Meet Colby, the Service Dog

Join us for doggie tails and tales on Wednesday, March 2nd at 11 am in the Downtown Library Youth Story Corner. Our friend, Mary Roderique, who is a dog expert, teacher, literary advocate and mom extraordinaire, will bring the awesome Colby, the service dog. Colby loves to hear stories and get strokes from all the listeners!

Ruth and the Green Book by Calvin Alexander Ramsey

Ruth and her family are on their way to Alabama to her grandmother's house. They stop for gas and are told they are not allowed to use the bathrooms because of Jim Crow. They stop at a hotel and told they are not allowed to sleep there because of Jim Crow. Then they learn about a special book called The Green Book. This book lists hotels, restaurants and gas stations that welcome black travelers. Ruth and The Green Book by Calvin Alexander Ramsey captivates readers. Floyd Cooper's oil illustrations give the book a distinct feel of time and place.

Library Lover's Collage

I’m going to celebrate The Very Hungry Caterpillar and When You Reach Me by creating some art at the Library Lovers Book Collage on February 23 at 2 pm at the Downtown Library. The only thing these two books have in common is that they are favorites of mine. We’ll have all kinds of stamps, stickers and other fun items to help you honor your favorite read.

Library Lovers Book Collage | February 23 | 2 pm | Downtown Library Multi-Purpose Room

Hands On Learning

Make a splash at the Water Creatures workshop on February 19th at Malletts Creek at 10 am and Pittsfield at 2:00 pm. This is a great opportunity to explore, with the UM Exhibit Museum of Natural History, the way water affects our life and the lives of all types of fascinating organisms! While your at it, check out Hotel Deep for poems about the watery world below.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s I Have a Dream Speech in Translation: What It Really Means by Leslie J. Holland

One of the most famous speeches in American history is explained to children in this fun and informational book. Complete with a glossary, historical facts and photos, this book is an excellent resource for children and adults who want to know more about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Joe Reilly, Environmental Songs for Kids of All Ages

Join Joe on February 19 at 10 am at Pittsfield for a musical program that invites people of all ages to deepen their relationship with their natural environment. Joe has an important message to share but his rhythmic melodies and creative lyrics about ecology are pure entertainment for the Kindergarten and up crowd and they will get the whole family moving!Joe Reilly, Environmental Songs for Kids of All AgesJoe Reilly, Environmental Songs for Kids of All Ages

Let's Make Some Valentines!

Let's Make Some Valentines!Let's Make Some Valentines!

Valentines that are made with love and sticky little hands are always nicer than the store-bought kind. Bring your kids to the Pittsfield Branch on Saturday, February 12 at 1:00 p.m. We'll be making Valentines of all kinds. Think of all those grandparents, aunts, uncles and special neighbors who would like Valentines. Bring your imaginations, we'll provide all the supplies. For kids preschool - Grade 5.

For some Valentine craft ideas, click here. Check out this website for some good ideas for family Valentine activities.

Make a Valentine! | Saturday, February 12 | 1-2pm | PIttsfield Branch

Fun With Bugs!

During these cold winter months, that young insect enthusiast in your family may be craving the sight of those creepy, crawly bugs. Never fear! The library has many great ideas to keep that curiosity alive and, well, buzzing!

Lakeshore Learning Material's Giant Bug Collection is a new addition to our line-up of fun and educational toys for children's use during their visit to the Ann Arbor District Library. Enjoy some hands-on fun with these over-sized beetles, grasshoppers, ants, scorpion, and tarantula!

There are many ways to explore the insect world at home with books, movies, music, and websites:

Time to Pray by Maha Addasi

Maha Addasi elegantly weaves the story of a little girl visiting her grandmother in a country where the Adhan is heard in the streets. The grandmother takes Yasmin shopping for fabric to make a set of prayer clothes and buys her a prayer rug. She watches her Grandmother pray and wants to pray like her. When Yasmin has to go home, she does not want to leave her grandmother and hearing the call to prayer. A surprise gift left in her suitcase by her grandmother brings both her grandmother and prayer near to her. This is an endearing and well written story with both Arabic and English text. Geometric patterns are woven throughout the book giving it a feel of the Middle Eastern culture.

Pete the Cat

Meet Pete, a lovable, lanky, blue cat with a brand new pair of sneakers in Eric Litwin's Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes. Pete loves his new shoes and sings a song proclaiming this love. As Pete walks, he steps in a variety of colorful obstacles that change the color of his footwear. Pete is a mellow cat, unperturbed by his beloved sneakers changing colors. His song of love is repeated throughout the course of the book reflecting the current color of his shoes. The moral of Pete's story is to keep going no matter what the obstacle because as the cat says "it is all good."

"Pete the Cate" is a simple but fun color identification story. Toddlers will enjoy the recurring song and bright pictures while the pattern of the book allows older children to actively predict the future color of Pete's shoes. The book's colorful illustrations are humorous and lend to the mellow, hippie ideology of the story. If you enjoy the book and would like to see more of this mellow feline, Pete the Cat has been known to make appearances during Preschool Storytime at the Ann Arbor District Library.

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