PreK Bits - Russian Stories

"Ms Rachel" is doing stories from Russia this week.
Here are some to find in the folktales:
The Little Snow Girl;
Vasilissa The Beautiful;
Something From Nothing

AXIS Coffeehouse tonight

Coffee steamingCoffee steaming

Brrr !!! It’s cold out! Warm up with some cocoa, coffee, or tea and share poetry, monologues, or music.

AXIS Coffeehouse | Friday, January 16 | 6:00-8:30 PM | Malletts Creek

New eLibrary Elementary Goodies

Does your child only want to play or learn on the computer? Check out the new Weekly Reader series at elibrary Elementary on our website. There are biographies and histories in graphic novel format. The illustrations will captivate and the stories will spark interest in subjects that are sometimes just beyond a child’s reach. While you are at the research page on our website, click on AADL Select Sites for Kids and see what the library has to offer. Then lure them away with hands-on science activities.

PreK Bits

Welcome back to Storytime Season!
Ms. Rachel, Ms. Sara and Ms. Betsy are doing gingerbread, brown buns, cakes, and Happy New Years this week.
You can repeat the recipes at home often with:
Gingerbread Boy by Paul Galdone. A Classic.
The Gingerbread Boy by Richard Egielski. An updated version.
The Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett. Lusciously illustrated.
and sing "Five Brown Buns in the Bakery Shop" with
CDs from some of our favorite performers:
Peter & Ellen Allard in Sing It! Say It!.
Sharon, Lois and Bram in Great Big Hits.
Tom Chapin in Great Big Fun For The Very Little One.

Parent Bits - Cyber-Safety

If you can find the time for gathering parent information, there are useful Parent Guides on raising Cyber-Safe Kids today. Help young people learn to use the Internet Safely and Responsibly. It is an essential skill for life.
Cyber-Safe Kids, Cyber-Savvy Teens;
Totally Wired: What Teens and Tweens are Really Doing Online;
Generation MySpace: Helping Your Teen Survive Online Adolescence;
Me, MySpace, And I: Parenting the Net Generation;
And The DVD Think Before You Click: Playing It Safe Online.

January 13 - ACT Plus Writing Test Tips with Kaplan Experts

Kaplan logoKaplan logo

You get just one shot at the Michigan Merit Exam (MME) in March. One of the MME components is the ACT Plus Writing Test. During the test you have 30 minutes to read a question and then think, organize, and write a short essay. Intimidating? Yes, but Kaplan instructors will provide you a road map for getting ready to write a dynamic response.

Tuesday, January 13 | 7:00-8:00 pm | Traverwood Branch

Parent Bits - What Do We Read NEXT?

Parents (and Kids) ask ... "What are some good kid reads?" and we love to help. There are many Guides to help also. You can find great suggestions with:
Nancy Pearl's Book Crush.
Laura Bush's Laura's List.
Reading Raps: A Book Club Guide for Librarians, Kids, and Families.
Gotcha For Guys! Non-Fiction Books to Get Boys Excited About Reading.
Peak With Books: An Early Childhood Resource.
New York Times Parent's Guide To The Best Books For Children.

PreK Bits - STORYTIMES START again !

Pack up the babies and grab the grandparents and everyone goes....
begin next week... JANUARY 12, 2009.

So Line up the sneakers, unknot the shoelaces,
Don't match the mittens, don't match the socks,
Get ready to warm up a spot on the floor...
We're ready to sing once more.

Chesstastic this Sunday, January 11

Black and White King

Drop in to play chess this Sunday at the Traverwood branch. Players of all ages are welcome to try their luck on the chess battlefield. Chess sets are provided but you are welcome to bring your own set.

Chesstastic | Sunday, January 11 | 1:00-4:00 PM | Traverwood Branch | All Ages

Kaplan Help at AADL

Kaplan logoKaplan logo

Getting ready to take the SAT or ACT? Two January sessions led by Kaplan instructors will help you prep.

Test Taking with Kaplan Experts
Wednesday, January 7 | 7-8 pm | Pittsfield Branch

Learn how to approach ACT or SAT test day with confidence. Kaplan instructors will lay out strategies and suggestions for preparing. They will also step you through some questions showing you how you can best arrive at the correct answer.

ACT Plus Writing Test Tips with Kaplan Experts
Tuesday, January 13 | 7-8 pm | Traverwood Branch

Faced with a question and just 30 minutes to think, organize, and write a short essay, it’s no wonder that the ACT Plus Writing test is one of the most feared. But fear not! Kaplan instructors will provide you a road map for getting ready to write the dynamic response in a short amount of time. This session will set you on course to a successful test experience in March.

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