Magazine 2

Check out Good, a magazine available downtown on the second floor. On page 68 of the July/August issue there is an article entitled Beautiful Messes: A Travel Guide to Man-Made Disasters. The destinations are educational and often times more affordable than the more conventional vacation... except in the case of the private yacht you'd need to tour the floating plastic triangle in the Pacific Ocean. Instead of paying to wait 2 hours for a single roller coaster ride at Disneyland in California you could head south to the beautiful man-made Salton Sea.


Magazine 2

Some cool things found in our magazine collection.

Surface, Style & Design For Inspired Living
Page 36 Ever heard of a Pixel Sofa?
Page 56 "Eye Candy" with hip shades for the summer and where to find them.

PC Magazine
Page 19 New waterproof electronics safe for the beach.
Page 80 Podcasting for Profit gives advice on finding podcast recorders and hosts when using podcasts to gain customers.

Fine Cooking
Page 40 What you should know about heirloom tomatoes
Page 71 How to make your own corn tortillas

Le Tour de France

The world's largest cycling race, Le Tour de France, has begun again! This televised, 21 stage event will test the limits of international riders with over 2200 miles of picturesque -- albeit arduous -- French countryside for the next three weeks. The Tour began on July 5th, and the champion will be crowned on July 27th. If this year's race has you excited about bicycle racing then check out the AADL's collection of books and magazines on the sport of cycling.

Hunting for Crayfish

I remember very little from childhood, but some of the memories I've retained involve swimming in neighborhood creeks and rivers, and hunting for crayfish in the summer. When I moved to Ann Arbor last year, it was great to see so many canoes and kayaks on the Huron River, but surprising to see so few people swimming in the water. The Huron River Watershed Council has addressed this issue by working with local organizations to put on Huron River events, such as canoe races, group swims, and educational courses. The HRWC has also compiled resources and reports on its website regarding the increased safety of the water. You can also find the seasonal Huron River Report periodical, as well as several other books on activities in the Huron River available at the AADL. Come on in, the water is fine!

Michigan Sunshine Leads to Wine

If you're traveling the Michigan wine trails this summer, check out the new book From the Vine: Exploring Michigan Wineries. For details on wine events planned around the state, click here. Or if you're simply planning to enjoy wine in a restaurant, here's a good article: Why It Pays to Order the House Wine in the March 2008 Food and Wine magazine at the library.

Hitting Things With A Stick

Ah, the freshly cut fairways, the slice of a favorite driver through the morning air -- it must be golf season. This Thursday, June 12th, Tiger Woods takes on the field at the U.S. Open Golf Championship at Torrey Pines Golf Course in sunny La Jolla, California. But if the clubs are pinging you right now, you don't need to buy a plane ticket to check out the lush greens right here in Ann Arbor. And if your swing is still feeling the rust of a discontented winter, then stop in at your nearest library and brush up on the game that takes a day to learn, and a lifetime to master. The AADL offers a wide range of materials on golf instruction and technique, including DVDs, magazines, and books.

"I have a tip that can take five strokes off anyone's golf game. It is called an eraser." -Arnold Palmer

A D.I.Y.L.R.B.B.V.R.R/CR.!

A D.I.Y.L.R.B.B.V.R.R/CR.C.!A D.I.Y.L.R.B.B.V.R.R/CR.C.!

That stands for: A Do It Yourself Living Room Baja Buggy Virtual Reality Radio Controlled Racer! The instructions for this DIY project can be found in the current issue of Make magazine.

Other projects in this issue include: a taffy pulling machine, a night light made with LEDs, an electric motorcycle, a primer on solar power system design, and more.

Copies of Make can be found at the Downtown, Malletts Creek Branch and Pittsfield Branch locations.

Got Guts? Try Guts Frisbee!

Got Guts? Try Guts Frisbee!Got Guts? Try Guts Frisbee!

No, Guts Frisbee isn't Ultimate Frisbee, think Dodgeball with a Frisbee.

You can read about the Michigan roots of this game in the June issue of Traverse Magazine at the Downtown library.

For more information about this game, try the United States Guts Players Association website.

Save at the Pump with Consumer Reports

Save at the Pump with Consumer ReportsSave at the Pump with Consumer Reports

The July issue of Consumer Reports, available at all locations, rates 31 new small sedans and picks the top 21 used cars with the best fuel-efficiency.

This issue also includes a special section testing digital cameras, ratings for air-conditioners, 6 ways to help keep the home cool and comfortable, and more.

Summer fun has now begun

No whiningNo whining

Here's a summer-day family plan: Get your kids to read "Mary Catherine rules the wave pool" from the Odyssey children's science magazine of Feb. 2006, available from our Kids InfoBits database. Then take them to Rolling Hills Water Park. Over Memorial Day weekend the park opened for the season, as did Ann Arbor city pools. Surprisingly, Rolling Hills wasn’t the least bit crowded on Memorial Day, maybe because there was a new water park opening in Belleville. At Rolling Hills, I was eyes-on watching two 12-year-old boys as they strategically positioned themselves in tubes against the wall of the wave pool, where the waves are on for 8 minutes, off for 12. This cycle gave everyone a good chance to get tossed around.

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