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Zombies and Samurais....sort of

Rot and Ruin: Warrior Smart is a collection of the first five comics of the series Rot and Ruin, based on the novel of the same name by Jonathan Maberry. The story is a post-apocalyptic zombie thriller, and deals with the survivors of the zombie outbreak that happened prior to the start of the series.

The comics follow Benny Imura, a 15 year old boy, as well as his girlfriend Nix, his friend Chong, and a semi-feral girl named Lilah. One night, Benny and Nix see a jet fly overhead, something unseen since the outbreak started. So Benny and his friends decide to set out and find this jet, thinking that whoever built it must be working on putting the world back together. Having been trained by Benny's brother Tom in the ways of the samurai and sword fighting, the group prepares themselves to set foot outside their walled city and into the land of rot and ruin. While zombies are the first thing they encounter, the walking dead may not be the most terrifying thing beyond the city walls. On the run, the group comes across a farmstead village, protected from the zombies. Everything seems peaceful, and the people are happy and value hard work and children above all else. But not everything is as nice as it seems.

If you like Rot and Ruin, be sure to check out the novel series here, or any other of Jonathan Maberry's books.

MI Hidden Talent Tour

A statewide tour to inspire Michigan companies to hire workers with disabilities is coming to Ann Arbor on Sept 24, 2015. Michigan Lt. Governor Brian Calley and Michigan Supreme Court Justice Richard H. Bernstein will share stories about companies who found valuable workers who have a disability. As part of the MI Hidden Talent Tour, these state leaders, along with local organizations helping with this effort, will provide resources and answer questions for business leaders who want to explore this untapped pool of talent. The event takes place at Washtenaw Community College, Morris J. Lawrence Auditorium, 4800 East Huron River Dr., Ann Arbor, MI 48105. Welcome reception at 5:30 p.m.; program begins at 6:00 p.m. Please RSVP by registering here.

Barakamon- the best Manga about a calligrapher you'll ever read!

Seishuu Handa is handsome, young and also a master calligrapher. However he is also hotheaded when it comes to insults to his work. When he punches the director of a local gallery for calling his work unoriginal he is sent to a remote rural village to overcome his flaws. This is a great slice of life manga that was adapted into an anime in 2014.

One of the great things about this manga is the way that it was translated. Often you can miss the feel of the original Japanese because of the translations but in Barakamon the "sound effects" are in the original Japanese with a translation under them. This leads to getting a better feeling for what the original intent was based on the location of the words. It's a very different way to translate and one that I really appreciated.

It's Easy Being Green: A Sustainable Living Expo / Sunday, September 27, 12:30-5:30 PM

It's Easy Being Green is a day-long learning, local buying, and eating celebration of living a life that’s better for the planet and not so hard on the wallet. From supporting efforts to reduce your carbon footprint to learning homesteading skills for living a more hands-on, DIY life, It's Easy Being Green has you covered!

Join us on SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, from 12:30-5:30 PM. The library is open from 12:00-6:00PM. FREE Parking on Sundays too!

The Expo features:

A Keynote presentation, "Plants, Pollinators, and Why They Matter," plus 11 learning sessions on a variety of topics including bike commuting, rain & container gardening, permaculture, fermentation, and more.

Over 20 vendors selling upcycled, recycled, handmade wares including jewelry, clothes, bath products, artwork, wool and other fibers. Plus vendors selling mushroom growing kits, outdoor animal keeping supplies, fermented products, and shrubs (drinking vinegars). Vendors include The Brinery, McClary Brothers Drinking Vinegars, Ann Arbor Seed Company, Happy Fuzzy Yarn, Divine Iguana, Lead Head Glass, among others.

Opportunities to chat with representatives from area organizations such as Recycle Ann Arbor, Project Grow, Ann Arbor Backyard Beekeepers, Sic Transit, Natural Area Preservation, Slow Food Huron Valley, Agrarian Adventure, Leslie Science & Nature Center, Ecology Center, and other green neighbors.

Outdoor food vendors include The Shimmy Shack (vegetarian/vegan), and Mani Strada (the new venture from the Mani Osteria & Isalita purveyors).

Learning Sessions Schedule:


Keynote: Plants, Pollinators, and Why They Matter with Joseph Tychonievich, Greensparrow Gardens


Family Bike Commuting with Michael Firn of Sic Transit Cycles
Container Gardening with Growing Hope


Rain Gardens with Jesse Tack of Abundant MI Permaculture and Whole Culture Repair
Mending Workshop with Karen LePage of Gentle Clothing
Bee Keeping with Jamie Berlin of Ypsi Melissa


Permaculture with the People’s Food Co-Op
Keeping Animals with Harnois Farms


Intro to Canning with Cynthia Hodges
Vermiculture with Starr Valley Farms
Fermentation 101 with The Brinery

Summer Game 2015 GAME OVER Gala!

