Sojourner Truth’s Step-Stomp Stride by Andrea Davis Pinkney & Brian Pinkney

The story of Sourjourner Truth’s courage and quest for freedom is told in this book by Andrea Davis Pinkney. Told as if it was a sermon before a congregation Pinkney splatters colorful language to emphasize the power of this amazing woman. The end of he book culminates with the famous speech given by Sojourner Truth at a women’s rights convention in Akron, Ohio “Ain’t I a Woman.”

Take a nature walk at Wurster Nature Area

Wurster Nature AreaWurster Nature Area

Join Natural Area Preservation staff for a free nature walk through Wurster Nature Area. A staff naturalist will point out wildflowers, trees, and shrubs and talk about ecological restoration, as well as volunteer activities in Ann Arbor Parks, recreation opportunities, and responsible use of public lands. Plenty of time will be available for questions. Meet at the Edgewood Place cul-de-sac just off of West Davis Avenue. Parking available on the outer ring of the cul-de-sac.

Wurster Nature Area Hike | Thursday, July 15 | 7:00-8:00 PM | All Ages

The Listeners: Tales of Young Americans by Gloria Whelan

A slave child did not finish working when the sun set. There was another special job to do. Listen. They listened at the door or window of the slave owner’s home for information about what was happening in the world and to find out who will be sold. Award winning author, Gloria Whelan tells the story from the point of view of young slave girl Ella May. The book tends to treat the topic of slavery a little too lightly and leaves the reader wondering if the book is finished at the end.

Calling all Little Pooch Lovers!

Meet Colby the service dog and hear fun doggie tales and songs, at the Downtown Library for Catchy Canine Tales on Thursday, July 8 at 10 am. Colby and her wonderful partner Mary Roderique have served this community for almost six years and Colby is even the mascot at 826michigan!

Free Bowling for Kids & Families


How often do you get to go bowling when the Kids Bowl Free? You and your kids can take advantage of this offer throughout the summer! Lots of bowling lanes across the state are participating, including Ypsi-Arbor Bowling, Bel Mark Lanes and Colonial Lanes. Need more info? This link will explain it all. Before you go, brush up on your skills by watching this DVD! Personally, I like to use bumpers when I bowl...

Who Will I be Lord? By Vaunda Micheaux Nelson

A little girl wonders who she will grow up to be after thinking about each one of the special people in her family. She recounts the struggles and accomplishments of each member of her family and sees what makes each one special. Vauna Micheaux Nelson writes a heartwarming book of wonder in Who Will I Be, Lord?

It's Contest Time @ the Library! Lego & Photo Contest Guidelines!


If it's summer it must be time for our annual contests! This year is our 5th annual Lego Contest & we're inviting ADULTS in on the fun!! We're also pleased to announce our Make It Happen in Ann Arbor Photo Contest! Use your leisurely summer time to focus your creativity and take a chance on winning! In order to enter either contest participants must read and follow the rules and guidelines.

Children, teens and adults are invited to enter the 5th Annual Lego Contest & the Make It Happen Photo Contest. Winners of both contests will receive gift cards to Target. Once again the Lego contest will take place at Weber's Inn (3050 Jackson Ave) on Thursday, August 5. The Make It Happen Photo Contest Award's Ceremony will be on Wednesday, July 28 @ the Downtown Library. For complete rules & submission guidelines for the Lego contest click here. For the Make It Happen photo contest rules & guidelines click here.

Construction Junction at the Downtown Library

There's plenty of construction action at the Downtown Library this summer. If you can make it into storytime, on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, we'll head to the fourth floor after stories for a peek at the big dig from way up high!

Slavery Real People and Their Story of Enslavement by Reg Grant

The story of slavery from ancient times to present is covered in Slavery Real People and Their Story of Enslavement by Reg Grant. The history of African peoples who were enslaved by the Europeans are covered in great detail. However, a biased view is presented by noting the number of Christians that were enslaved by Muslims but not citing similar numbers of peoples who were enslaved by Christians. The colorful illustrations add to the text which are written as sidebars and captions.

Billy Jonas at the Ark!

Back by popular demand, the outrageous industrial re-percussionist Billy Jonas will kick off our exciting Make it Happen Summer Reading program at The Ark on Wednesday, June 23. Doors will open at 6:30 for summer reading sign-up and then Billy will rock the house at 7 pm. We can’t wait to see everyone there!

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