Top Chef Steph Video and Interview!

stephanie izardstephanie izard

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Whether you were lucky enough to attend the cooking demo and talk by Bravo TV's Top Chef Season 4 Stephanie Izard last month - or if you missed it - take a listen to our exclusive podcast interview with Top Chef Steph. Fans of Top Chef will enjoy hearing about what it's really like to be on the show (is Padma really that gorgeous in person?). Stephanie shares her memories of Ann Arbor during her time at the University of Michigan (the ONE thing she craved was a chipati from Pizza House!) and of course we talked about food and cooking! Listen up!

You can see the video of her talk and demo in our AADL video on demand collection.

The Deadliest Catch

Deadliest Catch returns for another season tonight on the Discovery Channel. If you've missed some of the action, the Discovery Channel has quite a few recaps on their website and youtube including this compilation of waves the fleet has dealt with:

If you missed previous seasons you can check out the complete first season here at AADL on DVD. We also have the book related to the series.

For the younger crowd who want to learn more about crabs we have Down in the sea. The crab and Crabs.

Masterpiece Theater's "Little Dorrit"

Amy DorritAmy Dorrit

Maybe you're like me--before this year, I hadn't watched public television since Sesame Street was my favorite TV show, back in the good old days of 1986. But I've recently come to realize how much I've been missing. Masterpiece Theater has been airing film adaptations of both classical and contemporary literature. If you tune in now, (Sundays, 9pm on you PBS channel) you'll be able to watch "Little Dorrit," an adaptation of Charles Dickens' novel of the same name. It's a 5-part series with a female protagonist, departing from Dickens' standard male characters. Episodes 1 and 2 have already aired, but if you miss an episode, you can watch online at PBS. Looking through the archive of past Masterpiece Theater seasons, I saw an impressive roster--adaptations of Dickens' Bleak House, George Eliot's Daniel Deronda, all the way up to Zadie Smith's White Teeth.

Duct Tape DIY Diversion

Duct Tape BabyDuct Tape Baby

Teens: if you're looking for something fun (and FREE) to do during the school break plan to attend Duct Tape Re-Dux on Wednesday, April 15: 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm @ the Traverwood Branch. We have an awesome array of duct tape colors on hand from camouflage to the elusive plaid. We'll provide a few patterns, but you're only limited by what you can create in the time period! Prom season is also upon us and many teens make their prom outfits completely out of duct tape - take a look at this teen who knitted her entire dress out of duct tape.

All supplies will be provided. No registration required. Teens in grades 6-12 are welcome!
Wednesday, April 15: 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm @ the Traverwood Branch

Battlestar Galactica and the United Nations

Battlestar Galactica and the United NationsBattlestar Galactica and the United Nations

Last night marked the final episode of Battlestar Galactica, the Sci Fi channel’s critically acclaimed TV series. In Battlestar Galactica, a nuclear war sends the last survivors of the human race drifting through the universe, fleeing from the Cylons (a race of machines identical to humans in almost every way) and searching for a new home, a legendary planet called Earth. BSG has been praised for its extremely relevant commentaries on different social and political issues, the main one being moral relativism in a time of war.

On Tuesday, March 17, the United Nations hosted a panel of UN representatives and the creators and cast of Battlestar Galactica to raise awareness about humanitarian concerns. The panel used episodes of the TV show to exemplify and discuss issues of human rights, terrorism, children and armed conflict, and interfaith reconciliation and dialogue.

Street Gang: The Complete History of Sesame Street

It’s the 40th anniversary of Sesame Street! Street Gang: The Complete History of Sesame Street by author Michael Davis chronicles the history of the one of the most beloved children’s television shows of our time. The show was conceived in the mid-1960s by Joan Ganz Cooney and Lloyd Morrisett who wondered if television could be utilized as an educational tool for children. Along with the talent of Jim Henson and company, Sesame Street became a big hit with kids…and still is!

Street Gang is a highly detailed account of Sesame Street history – the word “complete” is in the title for good reason. But most fans of the show will definitely find the book a worthwhile read and learn some interesting facts about our old friends that we grew up with. Did you know Bob was a pop singing sensation in Japan? Or that there were actually three Gordons?

If you still want more, check out some classic episodes on DVD - Sesame Street: Old School Volume One or Volume Two and take a trip down memory lane. Long live Mr. Hooper!

A Graphic Novel Recomendation: Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale

I have long been a fan of the comic book work of Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. Their many story collaborations about iconic DC and Marvel comic superheroes have always represented especially poignant and reflective tellings of familiar stories. In our AADL collection, we have The Long Halloween and Dark Victory: Batman stories that formed some of the basis for Christopher Nolan's movie Batman Begins.

January Movies

Bio pic Defiance is based on the true story of the Bielski brothers. After fleeing occupied Poland, they holed up in a forest in Belarus where they managed against terrific odds to create a coherent community which continued to fight the Nazis. Read Nechama Tec's Defiance: The Bielski Partisans (1993).

There is still time to catch the Golden Globes Award for Best Picture of the Year Slumdog Millionaire.

Part Dickensian drama, part romance and part life-affirming fantasy, this indie release follows an 18-year-old orphan as he recalls the experiences that took him from the slums of Mumbai to being just one question away from winning India’s version of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” --- all for the love of a girl.

The Spirit is adapted from the graphic novels The Spirit Series by Will Eisner.

It tells the story of a rookie cop who comes back from the dead to protect the city he loves and the many women he loves more.

Made in Spain - Cooking an Empanada

If you're looking for a high energy cooking series look no further than Made in Spain with José Andrés. Here's a clip from the show on making an Empanada.

If this looks like your type of cooking show then AADL has both the 2 DVD set of the Made in Spain series and the cookbook that accompanies the series. Many of the episodes include a visit to regions of Spain and restaurants that make the regional specialties, so if you love Spanish food, pick it up. If Made in Spain doesn't fit your taste then we also have many other Spanish cooking items available.

Nip/Tuck Returns

Nip/Tuck returned to the airwaves on Tuesday night for its 6th season. The most recent season finds Dr. Sean McNamara and Dr. Christian Troy continuing their surgeries and dysfunctional relationships in the Los Angeles plastic surgery business. To catch up on the first four seasons of this addictively over-the-top drama, check out the DVDs here.

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