Monday August 31, 2015: 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm -- Downtown Library Lobby
Let's take the Summer Game out with a bang with a building-wide scavenger hunt, badge coloring, a free photo-booth and light refreshments to commemorate the 2015 summer game! Check out the new digs at the Downtown library and get a chance to meet other summer game players!

Need a Picture ID?

If you've been asked for a picture ID and unable to produce it, you may likely be able to get a Washtenaw County ID Card. Applicants must appear in person at the Washtenaw County Vital Records Division. There are point values attributed to a broad range of documents that can serve as proof for applicants to get a picture ID card when they may have been unable to get ID in the past. The cost of the card is $25.00 and is for all ages. Check out the Washtenaw County ID Project on Facebook to find out about events to promote the ID card. Community members are encouraged to get a card in an effort to destigmatize it for those who have no other identification card options. Head on down to the Clerk's office in room 120 to look for a special CODE and earn a badge, too!

Nonfiction doesn't mean non-interesting Maya van Wagenen's Popular wins YASLA's award for excellence in nonfiction!

Maya was not your traditional 8th grade student, and not because she made a six figure book deal out of her memoir of the 8th grade. No Maya decided that she would adopt the styles of the 50's and wear them to school regardless of what her friends and fellow school goers thought about it. She used a 1950's popularity guide by Betty Cornell and for the rest of the year she followed what it said. What she found out was... well I won't spoil it for you! Read and find out for yourself!

This book is great and wonderfully put together. Sometimes when you're reading it you forget for just a moment that the person was only 15 when the book was published! So check out Popular : a memoir : vintage wisdom for a modern geek and find out why it won the award for yourself.

Congratulations to all of the WINNERS at the 10th Annual LEGO Contest! 2015 is the summer of LEGO Awesome!

Summer 2015 has been the summer of LEGO in all of its interlocking awesomeness and the highlight of EVERY summer, the annual LEGO contest, has come and gone and now it’s time to celebrate! This year we had 200 entries in 6 age categories:

Preschool, Grades K-2, Grades 3-5, Grades 6-8, Grades 9-12 and Adults!

We gave out 24 LEGO trophies, 72 medals and over $500 in gift cards to the winners! As always the house was packed and about 600 people attended to vote of their favorites, see all the projects and experience the Award Ceremony!

Congratulations to the winners in our 10th Annual LEGO Contest!

Crossover Graphic Novels good for young and old -August edition

There's nothing quite like sitting down with a good graphic novel. The mix of art and word can create a unique experience and there is nothing better than being able to share that experience with others. There are some graphic novels that are so great that it doesn't matter how old you are you can enjoy them. Here's this months crossover (good for all ages) graphic novels.
Mouse Guard is a story of the Mouse Guard of a world filled with sentient creatures, creatures who think like we do! It follows the exciting adventures of these protectors. If you loved the Redwall series you will love this series and if you love the idea of mice fighting weasels and otters and all manner of other creatures this is the series for you.

Darkwing Duck I loved Ducktales growing up and when they made Darkwing Duck into a comic they really brought the two series closer together. If you love daring adventures and mysteries with a masked crusader then Darkwing Duck is for you. If you loved Ducktales then Darkwing Duck is for you. If you just like ducks, then I'm sure this series has something to offer you

Amulet is huge, and gaining popularity (it's even currently optioned for being made into a film!!) but this graphic novel series is not just for children. The story has some serious depth to it and the art is beautiful. There is more than enough in this series to keep anyone interested for every volume that is out (and all the ones that will be released!)

Stay tuned for more awesome graphic novels and books in the AADL blog!

The Carnival At Bray

A 2015 Printz Honor Award winner, the teen novel The Carnival At Bray is Jessie Ann Foley’s first novel, and it’s beautifully written.

It’s 1993 and grunge, flannel, Doc Martens, and the music of Nirvana swirl through the air like sweat during a mosh pit at a Smashing Pumpkin's show. 16 year old Maggie Lynch moves from Chicago to Ireland with her family, thanks to her serial dating mother’s new relationship. Maggie initially survives on care packages of Twizzlers and Spin magazines from her young rocker uncle whom she cares for the most. Her time is spent missing her uncle, dealing with a new school, hanging out at the carnival, trying to make friends, and finding a boy for a first kiss. But eventually there are larger things to deal with.

It’s a book of love and loss. Of first love, learning to be who you are, figuring out how you fit into your dysfunctional family, and ultimately learning that life was meant to be lived.

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