Parent Bits - Arrival of Baby #2

So Baby #1 is around the home and Baby #2 is on the way.
Welcoming Your Second Baby by Vicki Lansky is a perfect little parent helper. It is a delightful "skinny book" with very useful and simple suggestions to pave a path for Child #1 to accept the new family member. The library owns the 1990 edition of Welcoming Your Second Baby and it is just as useful. Keep in mind the suggested books to share with children are not likely to be found now. Ask a Librarian for current books to share with "expecting" children. Lasky offers suggestions for various ages of older siblings, and her suggestions are mercifully practical and flexible. Congratulations on your new addition !

To Junie B. or Not to Junie B.?

Some say Junie B. Jones is "not a good character", and some say the “grammar is wrong”. Others say “She is a spunky six year old, and we learn from her troubles.”
Gaining perspective on a mighty popular series might help calm some nerves.
Try this article in The New York Times “Is Junie B. Jones Talking Trash? to support parent information. Kids can read two NEW titles in the series Dumb Bunny and Aloha-ha-ha! and enjoy the Official Junie B. Jones website with information about the author and more activities for kids.

The Wall:Growing Up Behind the Iron Curtain

You’d need a long nap afterwards, but wouldn’t it be wonderful to spend an hour inside Peter Sis’s imagination? He has given us magical stories and biographies but this newest is his autobiography of growing up under communism in Prague. Secret police, red flags and parades are depicted in typically amazing Sis style and the happy ending is the Wall crumbling down as he flies towards freedom.

Cluck! Cluck! - Michigan READS!

MICHIGAN READS! The one-state, one-children's book program is sponsored by Library Of Michigan and Target stores. The featured book for 2007 book is Big Chickens! by Leslie Helakoski and illustrated by Henry Cole. Beware of chickens and feathers flying during Preschool Storytimes the week of September 26th, 2007.

Baby Bits - NEW !

NEW Books that are perfect for baby lap-reads are The Busy Little Squirrel by Nancy Tafuri; So Sleepy Story by Uri Shulevitz; and A Good Day by Kevin Henkes. They show pictures that baby sees in her world. They have words that sound lovely to say and use and repeat from the driver's seat.

Toddler Bits - Kittens

Nothing cuter than Toddlers and Kittens ... well a few things just as cute. Anyway, if you like kittens and have a toddler at home, try these NEW books out. Kittens! Kittens! Kittens! by Susan Meyers and illustrated by David Walker; and Nini Here And There by Anita Lobel. Meow!

Kid Bits - New Babies in the Family

Is a new baby arriving at your house? Brothers and Sisters can prepare with these titles. Now We Have A Baby; What Baby Needs; Just Add One Chinese Sister; What To Expect When The New Baby Comes Home; and Peter's Chair.

New Arabic books for children!

Soon to be arriving at the branches, there will be many new Arabic books for children. Many of these books are especially good for children (or anyone) learning Arabic as they have the vowel marks (tashkeel) on every word to aid in recognition and understanding. There will be board books, dictionaries, picture books and kits which will contain a book and a CD or cassette. The selection varies from branch to branch so check out the youth foreign language collection in the youth department on the first floor of the downtown library or in the foreign language collection at any of the branches. Any questions, comments or suggestions about Arabic books or any other foreign languages, please e-mail

Hoax Photo Workshop - Tues., September 25


Bigfoot trying on Birkenstocks? A herd of cows hovering over the Big House? Use your imagination and Photoshop Elements in our Mac lab to create a mind-bending photo. Then upload your favorite creation into the Hoax Photo Gallery at AADL’s myspace branch. Join us next Tuesday 6:00-8:30 p.m. in the Downtown Computer Learning Center.

Register at any information desk or call 327-8367.

College Night - Monday, September 17

Choosing the college, writing the essays, preparing for the tests… it all gets a little overwhelming. Where do you start? Right here at the Downtown Library on Mon., Sept. 17 at 6:30 pm! John Boshoven, college prep counselor at Community High, and Deb Merion, founder of Essay Coaching, will be joined by performance coach Dr. Geraldine Markel at this event for teens and parents. They’ll cover it all, so bring your questions!

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