PreK Bits - Mice R Nice

In Preschool Storytime, Ms. Rachel told stories of “The Mouse And The Wind” and “The Journey”, two stories from Mouse Tales by Arnold Lobel.
We sang Uh-Oh! and presented rhymes from I Made a Mistake by Miriam Nerlove. This title is no longer in print, but you can read a STORY SHELF copy in the DownTown Youth Department. You may borrow a copy through MelCat, aka interlibrary loan, an extension of AADL services.

If you would like to meet more famous mice, read these books:
Anatole a French mouse who wishes to earn an honest living as a cheese-taster.
Angelina Ballerina a mouse who wants to be a ballerina.
Doctor DeSoto the mouse dentist who agrees to work on Fox’s bad tooth.
Mitt The Michigan Mouse, the first book in a series by Kathy-Jo Wargin. The stories of Mitt & Minn are easy chapter books that make nice read alouds for families with younger listeners.


The Downtown Library will be filled with the tiniest and most colorful trick-or-treaters
you have ever seen on Friday, October 29th for the 9:30 am and 10:30 am Halloween storytimes. After stories and songs we’ll give out bags and candy to kickoff the Main Street Treat Parade which begins at 11:00 am. To get in trickster mode, check out two brand new treats, Hallowilloween and AlphaOoops! H is for Halloween.

First Come the Zebra by Lynne Barasch

Animals share the grasslands but the Maasai and the Kikuyu people of Kenya do not. Two boys from rival tribes find a common reason to get along and forge a friendship that they hope will lead their tribes to coexist in Lynne Barasch’s First Come the Zebra.

Hoist up the John B’s Sail

Sloop John B: A Pirate’s Tale, by Alan Jardine is a kid friendly book adaptation of the Beach Boys’ song “Sloop John B,” from the classic Pet Sounds album. The picture book is written by an original Beach Boy member, and features a young boy and his grandfather on a pirate’s adventure. Read the wonderfully illustrated book, listen to the new song version on the CD that comes with it, and get in a pirate mood.

Pirates and Princesses

Join Cap’N Sam and her scurvy first mate on October 17th at the Downtown Library at 1:00 pm for all kinds of Pirate and Princess crafts. Learn about the A2 Treasure Hunt, make a pirate ship, a crown, and treasure map or dastardly pirate hat! ARRRGH!

Back of the Bus by Aaron Reynolds

An uplifting and poignant story told from the point of view of little boy who rode the bus with Rosa Parks on that fateful day in December 1955. Floyd Cooper captures the turmoil of the time with his illustration of the boy rolling his marble along the groves of the floor to the front of the bus as the motion of the bus rolls it back.

Kid Bits - NEW music on CD

Just discovered ! New favorites in children's music on CD !!
What makes a favorite for Me?
1. Classic songs updated with new verses, lyrics, or improved outcomes as in, "Three White Mice" from "Three Blind Mice".
2. New lyrics to old music, otherwise called "piggy-back" songs as in "My Lollipop" from "One Bottle of Pop".
3. Interestingly fresh and "above average" voices and composition as in All the songs.
4. Songs skillfully rendered in harmony, rounds and canons.
5. The music lends itself to early learning and active participation because you wish to learn the songs, and sing & dance along, again & again.
My top favorite is:
Fabulous Food with cheers, chants, tongue-twister refrains, and fun! My personal fave is the cheer "GO Bananas! GO! GO! Bananas!" =)
Other themed titles by the same producers are as follows:
Critters and Company with songs to include many types of animals.
Me, My Family and Friends and Honk, Honk, Rattle, rattle.

PreK Bits - Don't forget your Sweater

Alfie Runs Away in Ms. Rachel's Storytime today. Mother suggests, "Don't forget your sweater ..." and other practical advice.
In the story We Were Tired of Living in a House the children "pack sweaters and hats and socks and a ball of string ..." and try out a number of other places to live.
You can read about more "runaways" in the following titles:
Runaway Bunny, a classic by Margaret Wise Brown, who also wrote the classic Good Night Moon.
Pfister Farnello runs away from his bath and becomes Dirt Boy ... until he meets Dirt Man.
Vera Runs Away when she feels unappreciated in the family.
The Caboose who Got Loose by Bill Peet, tells the story of a caboose who is tired of following the train.
Anyway ... Don't runaway until you've read these stories. Then pack the peanut butter and bring a sweater, in case you get hungry and chilly.

Henry Aaron’s Dream by Matt Tavares

Henry Aaron wanted to be a Major League Baseball player. No Negro ever played in the Major League before. He did not own a bat. He did not own a ball. The odds were completely against him. When Jackie Robinson became the first Negro ball player to enter the Major Leagues, Henry Aaron knew he would one day play for them too. Matt Tavares tells the story of Henry “Hank” Aaron in clear concise language. Tavares’s illustrations capture the triumph of Henry Aaron’s determination and achievement in Henry Aaron's Dream.

Peaceful Heroes by Jonah Winter

What do Jesus of Nazareth, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Abdul Ghaffar Khan and Aung San Suu Kyi have in common? They all believed that peace was the answer to injustice. The lives of these Peaceful Heroes and several others are presented in this engaging and informative book by Jonah Winter, written in simple language that can be read aloud to young children.

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