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Animanga Club: Furuba Reunion

Fruits Basket: Tohru Freaks
Tohru Freaking Out. Nuff said.

Read Fruits Basket books 10, 11 and 12, then come to the Animanga Club and meet other Furuba fans!

Tuesday April 4th, 7pm at Malletts Creek

New UPDATE: Book 13 is now out, and I have a copy for you.. ^_^
We will be having Japanese treats (and brownies) and we'll show a surprise episode of Fruits Basket.
BIG QUESTION: What days of the week/times are best for Animanga Club during the Summer Months?? Please let me know ASAP.

Dance Dance Revolution at the Neutral Zone

What new horror is this?!

There is a weekly program at the Neutal Zone to practice your DDR skills for the next AADL tournament. I've just been extremely slow in posting about it. Bad Librarian!

Wednesdays, 5:30-7:00pm at Neutral Zone - 637 S. Main - Ann Arbor, MI, 48104

Next DDR & Karaoke Revolution tournament: Saturday, April 15
12-3pm DDR, 3-5pm Karaoke
Prizes for each competition: $40, $30, $20

Fabulous Fiction Firsts #10

“The Grail legends are usually about men with swords and women getting rescued…. I want the women to have the swords…they get lots of sex, and they fall in love, but that’s not the point of the story… They are the heroes.” ~Kate Mosse.

From the cofounder of the prestigious Orange Prize, comes this heart-pounding literary thriller of two courageous and resourceful women, separated by 8 centuries, yet linked by 3 missing books, family history, deadly secrets, and the Labyrinth.

Set in the Carcassonne region of southeast France and the result of 15 years of painstaking research, this debut novel will not disappoint – inevitably to be compared to The You-Know-What. (100,000 first run).

Happy Birthday, Alice Hoffman

Today, March 16, is the birthday of Alice Hoffman, author of more than twenty books and several screenplays. Her latest book for young teens, Aquamarine about a wise mermaid, has recently been made into a film. Hoffman's books are infused with magic so that sometimes it's dificult to tell the real from the unreal. Ghosts can be as important in the development of the story as the flesh and blood characters like in The River King and the moral concerns can be both contemporary and timeless.

The Zine

Anime Villain #2

All Systems Go!
This is the temporary place for all zine materials, namely reviews of Manga and Anime, as well as video games that have related material (why not?).

I'll start:
Bleach--The Manga(don't even know if its done yet), that Anime (71 episodes so far)
Basic storyline: Boy meets Shinigami(Soul Reapers, who kick the dead into the next level of existence), boy takes Shinigami's powers, boy fights monsters created by damaged souls (Hollows).
Best thing about the books: humor plus action= great entertainment. More informative than the anime.

Calling all teen girl writers!

Magazine editor Amy Goldwasser wants your writing for a collection of essays. She's looking for:

"...girls, age 13-18, who’d like to submit a piece of personal non-fiction for consideration ... Those are about the only guidelines — absolutely any subject matter (so far everything from a Christian acoustic guitar player on the importance of dressing modestly to an obsessive diatribe against Condi Rice to making out with a gay prom date to learning to cook to a parent’s drinking), any geography (great to get away from LA-NY), any length, and from writers of any race, class, etc. If she’s more comfortable, the writer can remain anonymous — as long as she gives me her age, location, and a promise that she’s not making s[tuff] up. They can be important or fun, about shopping or stealing, whatever."

Visit the Freakonomics blog for more information. Submissions and correspondence should go to with “my essay” in the subject line. The deadline is Friday, April 7. Good luck!

History Bits - 19th Century Libya

At the end of the nineteenth century in Libya, eleven-year-old Malika simultaneously enjoys and feels constricted by the narrow world of women. This slim piece of historical fiction draws a picture of Malika's daily Muslim life, which includes generous and understanding parents, well-drawn family and cultural roles, and a compelling story to keep the pages turning. Shadows Of Ghadames is a timeless glimpse into a traditional Muslim village.

Hoop Dreams. . .Who Will be Chosen by Bobby Knight?

To better understand what makes Coach Knight tick, you may want to check out, Knight : My Story or the book by Steve Alford, Playing for Knight : My Six Seasons With Coach Knight. It's probably already decided as to who fits the current profile of that one needed player on Texas Tech anyway. If you're inspired to get ahead of the fitness game and start conditioning now, these titles might give you a jump start:
Bigger, Faster, Stronger by Greg Shepard
Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook
Complete Conditioning for Basketball 50 Court Drills for Players by Greg Brittenham

Are you ready for the "Big Ten?"

With the Big Ten Men's Basketball Tournament coming up, get inspired by the following 2 books and expanded dvd.

Transition Game by L.Jon Wertheim, writer for Sports Illustrated, is the story of Wertheim's return to his alma mater, Bloomington North High School where he witnesses the transformation of the game from crisp cuts and mid-range shooting to the hip-hop high flying style of the current NBA. He takes off from this example to examine changes in basketball nationwide. To underline the bittersweet nature of success, he follows the fortunes of one Sudanese family whose sons get basketball scholarships. Also, check out a two disc collector's edition of the 1986 film, Hoosiers that includes footage of the Milan vs. Muncie 1954 Indiana High School championship game.

An American Story

National Public Radio's Story Corps seeks oral histories from ordinary folks "as a record of the way we live today--and how we got here." In the case of Blanca Alvarez this is very literally a story of how she got here. In the Story Corps interview with her daughter, Connie, Alvarez describes crossing the border from Mexico to the United States over thirty years ago and the jobs she held to support her family in those difficult early years.

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