feel the tension in their private lives even though their public lives are otherwise wonderful.

Out of the blue comes a new strain on their relationship when they begin to receive tapes of their home being watched. The tapes are accompanied by disturbing childlike drawings. Anne and Georges are unnerved to say the least. Georges starts having vivid dreams that may hold a clue to who or what is responsible for the tapes and drawings. He decides not to tell Anne his hidden secrets as the story unfolds. This award winning French film is one not to be missed!

New Pants!


That's the name of the band. Who doesn't want to say, "I'm listening to New Pants." It is fun to say. Also fun is listening to their album, Dragon Tiger Panacea! New Pants is from China and has a few albums under their belt, as they've been around since 1996. This particular album is a mix of everything wonderful, including catchy lyrics (sometimes in English) and sounds that make you want to jump up and grab the sky while wearing your fanciest dancing shoes! Get ready to rock out and fall in love with this electro pop goodness. Here are videos for "You're My Superstar" and "Bye Bye Disco" to tempt you. I dare you to sit still!

The Grocer's Son

The Grocer's Son, is a wonderful coming of age story. A dramatic and sudden family event turns Antoine's, played by Nicolas Cazalé, world upside down.

Antoine had left home 10 years prior, and is living alone in Paris waiting tables. So when he learns his father had a heart attack, he realizes he will need to help run the family grocery business back home in the countyrside of Provence. This makes Antoine feel angry and torn. He doesn't want to leave Paris, but knows it is his duty to help his family.

He never wanted to go back to the countryside and assume the grocer lifestyle like his father. Just the thought of driving the family grocery van from hamlet to hamlet, and delivering his meager supplies is enough to make him shudder.

However, after contemplation and some coercion, he decides to move back home to help his family. He takes his Paris neighbor, Claire, with him. Claire, played by Clotilde Hesme, is a beautiful young woman with whom Antoine is secretly in love.

We begin to notice a transformation in Antoine as he gradually warms up to his grocer's job in the country. We witness him becoming an important part in the lives of the villagers. As he continues his grocer's job we see Antoine rediscover his life and find love in the beautiful countryside of Provence.

German book to film


Academy Award nominee for best foreign film, Germany's Der Baader Meinhof Komplex tells the true story of Germany's radical terrorist organization, the Red Army Faction. The group's violence took place during the late 60's-80's and included bombings, robberies, kidnappings, and assassinations, culminating in a mass suicide of many of the leaders. The movie is based on the German non-fiction book by journalist Stefan Aust and both book and movie will soon be released in the states. In the movie, you may recognize several of the performers, including Moritz Bleibtreau from Tom Tkwer's famous German movie, Run Lola Run and Martina Gedeck from the Academy Award winning film, the Lives of Others.

Exploring Writers from Around the World


Interested in reading one of the winners of the International Latino Book Awards? Check out the Best Novel-Mystery,Lo Que le Falta al Tiempo by Angela Becerra. Readers have commented it was fascinating and hard to stop reading! We have an impressive array of Foreign Language books. Maybe you only understand English? You can still read some of the Top 10 Asian Crime Writers that we have in our collection, like Miyuki Miyabe and her riveting novel All She Was Worth. We also have children's books in many languages, too!

Browse the AADL Catalog by Language

Ever wonder if AADL owns any books in Polish? How about in Malayalam? Now you can easily look at the items AADL owns in any language by visiting our new Foreign Language Browsing Page. Click on any language in this listing to see all of the items in that language or select a type of item within each one. You can always get to the list of languages from the Browse By Format section of our Catalog Page. Take a look at AADL for your favorite DVDs in Danish and CDs in Swahili or teach yourself a new language by selecting AV Language Study. Over 125 languages are waiting at AADL to be explored, so take a look today.

Taiwanese Hip Hop and R&B from Will Pan


以名字名命的Will 未來式,是潘瑋柏出道以來的首張精選專輯,為他由2002年《壁虎漫步》至2007年《玩酷》的音樂作出一個完整的小結。同時代表意志力與未來的「Will」,這張雙CD專輯分別以「瑋柏的力量」和「瑋柏的情歌」記錄了潘瑋柏最具代表性的快歌與慢歌,包括︰「快樂崇拜」、「我的麥克風」、「Wu Ha」、「愛上未來的你」、「不得不愛」、「KISS NIGHT」等主打歌之外,還特別加錄了最新快歌「夏日瘋」和抒情歌「轉機」,而Will更首次以廣東話演繹「轉機」粵語版。

隨碟加送的DVD,輯錄了Will 13首主打MV,當中有新歌「轉機」粵語版以及多首Will與其他歌手合唱歌,有與張韶涵合唱的「快樂崇拜」、弦子的「不得不愛」、蘇芮的「我想更懂你」、阿信的「Shut Up」、王珞丹的「戴上我的愛」。
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