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How I Learned to Cook

In How I Learned to Cook: Culinary Educations from the World’s Greatest Chefs, forty chefs share short sketches of their lives as chefs: what brought them to cooking, working as prep cooks, family backgrounds, kitchen mishaps, influences. And these are big names: Mario Batali, Mark Bittman, Daniel Boulud, Tom Colicchio, Marcella Hazan.

I read the entries by chefs whose restaurants I have eaten in: Sara Moulton making beer steamed Det Burgers at the Del Rio, Gary Danko writing about his difficulties getting accepted as a student by Madeleine Kamman, Rick Bayless taping a show with Julia Child for In Julia’s Kitchen with the Master Chefs.

Then I read the rest. I especially liked the ones about getting a start in the kitchen and having to quickly figure things out, with the occasional mess up such as poaching the fish that was to be fried and frying the fish that was to be poached.

Arabic books at Malletts Creek

Several Arabic books were recently transferred to the Malletts Creek branch. Check them out. Some of the books include:

"al-Abnusa al-baida'" by Hanna Mina
"Ana hiya inti riwaayah" by Ilham Mansoor
"ar-Ra'ad" by Zakaria Tamer

Conquering Clutter and Staying Organized

Recently I stumbled upon an appearance by Joyce Anderson, author of Help, I’m knee-deep in clutter! Conquer the chaos and get organized once and for all, as this author was speaking at Nicola’s Books. Although Anderson said that such appearances, along with radio interviews, are definitely not her thing, her talk was nonetheless engaging, and her book sounded intriguing. Anderson told the audience that after writing a book, she finally understood why J.K. Rowling became less than perfectly organized while writing the Harry Potter books: Lots to do, no time, and suddenly, clutter is king.

Foreign language books at the library

Did you know that the Ann Arbor Library has a large collection of books in languages other than English? We have books for both adults and children, including many bilingual books for children. Whether you are a native speaker of these languages or just learning them, we have plenty of international language books to fit your needs.

We have

Spanish books
Chinese books
Korean books
Arabic books
French books
Japanese books
Russian books
Hebrew books
Farsi/Persian books
Polish books
Urdu books
Italian books

2nd Tuesday – Meet Julie Orringer @ Mallets Creek Wed., March 21, 7 pm

Hear Julie Orringer read from her short story collection, How to Breathe Underwater, a New York Times Notable Book and the winner of the Northern California Book Award. Julie is the Helen Herzog Zell Visiting Professor at the University of Michigan.

Last Exile

Visit the mysterious world of Prester in the steampunk anime Last Exile. The warring nations of Prester somewhat resemble Victorian England, but their skies are filled with flying ships: giant airships and smaller, faster vanships. Claus (a pilot) and Lavie (a navigator) are freelance vanship couriers whose lives become unexpectedly complicated when they agree to complete a dying pilot’s last mission: the delivery of a young girl to the fabled airship Silvana.

Arcade Fire Returns

Montreal-based rock group Arcade Fire debuted with the big hit Funeral a few years back. Now Arcade Fire is back with the anticipated sophomore release Neon Bible. Neon Bible entered the Billboard 200 Chart at number 2. This was their best charting week ever. Will Neon Bible reach the popularity of Funeral?


Visit Crazy Wisdom Bookstore on Tuesday, March 20 to join in a drum circle led by Lori Fithian, a local drummer and drum teacher. A brief drum lesson starts at 6:45 PM, with drumming from 7-9 PM. Instruments are provided or bring your own. Kids and adults are welcome. Free.

After the Ides of March, how did the Romans celebrate?

NPR has an amusing article about how the Romans would have celebrated the death of Julius Cesaer after he was murdered by a mob of angry senators on March 15, 44 B.C. Robert Krulwich asks, instead of "99 Bottles of Wine on the Wall," would the senators have sung, "XCIX Bottles of Wine on the Wall, XCIX Bottles of Wine"? Check out the article to start your day with a chuckle.

A Man Named Luther

Did you know Martin Luther supported the seperation of church and state? Have you ever wondered what the 95 Theses were and how they influence Western Civilization? Would you be surprised that Martin Luther helped to introduce the Modern Era and end the Middle Ages? The Teaching Company produced a two-part lecture series called Luther: Gospel, Law, and Reformation. Part One covers Luther's early life and the beginning of his teachings Part Two goes deeper into Luther's writings, covering topics like Luther and the Bible and Luther and Politics.

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