Kid Bits - Apples & Pumpkins

A is for APPLES and P is for PUMPKINS and FALL is for apples and pumpkins! Ms. Rachel shared Apple Pie by Anne Wellington and Anansi And The Talking Melon (Pumpkin) by Eric Kimmel in Storytime this week. If you want more "apples" and "pumpkins" look for these titles:
A Was Once An Apple Pie
Our Apple Tree and All For Pie, Pie For All
How Many Seeds In A Pumpkin? and Pumpkins!.

Fifth Avenue Fun!

A sweet, patient doggie and a tough, enormous Vingananee are the furry figures that star at the Tuesday 10 am and Wednesday 11 am storytimes at the Downtown Library next week.

Fifth Avenue Fun!

Ready to get silly at the Tuesday 10 am and Wednesday 11 am storytimes at the Downtown Library next week? Get into goofiness galore with Sandra Boynton and farm animals with wacky ideas.

Kid Bits - Tricky Troubles

There was a "T" in Ms. Rachel's letter box this week for Tricky and Trouble and Tigers. You can find the stories from Storytime and remember where the tricks and troubles and tigers come in:

Sam And The Tigers: a new telling of little black Sambo by Julius Lester and pictures by Jerry Pinkney.
Anansi And The Moss-Covered Rock by Janet Stevens.
You may be interested in the original text of Little Black Sambo by Helen Bannerman, with new illustrations by Christopher Bing.

The most memorable part is not the trick or the trouble ... the best part is the tigers turning into delicious tiger butter and being spread on pancakes for dinner. Yumm!

Fifth Avenue Fun!

Shouldn’t bear be home by now? Could he be out in the storm? We are bearly hanging in there at the Tuesday 10 am and Wednesday 11 am storytimes at the Downtown Library next week as big bumbling bears get into all kinds of trouble.

Fifth Avenue Fun!

We are going bananas next week at the Tuesday 10 am and Wednesday 11 am storytimes at the Downtown Library. A journey to Grandpa’s with a single banana turns into quite an adventure. So does the fall down the hole into mouse country in the Roly Poly Rice Ball!

Storytimes & Playgroups Are Back!

Storytimes & PlaygroupsStorytimes & Playgroups

After a short summer break, Storytimes and Playgroups return on September 8 to Traverwood, Pittsfield, Malletts Creek and Downtown. Playgroups consist of fifteen minutes of stories, rhymes, and songs followed by open playtime for babies up to 2 years old. Storytimes are open to children 2 - 5 years old. The complete listing of times and locations can be found on our Events page. Come join us for stories and fun!

Kid Bits - Tiny Folks

Tiny Magic Folk were at Ms. Rachel's Storytime this week. You can find her stories and more in the following books:
Alice The Fairy by David Shannon
The Wizard, The Fairy, and the Magic Chicken by Helen Lester
The Woman Who Flummoxed The Fairies retold by Heather Forest
Butterfly Eyes is poetry and pictures of miniature field life
The Bootmaker And The Elves is an "Old West" retell of a German classic 1029805The Elves And The Shoemaker.

Chicken Bits - Poultry

Ms. Rachel did Chicken stories for week #6. Of course there are more where those came from.
Rosie's Walk or on DVD in Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. It is great for toddlers to pick out Rosie the chicken in each picture as she tours her chicken yard.
Look Out Suzy Goose is another good toddler tale of sequence.
Big Chickens shows "four big chickens" they are braver than they think.
The Perfect Nest

Kid Bits - Do You Know About Monsters?

Ms. Rachel is inviting monsters to Storytime this week. You can meet monsters at the Library, or bring them home with you. Look for:
Go Away Big green Monster helps you get control over monsters.
The Hungry Thing needs to be fed.
The Gunniwolf is a classic "survivor" tale.
Your Pal Mo Willems Presents Leonardo The Terrible Monster.
Where The Wild Things Are is where you can go for a Rumpus.
and Go To Bed Monster!.

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