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Venice Shines in Films

The recently released movie Casanova was made even more enjoyable by its luscious setting in Venice, Italy. Of course, Venice has been used as a setting in numerous films. Some of the most memorable are Death in Venice, Summertime, Wings of the Dove, Bread and Tulips and The Talented Mr. Ripley. Venice also appears prominently in less 'arty' films ranging from the James Bond vehicle Moonraker to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Are there others that appealed to you? What's your favorite Venice film?

Falling into a Million Little Pieces

James Frey admitted last week that he fabricated parts of his best-selling memoir A Million Little Pieces. His publisher didn't mind. Oprah didn't mind (Frey's book was recently chosen for Oprah's Book Club). And during an appearance on Larry King, Frey suggested that fabricating personal history is an accepted American literary tradition in the manner of Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Bukowski and Keruoac. Do you agree? If not, are you still planning to read the book or will you be canceling your hold?

Fabulous Fiction Firsts #4

Paris, 1847, the ailing Louis Daguerre (from years of exposure to mercury), inventor of the Daguerreotype photographic process, searched of a model willing to pose nude for a set of 10 images he wished to immortalize before the approaching apocalypse he envisioned.

“Dreamlike, thoughtful, and impressive”, first-time novelist Dominic Smith skillfully interweaves Daguerre’s urgent quest with the memories of his lost love, Isobel, in this “touching tale of youthful love regained in maturity”.
The Mercury Visions of Louis Daguerre is “…(a) compelling psychological study, …and an atmospheric portrait of 19th century France”. (Kirkus Reviews). For readers of historical fiction and students of photography. (February release)

No New Titles on the New York Times Bestseller List (1/8/06)

There has not yet been a new title making the List in 2006. Once again I can recommend a book "off-list".

Some fans of Prime Suspect may not know that Lynda La Plante created the series and its memorable heroine. Her new mystery Above Suspicion has just been released in the States and in it she introduces Anna Travis. While not as experienced or world weary as Tennison, this young detective bravely risks her life to catch a vicious serial killer.

Historical Stock Prices

Big Charts

AADL Select Sites: Money and Investing

With the arrival of income tax preparation season comes the need for historical stock quotations to arrive at the basis for determining gain or loss from the sale of securities.

Two websites may help. Both have historical stock quotations available. The dates of coverage are not uniform for all stocks. Both have symbol lookup searches to help find out the stock symbol.

Big Charts has historical stock quotations available from as far back as January 2, 1970. Just enter the stock symbol and the date to find out the opening, closing, high, and low prices for that date.

Yahoo! Finance has historical stock quotations available from as far back as 1962. Enter the stock symbol in the search window, press "GO". The next screen has a link under "Quotes" for "Historical Prices".

Jon Stewart is going to host WHAT?!?!?!

Jon Stewart

In a stroke of brilliance (or is it ratings-despair?), the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has tagged Jon Stewart to serve as Master of Ceremonies at this year's Academy Awards show, airing Sunday, March 5 on ABC.

It is hoped that Stewart, best known for his longstanding role as the deliverer of fake news on Comedy Central, and for his award-winning America (the Book): A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction will pull in the young hip viewers who are devoted followers of Stewart's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, but who avoid the oft-perceived-as-stodgy Oscars.

January 10th- "National Cut Your Energy Costs Day"

What could be a more timely topic in this season of soaring heating bills? Check out these two books from our collection that address this challenge. One is The Home Energy Diet: How to Save Money by Making Your House Energy Smart by Paul Scheckel. Scheckel gives practical suggestions in a breezy anecdotal style including appliance choices and tips on renewable energy sources. Just by using a few of his ideas, he promises savings of hundreds of dollars. And some of these changes can lead to improved indoor air quality and healthier homes.

Smart Power- An Urban Guide to Renewable Energy and Efficiecy by William H. Kemp is a good introduction for both homeowner and professional with hands-on guidance on steps one can take to be more energy efficient.

Resolved: Let's Get Organized!

Is getting organized or making better use of your time on your list of New Year's resolutions? If so, this is your month to get started according to the National Association of Professional Organizers which has designated January as National Get Organized Month. Whether you're thinking of work, home or school there are numerous recent time management books to help you on your way. Homemakers may want to check out Ronni Eisenberg's Organize Yourself!, Lanna Nakone's Organizing for Your Brain Type, Mary Jo Rulnick's The Frantic Woman's Guide to Life or Heloise's Get Organized with Heloise. To make better use of your time at work check out Kerry Gleeson's The Personal Efficiency Program, Julie Morgenstern's Making Work Work, Kenneth Blanchard's The On-Time, On-Target Manager, or Harvard Business Schhol's The Results Driven Manager: Taking Control of Your Time. Students should consider Ronald Fry's Get Organized. There's even a book for harried lovers, Claudia & Dave Arp's No Time for Sex. No time for more ...

Fabulous Fiction Firsts #3

Love Walked In, the auspicious debut from award-winning poet Marisa de los Santos earned high praise from the hard-nosed Kirkus Review folks–a rare feat considering its genre - Chicklit.

In this The Philadelphia Story meets Sex and the City, romantic and ambition-challenged Cornelia Brown envisioned life as a series of cinematic moments. So when Cary Grant (a.k.a.Martin Grace) walked into the café that she managed, you could almost hear the violin section striking up the theme song from A Man and a Woman. Happily-ever-after was threatened by the sudden appearance of 11 yr.old Clare. You think you know what happened next? Wrong!

Do yourself a favor, read this “clever, engaging, (and)timeless gem". (Film rights to Paramount with SJP to star). Certain to make future lists of Cinematheraphy.

Happy Birthday Elvis!

This weekend, January 6-8, marks Elvis Presley’s birthday celebration. If you can’t make it down to Graceland for the official celebration, check out some of the materials that the library owns:

Elvis by the Presleys by Priscilla Presley – Intimate stories given by Priscilla, Lisa Marie, and other family members.

It Happened at the World’s Fair starring Elvis.

2nd To None by Elvis Presley – a compilation of 30 tracks, including hit singles and fan favorites.

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