KinderConcert’s Back!

The little ones love to move to the beautiful piano music of Kathryn Goodson, who joins Gari Stein for a story and creative movement a few times a year when the AADL partners with the A2SO. This Friday, at 9:30 am and 10:30 am, we’ll have a special treat because the talented Arie Lipsky will be here to talk “conducting” with the very young. What fun!

Looking For a Bedtime Story?

If you are in search of a good bedtime story with a thoughtful message and dreamy illustrations, be sure to check out Go to Sleep, Gecko! A Balinese Folktale by Margaret Read MacDonald. This twist on a traditional Balinese tale tells of Gecko and how the fireflies outside his window keep him awake with their blinking. When this grumpy gecko goes to complain to the the head of the village, Elephant, he sets off a chain reaction that teaches him a lesson about the natural cycle of life. The humor in this tale (including buffalo poop!) will appeal to the young listener, and the luminescent night scenes help make this an extra special read-aloud.

Roald Dahl at the Movies

Roald Dahl's Fantastic Mr. Fox is coming out in movie theaters November 25th. It tells the story of a clever fox who outwits his farmer neighbors to steal their chickens. George Clooney and Meryl Streep are the voices of Mr. and Mrs. Fox and the cast also includes Bill Murray, Willem Defoe, and Owen Wilson.

While you're waiting for the movie to hit theaters, why not check out the film version of one of Dahl's other books, such as the classic Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory from 1971, starring Gene Wilder, or the newer Charlie and the Chocolate Factory from 2005, starring Johnny Depp and directed by Tim Burton. The library also has the movie versions of Dahl's James and the Giant Peach, which was also directed by Tim Burton, The Witches, which features the voice of Anjelica Huston, and Matilda, which stars Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman. All Dahl's books and the movies based on them have a creepy side to them that is great if you are wishing Halloween hadn't come and gone so quickly!

You can learn more about Roald Dahl on his website.

Shadow Puppets!

Join Carrie Elizabeth Morris for an unusual and entertaining shadow puppet experience for the whole family this Friday evening at 7:00 pm at the Downtown Library. Weather Channels incorporates video, shadows, narration and fun for Kindergarten and up! Carrie will invite the audience for a behind-the-screen demo of how she weaves her spell.

Brainfuse: For You to Use

bf logobf logo

AADL's access to on-line LIVE tutoring is SWEET! The first page is oh-so simple to navigate. It's available from 2 pm-11 pm EVERY DAY of the week from your home computer & 2 PM till closing time at AADL branches. Use your Account Log in to access the service. Core subject tutoring is offered for grades 3-12 and there's help for adult learners, too. There's also a writing lab & a 24/7 Help portal. Brush up on your subjects before mid-terms or other pesky tests! It's fast, secure & FUN!

Halloween Party

You will never see a cuter bunch of witches, ghosts, black cats, and other outrageous costumed creatures than at the Downtown Ann Arbor District Library on Friday, October 30th for storytimes at 9:30 and 10:30 am. After storytime head to Main Street for Trick-or-Treat heaven!

I Don't Explain My Head

Perhaps one of Shel Silverstein's most well-known and loved books, The Giving Tree (which we have in Chinese, French, and Spanish) continues to delight children new to its pages. It is the story of a tree that gives and gives to a little boy, even when it seems there is nothing left to give. Here, an animated version of the book read by the charismatic Silverstein himself, about ten years after publication.

One of my favorite books of all time, with a message that might be more relevant to adults than children, is Silverstein's The Missing Piece, which is the story of a circle trying to find a shape that matches his triangle-shaped void. Turns out it is not as easy as finding a triangle-shaped stranger.

missing piecemissing piece

And for an interesting tidbit from Shel Silverstein the man...
From a 1965 interview:

Question: "Do you shave your head for effect or to be different, or to strike back at the long-haired styles of today?"

Shel: "I don't explain my head." treegiving tree

Fifth Avenue Fun!

You will meet the most colorful tree and a spunky girl on a magical journey at next week’s autumn storytimes on Tuesday 10 am and Wednesday 11 am at the Downtown Library.

Fifth Avenue Fun!

If ladybug had her way, she would never raise a wing to fly, she is just that lazy! One sneeze from enormous elephant changes all that. Everything is upside down and topsy turvy at next week’s storytimes on Tuesday 10 am and Wednesday 11 am at the Downtown Library.

Fifth Avenue Fun!

A sweet, patient doggie and a tough, enormous Vingananee are the furry figures that star at the Tuesday 10 am and Wednesday 11 am storytimes at the Downtown Library next week.

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