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Happy Birthday Claudette Colbert


Celebrate the birthday of classic film star, Claudette Colbert, born September 13, 1903 in Paris. Known primarily for her screwball comedies like It Happened One Night, Colbert was also a fine dramatic actress, appearing in such films as Imitation of Life and Drums Along the Mohawk. A friend recently watched The Palm Beach Story, a lesser known comedy and was in tears with laughter. Check out the videos and dvds of [ht

S.E. Hinton comes out of hiding for re-vamped version of The Outsiders!

Based on the classic S.E. Hinton novel for teens the Outsiders, the film is getting a new lease on life! The author is coming out of the shadows to promote the recut version of Francis Ford Coppola's 1983 film of "The Outsiders" on DVD, on Sept. 20. The film will have a limited theatrical run nationally and is opening in New York on Sept. 9. Starring a then unknown cast of young actors on the brink of stardom this amazing film stars an adorable Ralph Macchio of Karate Kid fame and the smokin' hot Matt Dillon who went on to star in two other S.E. Hinton novels adapted for the screen - Tex and Rumble Fish. Also check out Emilio Estevez, Rob Lowe and Patrick Swayze.

Shhh! Librarians at the Movies

Librarians onscreen do more than wear sensible shoes and shush people! Check out It’s a Wonderful Life for Donna Reed as a spinster librarian, then Katharine Hepburn in Desk Set or Parkey Posey in Party Girl for more glamorous types. Whether it’s the quintessential Marian the Librarian in The Music Man or the hostile librarian in Sophie’s Choice, there’s a librarian for everyone. Intrigued? A real-life librarian has put together an entire website devoted to librarians in film.

Ann Arbor City Tax Assessment Data (Home Values)

house image

AADL Select Sites: Ann Arbor/Washtenaw County

Look up property in the city of Ann Arbor to find out the owner, the most recent sales price, the assessed value, the square footage, the number of rooms, the real estate taxes, how much of that tax went to support the public library, and to view a photograph of the house.

You can also search for comparables with sales within a certain time period, range of sales price, and range of square footage.

New Nonfiction Books on the New York Times Book Review Best Sellers List (9-4)

Does Scott Peterson merit four books?

The most recent book debuted this week at #10 on the NYTBR Best Sellers list. Forensic psychiatrist and psychiatric thriller writer Keith Ablow is the latest to peek Inside the Mind of Scott Peterson.

He joins company with Court TV’s Catherine Crier and her book, A Deadly Game: the Untold Story of the Scott Peterson Investigation.

These professional crime profilers are joined by Scott Peterson’s sister, Anne Bird with Blood Brother: 33 Reasons My Brother Scott Peterson is Guilty and by Scott Peterson’s girlfriend, Amber Frey with her Witness for the Prosecution of Scott Peterson.

All four of these books had initial print runs of at least 150,000 copies.

The Play Ground

The music season is opening with fanfare and September will be a busy month for The Play Ground and all music lovers.

On September 10 at 8pm the Arbor Opera Theater will open its 2005-2006 season with A Bernstein Celebration. The evening's centerpiece will be Trouble in Tahiti, a one-act chamber opera premiered in 1952 and the first opera Bernstein wrote. Set in suburban America, the story chronicles the emotional decline of a contemporary marriage. The remainder of the evening will feature selections from other Bernstein works such as West Side Story, Mass, and Candide. The performance will take place at St. Clare's/Temple Beth Emeth.

Set in New Orleans

Just one week after the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina, questions abound as to how New Orleans, one of our country's most distinctive cities, will recover from the unexpected blow it has endured. Will it become a ghost town largely given over to tourism? Will its people, especially the poor who make up the Big Easy's essential fabric, be able to return? And if so, what of the city's unique flavor and singular joie de vivre will return with them? New Orleans' evocative atmosphere is the setting of many books and films, most notably Tennessee Williams' A Streetcar Named Desire and Suddenly, Last Summer. A couple other titles that come to mind are Interview with the Vampire and Jitterbug Perfume. Can you think of others?

Früheads Unite!

"Take a dash of Ogden Nash. Add a smear of Edward Lear. Toss in a Beatles news conference circa 1964, a sprinkle of Elvis Costello, four media-saturated childhoods and a splash of Monty Python. Garnish with a deep sense of concern about the world. Cultivate in Canada. Mix well" -Ted Anthony, AP National Writer

"{Moxy Fruvous} sound like the Roches meet XTC at a party thrown by Camper Van Beethoven for Robyn Hitchcock's marriage to Cole Porter with They Might Be Giants as wedding band and Tom Lehrer acting as minister, but just as everyone starts singing old Queen songs, the party is crashed by the entire cast of The Muppet Show. Moxy Fruvous is that good." -Dave Anderson writer for 'The Octopus', Champaign, Illinois

Velvet Underground

Based on the novel of the same title by Sarah Waters, the three-part BBC production of Tipping the Velvet brings the lesbian underground of Victorian England to vivid and moving life. Eighteen-year-old Nancy Astley is an oyster girl in search of herself and and the deeper truths of love. We follow Nan's adventures through the 1880's London Music Hall scene, decadent sapphist lairs of the lesbian elite, bitter back alleys, and the warm homelife of early labour movement organizers. With a screenplay by Andrew Davies (of Bridget Jones's Diary fame), viewers are swept away into a world of lush life, harsh realities and passionate tenderness.

Motivate, Communicate, Lead!

Ann Arbor communications consultant, John Baldoni, is the author of several books on leadership including his most recent, Great Motivation Secret of Great Leaders. Using a variety of historical and contemporary individuals as examples to illustrate key aspects of motivation, Baldoni examines how leaders energize, encourage and exhort individuals and teams to achieve success. Baldoni spoke last year at one of the Library’s ‘Sunday Edition’ lecture programs on his previous book Great Communication Secrets of Great Leaders. A video of that program will be broadcast on Ann Arbor’s Community Access Channel 17 on September 13 (3:30 pm), September 15(1:30 pm), September 16 (5:00 pm) and September 17 (1:30 pm). A videotape of his presentation is also available from the library.

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