The Downtown Library will be filled with the tiniest and most colorful trick-or-treaters
you have ever seen on Friday, October 29th for the 9:30 am and 10:30 am Halloween storytimes. After stories and songs we’ll give out bags and candy to kickoff the Main Street Treat Parade which begins at 11:00 am. To get in trickster mode, check out two brand new treats, Hallowilloween and AlphaOoops! H is for Halloween.

PreK Bits - Eggs

Egg Stories were hatched in Preschool Storytime by Ms. Rachel.
Kids heard how Flossie tricks the Fox in Flossie And The Fox and keeps her basket of eggs.
In Dora's Eggs Dora wants to show off her lovely eggs. All the other farm mothers must watch their own cute, cute babies. Now Dora's not sure her eggs are so nice. The Library does not own a copy to loan at this time, but you may borrow a copy through MelCat, aka interlibrary loan, an extension of AADL services.
You can cluck over more stories of important eggs as follows:
And Tango Makes Three, the true story of two male penguins who were given an orphan egg to hatch, and lovingly raised the baby penguin together.
Dimity Dumpty is the story of Humpty Dumpty's sister.
Sometimes things are Just Plain Fancy, even on Amish farms where folks live in honor of leading a simple life.
Zinnia And Dot bicker over who lays the loveliest eggs.
Hunwick's Egg is lovely, but what will it be when it hatches?
After roosting and reading these stories, be sure to check your nest for any new eggs.

PreK Bits - Harvest Vegetables


Ms. Rachel harvested the following stories for Storytime:
The Turnip by Peirr Morgan is no longer in print, but you can view a copy in the DownTown Youth Department. You may borrow a copy through MelCat, aka interlibrary loan, an extension of AADL services.
Different versions of this classic harvest tale are:
The Tale Of The Turnip, a "champion" British version.
The Turnip, a German adaptation for "somewhat older than the nursery set".
Grandma Lena's Big Ol' Turnip, an African-American adaptation.
The Giant Carrot, inspired by the Giant Turnip.
The Enormous Turnip, a version with "controlled vocabulary" for beginning readers.
Add to the harvest theme with these titles:
Tops And Bottoms, a tricky tale of harvests.
Compost Stew: An A to Z Recipe For The Earth, an alphabet related to Gardens.
Crunch, crunch, Yummm !

Kid Bits - NEW music on CD

Just discovered ! New favorites in children's music on CD !!
What makes a favorite for Me?
1. Classic songs updated with new verses, lyrics, or improved outcomes as in, "Three White Mice" from "Three Blind Mice".
2. New lyrics to old music, otherwise called "piggy-back" songs as in "My Lollipop" from "One Bottle of Pop".
3. Interestingly fresh and "above average" voices and composition as in All the songs.
4. Songs skillfully rendered in harmony, rounds and canons.
5. The music lends itself to early learning and active participation because you wish to learn the songs, and sing & dance along, again & again.
My top favorite is:
Fabulous Food with cheers, chants, tongue-twister refrains, and fun! My personal fave is the cheer "GO Bananas! GO! GO! Bananas!" =)
Other themed titles by the same producers are as follows:
Critters and Company with songs to include many types of animals.
Me, My Family and Friends and Honk, Honk, Rattle, rattle.

PreK Bits - Don't forget your Sweater

Alfie Runs Away in Ms. Rachel's Storytime today. Mother suggests, "Don't forget your sweater ..." and other practical advice.
In the story We Were Tired of Living in a House the children "pack sweaters and hats and socks and a ball of string ..." and try out a number of other places to live.
You can read about more "runaways" in the following titles:
Runaway Bunny, a classic by Margaret Wise Brown, who also wrote the classic Good Night Moon.
Pfister Farnello runs away from his bath and becomes Dirt Boy ... until he meets Dirt Man.
Vera Runs Away when she feels unappreciated in the family.
The Caboose who Got Loose by Bill Peet, tells the story of a caboose who is tired of following the train.
Anyway ... Don't runaway until you've read these stories. Then pack the peanut butter and bring a sweater, in case you get hungry and chilly.

PreK Bits - Who Likes Pie?

Ms. Rachel dedicates Storytime to Pies, beginning with...
Ugly Pie which includes recipes for "ugly" pie, and ...
Apple Pie by Anne Wellington is no longer in print, but you can view a copy in the DownTown Youth Department. You may borrow a copy through MelCat, aka interlibrary loan, an extension of AADL services.
For more pie stories try:
The Perfect Pumpkin Pie, especially if you Halloween ghosts!
A Apple Pie, the traditional nursery alphabet for what happens to apple pie.
All For Pie, Pie For All, and
More Pies!, with a Robert Munsch pie-eating contest.

Kid Bits - "F" is for Fair

COUNTY FAIR – County Fairs begin harvest season.
Harvest season highlights farms and fairs.
To begin Preschool Storytime this week, Ms. Rachel presented
Farmer Doogie,
Fabulous Fair Alphabet and
Golly Gump Swallowed A Fly.
To extend the theme try the following titles:
I Know An Old Lady Who swallowed a Fly, the song that Golly Gump’s story evolved from.
Old MacDonald Had A Wood Shop collects the sounds of tools rather than animal sounds ... a new twist on the old familiar song.
Click, Clack, Moo, an original farm story of collective bargaining.
Farmyard Tales Treasury offers stories and simple craft activities to create “a farm” at home.
One Too Many, a farm counting book that adds picture puzzle, and visual humor to the challenge. All animals have black and white fur. As they are added, you must look closely to find the different species to count.

Fifth Avenue Fun!

Storytimes are beginning all over town! We’ll be celebrating grandparents at the Downtown Tuesday and Wednesday storytimes, with Beautiful Bananas and the silly folktale, The Squeaky Door. Can’t wait to see all our favorite listeners again!

PreK Bits - Pet Wash

This week is the END of Summer 2010 Preschool Storytimes.
Look for Fall Preschool Storytime RETURN week of September 13.

Ms Rachel opened a Pet Wash to bathe snakes, raccoons, bears, cats, .... but NOT baby brothers!
We bought "5 Brown Buns" from the bakery shop, as Peter Allard does in his recording Sing it! say it! stamp it! sway it! and Sharon, Lois & Bram do in Great Big Hits.
Then there was the demonstration on how to take care of Teddy Bears.

For more on the life of Teddy Bears look into these titles;
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear's Picnic with the Persuasions' recorded version in The Good Ship Lollipop or the Bill Shontz recorded version inTeddy Bears' Greatest Hits

Red Ted and the Lost Things and
One Ted Falls Out of Bed tell tales of lost Teddy Bears.
And don't forget Teddy Bears' Mother Goose !

PreK Bits - Harold's Purple Crayon

Ms. Rachel brought Harold's purple crayon to Storytime this week , and it told the story of Harold And The Purple Crayon.
Bring imagination home from the Library with books:
Bear's Picture, written by Daniel Pinkwater and illustrated by D.B. Johnson is on order for the Library. Watch for its' arrival.
Other stories:
Ish, a story of art and self-confidence
Danny’s Drawing Book , a story of imagination.
A Beach Tail, a story of drawing on the beach sand
The Pencil.
Create your own drawings with inspiration from Ed Emberley drawing books like:
Ed Emberley’s Drawing Book: Make a World
Ed Emberley’s Fingerprint Drawing Book.
Get your own purple crayon and DRAW on ------>

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