PreK Bits - Happenings at Bedtime

Ms. Rachel featured "Happenings @ Bedtime" in Preschool Storytime. We featured the letter "H".
There were "Strange Bumps" in Owl's bed, a story by Arnold Lobel in the book OWL at HOME.
There was a Tailor who discovered a "Hudgin" in the book A BED JUST SO or a "Hinky Pink" in the book HINKY PINK: an old tale.

Here are related titles to extend the theme:
BEDTIME for FRANCES by Russell Hoban
NIGHT KNIGHT by Owen Davey
TELL ME the DAY BACKWARDS by Albert Lamb
LITTLE QUACK's BEDTIME by Derek Andersen

DON'T MISS Derek Andersen at Malletts Creek Library Monday evening, October 29, 2012 at 7-8:00 pm.

TINY TOES Dancing @ Pittsfield Branch

Join Morgan Grubola ... Dancer, and Teacher for a one-of-a-kind program @ Pittsfield Branch Library.
The program will take place Saturday, October 6, 2012 from 10:00 -10:40 a.m.
Morgan's training is classical ballet and she brings a new perspective to preschool music and movement experience.
Morgan is also the author of Tiny Toes: A Creative Movement Class for Young Children.
"Tiny Toes" is especially for Preschool Ages with their Adult companions.

Don't forget to bring your toes!

Pete the Cat is coming to AADL!

All of us storytime tellers have been reading and telling the best-selling story of Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes by Eric Litwin since it landed on our shelf. It’s one of our favorites, so we are so excited that Eric Litwin will be performing at the Downtown Library this Friday, March 23 at 7 pm for the whole family! We just know, with Pete along for the ride, it’s going to be groovy!!

PreK Bits - Songs to Sing

We SING in Storytime. You SING in the yard ... in the car ... at the park. We sang "Two Kinds Of Seagulls ... HEgulls and SHEgulls" by Tom Chapin in Storytime with Ms. Sarah. Folks liked it and asked for more suggestions.
Here is a list of some of my favorite recording artists for young families.
These artists provide fun songs for elementary school ages,
AND the preschool siblings enjoy going along with the fun.
Cellabration! A Tribute to Ella Jenkins with various artists all singing songs written by Ella Jenkins
You'll Sing A Song And I'll Sing A Song with Ella Jenkins
Making Good Noise with Tom Chapin
Jim Gill Sings Do Re Mi on His Toe Leg Knee with Jim Gill
Daddy-O Daddy with various artists all singing songs written by Woody Guthrie
Train Songs And Other Tracks with Kevin Roth
You Are My Little Bird with Elizabeth Mitchell
All Wound Up! with Cathy Fink
Crazy Hair Day: original songs and stories with various artists
SING-on !

Baby Bits - Dancing Babies on Saturday

DANCING BABIES is a family event for "the Five and Under" crowd.
Gari Stein will lead the program Saturday morning, January 14, 2012, at the Pittsfield Branch Library. Young "Twinkle Toes" families are invited to "Polish and Shine" muscles and voices at this popular Preschool Music and Motion Program. The program will begin at 11:00 am and end by 11:45 am.
It has the makings for one Happy Day!

PreK Bits - Peas and Royalty

What are the virtues of a real Princess?
She will have good manners.
She will be exceedingly sensitive.
She may apply and interview to marry a Prince.
The PRINCESS And The PEA is a classic folktale by Hans Christian Anderson.
It can be retold in many ways.
Ms. Rachel presented the African version in storytime this week, based on the version by Rachel Isadora The PRINCESS And The PEA.
Here are more versions to try:
ASL Tales: PRINCESS And The PEA which includes a DVD of the story in ASL sign language.
The PRINCESS And The PEA in Kit format, to let a learning reader follow the book, while a CD speaks the words.
La PRINCESA Y El GUISANTE is written in both Spanish and English languages.
The VERY SMART PEA And The PRINCESS To BE is the tale from the view of the Pea ... a favorite of mine.
Each version will be slightly different in how the story goes.
It's fun to consider the possibilities!

PreK Bits - Insects

“I” was in Ms. Rachel’s letter box, so Preschool Storytime was brought to you by the letter "i" and "insects". You can repeat one of the stories or explore related titles from the following:
Go To Sleep Gecko is an Indonesian folktale about ecology that begins with fireflies.
Tiny Little Fly and Old Black Fly ... they never catch the fly!
Sing "Ants Go Marching" and other songs with the 50 Silly Songs CD.
You can learn real information by browsing books from two very popular series:
Insect, which is a DK Eyewitness Book, and
Insects, which is a True Book.

Take a field trip to Traverwood Branch Library and view the glass case with Cecropia larvae munching on walnut leaves. This display is from the Leslie Nature Center.

PreK Bits - Royal Stories

Queen Rachel regaled the royal princes, princesses, and adults-in-waiting with a Storytime in the kingdom of Malletts Creek Branch Library. "The Princess, the Little Bird and the Frog" story was done entirely with sound effects. It has been passed on by oral tradition and is not found in a book. Royal recommendations in the Library are as follows:
King Bidgood's In The Bathtub and he won't come out! "Who will help!" cries the page.
Then there is the problem of The Prince Won't Go To Bed!
The Knight and the Dragon joust each other to cinders until the princess Librarian offers helpful titles from her mobile book cart. We (the royal "We") are royally amused !!! =D
Cowardly Clyde is a knight's horse, but he does not want to fight.
The Queen's Progress is a regal alphabet book that follows Queen Elizabeth I on Royal Progress through the English countryside. Positively SUMPtuous !!
Rachel Isadora recently retells traditional European tales with bold and colorful illustrations set in Africa. Take a look at the following royal folktales she has updated in her unique way:
The Princess And The Pea
Twelve Dancing Princesses

PreK Bits - Precocious Pigs

Ms. Rachel told stories about pigs this week.
The Old Woman And Her Pig is an Appalachian folktale.
The Three Little Pigs is a classic folktale, but we changed the end.
Our piggies scared the wolf away!
We danced the Piggy-Pokey ... put your piggy snout in! and your piggy tail out! you put your piggy ears in, and you turn your self around. That's what it's all about !!
Once your child knows the classic tale, try these turn-arounds:
Three Little Pigs by James Marshall, The True Story Of The Three Little Pigs as told by Jon Scieszka.
If you are a fan of pigs, here are more stories:
"Eat" Cried Little Pig ... but he slurps it and slops it and gets it everywhere!
A Garden For Pig. Sometimes dreams come true, but not always as you might expect.
Chester the Worldly Pig sets his sights on being more than something to eat.

PreK Bits - quiet LOUD

Ms. Rachel performed "quiet & LOUD" at Storytime this week.
Perhaps you know the difference.
Perhaps the difference needs practice.
The Board Book Quiet Loud by Leslie Patricelli offers a sound playground to fool around in.
The Quiet Book offers a large list of quiet moments to ponder.
Too Much Noise is the opposite of quiet ... of course, and a chance to practice animal noises too!
Heather Forest tells a different version in A Big Quiet House.
Michael Bania tells an Inuit version in Kumak's House.
Then practice your bug and swamp noises in The Noisy counting Book.

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