Ms. Rachel's Storytime is sponsored by "D" this week ... for DOGGIES !
Find these dog stories.
Dog Day when the kids get a new teacher in school.
Stanley's Beauty Contest where Stanley shows what "beauty" is.
Not Afraid Of Dogs, "I just don't like them".
Please Don't Tease Tootsie for how to treat dogs and cats.
The Dog From Arf! Arf! tp ZZZ for a complete dog alphabet.
Find more in the catalog when you choose subject "dogs fiction" and limit to "youth" and "books".

PreK Bits - Bears are Out

PreK Bits - STORYTIMES are Ba-a-ack !

Welcome BACK to PRESCHOOL STORYTIMES and BABY PLAYGROUPS @ the LIBRARIES this week. Look up Days and Branches to attend one near you. They are in the JUMP Brochure, and on the Library website.
Join us! "The more the Merrier", we always say.

PreK Bits - Backward Day

The Backward Day needs no explaination. =)
The End starts with "Lived happily ever after ... because..." and tells the story of a knight and princess... backwards.
Previously Tells the adventures of various nursery rhyme and fairy tale characters in backward sequence. It includes Goldilocks, Jack and the beanstalk, Jack and Jill, the frog prince, Cinderella, and the gingerbread man.

Toddler Bits - PLAY Activities

Looking for activities to do with Little Kids? There are great ideas for Play and Arts in the following books:
The Big Book Of Playtime Activities
Games To Play With Toddlers
Bright From The Start
Entertaining and Educating Babies and Toddlers

PreK Bits - Silly Stories

Ms. Rachel's Silly Stories and songs came from the following:
A Far-Fetched Story by Karin Cates
Shoe Town by Janet Stevens.
Monkey Face by Frank Asch.
Moving To Math singing "Hey There's Something in My Boot".
Jim Gill Makes It Noisy in Boise singing "Stick To The Glue".

PreK Bits - Royal Stories

Old King Cole was a Merry Old Soul and the Queen Of Hearts Made some Tarts so let's add Regal Stories to the sharing list.
The Queen's Progress- an ABC of Queen Elizabeth I's entourage to her summer home.
Most Wonderful Egg In The World- the Royal Court must decide whose egg is most wonderful.
The Knight And The Dragon- become business partners.
Princess And The Pea- set in Africa by Rachel Isadora.
Imagine You're A Knight- what is it like?

PreK Bits - Stories from Asia

Stories from Asia were featured in Storytime this week with Ms. Rachel. Favorites include:
The Pan-Asian folktale Counting Crocodiles.
Two Of Everything and The Empty Pot from China.
Mangoes And Bananas from India, and
Go To Sleep Gecko from Bali.

PreK Bits - Mukluks and Igloos

Here are some very wintery books, influenced by Inuit culture, we're currently reading during Family Storytimes:
Building An Igloo clearly shows how to build an Inuit Igloo.
Make Your Own Inuksuk shows how to make markers for your territory (or garden).
Kumak's Fish and Kumak's House are fun-filled stories from Kumak's family in Alaska.
Berry Magic retells an old legend of how sweet berries came to the tundra to feed the people.
Eye Of The Needle tells a classic Inuit "Tall Tale" with fabulous illustrations by Terry Sloat.

PreK Bits - Russian Stories

"Ms Rachel" is doing stories from Russia this week.
Here are some to find in the folktales:
The Little Snow Girl;
Vasilissa The Beautiful;
Something From Nothing

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