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Scrib the Scribe -or- The Return of the Western

How many of you can name 5 westerns written for teens in the past five years? 3 westerns?? 1 western??? Finally, there is someone brave enough to tackle this genre for a teenage audience, and do a pretty darn good job at the same time. David Ives writes about Scrib, a 16-year-old boy who ran away from home to the Wild West in order to write letters for people who can’t do it themselves. Sound a little far-fetched? Just wait, as Scrib’s chosen occupation leads to him nearly getting killed, being jailed as a criminal, joining up with the notorious Crazy James Kincaid, and delivering a letter from President Abraham Lincoln to a Paiute Indian.

Super Folk!

Batman Begins, starring Christian Bale and Mrs. Cruise, is now available on DVD at the library. Could this be the best movie based off a comicbook ever made? Maybe, but here are some others that were pretty good too: Spider-man, Spider-man 2, The X-men, Hellboy, and The Crow. Of course, the best ever might be the man in blue tights, who'll return in 2006.

Eli Gets Jiggy

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AADL-GT: Ann Arbor District Library Game Tournaments

"Why, oh why", you ask, "would we shut down the library for a full day?"

The answer is simple. So Eli and Eric could throw down the gauntlet and finally find out who the real DDR champion is (I'm not gonna tell you.. you have to judge for yourself).

Of course, the victor got to sing his own praises, Karaoke-Revolution style, later.

Love Bites

It is hard to believe that I stayed up all night with a teen novel, a vampire one at that. Twilight (film rights to MTV) took hold almost immediately and I was furiously turning pages (498 of them) – riveted, spooked and delightedly hooked. The basic storyline is one of a pair of 17 year-old star-crossed lovers, except for one fabulous twist – Bella is a potential meal for Edward, who is a vampire.
I don’t want to give too much away here but you could read up on the reviews. When you have the book in hand, plan on an all-nighter. And don’t go looking for other novels by Stephanie Meyer, this is her first! Let's hope she is working on the next one.

Before you see Aeon Flux...

November is upon us and that can only mean that Hollywood will soon be rolling out its holiday lineup. Personally, I'm looking forward to the live-action version of Aeon Flux. Originally a series of animated short films created for MTV's Liquid Television, Aeon Flux tells the story of an extremely acrobatic female secret agent from a futuristic universe. Charlize Theron will play the title character in the film to be released in early December. We'll see if she can do justice to her animated counterpart. Meanwhile, if you want to take a look at other works by the original series creator, Korean American animator Peter Chung, check out Reign: The Conqueror and "Matriculated" in The Animatrix.

AADL-GT Round 3 Results

AADL-GT Pad Logo
AADL-GT: Ann Arbor District Library Game Tournaments

Round 3 is behind us, and with Round 4 fast approaching, at long last, here are the full results from the October tournament.

Round 3 began with Super Smash Brothers Single-player melee, with 80 competitors registered. With 3 qualifying matches per player, and our systems running smoothly, we had time for seeded 1v1 eliminations, which worked out quite well. In the semifinals, Round 1 Melee Champion [gtplayer:136] was bested by [gtplayer:355], season leader [gtplayer:143] was beaten by [gtplayer:427], [gtplayer:357] fell to emerging force [gtplayer:326], and [gtplayer:396] was beaten by his own big brother, the right honourable [gtplayer:325]. The final match was a vicious 4-player melee, with [gtplayer:325] again proving his Melee Mastery, [gtplayer:326] taking second, [gtplayer:427] taking third, and [gtplayer:355] finishing fourth.

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Is Wal-Mart Good For America?

Today on Talk of the Nation guests discussed Wal-Mart's recent efforts to improve its public image in the wake of criticism over treatment of workers and an apparently scathing new documentary titled Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price (on order). While you're waiting for the new DVD, you may want to try the 2004 PBS Frontline title Is Wal-mart Good for America?, left.

Pride and Prejudice

Also coming soon, another adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, this time starring Keira Knightley. Surprisingly, this is only the second big screen version of the novel by Jane Austen (the first being the 1940 Hollywood classic starring Greer Garson and Laurence Olivier), but the Library owns both the 1985 BBC version and the wildly popular 1995 BBC miniseries, left, starring Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth. P&P was also the source for the 2004 Bollywood musical Bride and Prejudice.


According to Variety, Jarhead, Hollywood's take on the United States' initial offensive against the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein doesn't come close to David O. Russell's Three Kings. The book, however, written by Anthony Swofford in 2003, is "a witty, profane, down-in-the-sand account of the war" and "a worthy addition to the battlefield memoir genre." (Publisher's Weekly).

Calling All Graphic Novel Fans

Graphic Novel fans, mark your calendars for November 6th, to hear Kurt Hassler talk about GRAPHIC NOVELS. Who is Kurt Hassler? He the major selector of graphic novels for Borders bookstores across the country. Kurt will share his new top pics and also classic authors, artists, and titles that shouldn't be missed. Come ready to talk about your faves! Sunday, November 6th, 2:00-3:30 pm @MC, Grades 6-12.

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