2015 Eisner Award Winners!!!!!

This past weekend the 27th Eisner Awards were handed out, and it was quite a year with lots of artists and works getting multiple wins!

Lumberjanes (which if you've been following the blogs got a mention on here a few weeks ago) took home 2 awards; Best New Series and Best Publication for Teens (13-17)

Saga took home 2 awards as well; Best Continuing Series and Best Penciler/Inker for Fiona Staples

Little Nemo took home 4 awards. 1 for the Complete Little Nemo; Best Archival Collection/ Project. 1 for Little Nemo Return to Slumberland; Best Limited Series. 2 for the collection Little Nemo Dream Another Dream.

The Zoo Box won Best Publication for Early Readers up to 7 years.

Hip Hop Family Tree vol 2 won Best Reality-Based work.

This One Summer won Best Graphic Album- New.

Through the Woods won Best Graphic Album- Reprint

Blacksad: Amarillo won Best US Edition of International Material

Showa: A History of Japan 1939-1944 and Showa: A History of Japan 1944-1953 won Best US Edition of International Material- Asian

Gene Luen Yang won Best Writer

Crossover Graphic Novels: Great for multiple ages!

There is something to be said for a good graphic novel that appeals to more than just its target age range. It takes a combination of great artwork and great story to make a graphic novel rise out of the ranks of its fellow titles and stand the test, if not of time then at least of readability. The following are titles that are great, not just if you happen to be the "right" age but also if you don't fit into that particular age range.

Bone by Jeff Smith is a great (and somewhat epic) tale about 3 characters who have been cast out of their home of Boneville. The story starts with Phoney Bone, Fone Bone and Smiley Bone stuck in a desert, unsure of where to go next. This is where the adventure gets kicked off. They find themselves lost in a world that they didn't know existed and thrust into an adventure that they probably didn't want. The catalog says it's youth but this series can be enjoyed by anyone of any age!
For ease of finding them I'm listing the books in order here (with links to the catalog of course)

Vol 1 Out From Boneville
Vol 2 The Great Cow Race
Vol 3 Eyes of the Storm
Vol 4 The Dragonslayer
Vol 5 Rock Jaw Master of the Eastern Border
Vol 6 Old Man's Cave
Vol 7 Ghost Circles
Vol 8 Treasure Hunter's
Vol 9 Crown of Horns

The next graphic novel series that is great for young and old alike is based on a hit cartoon network show Adventure Time The stand alone graphic novels and the volumes can (for the most part) be read in any order so jump right in.
For those of you who are not familiar with the show Adventure Time follows Finn and Jake, the last human on Ooo (what earth is renamed after a catastrophic explosion) and his shape-shifting dog Jake. The stories themselves are easy to read and enjoy but that doesn't mean that the overarching story of the series is not interesting. The creators manage to weave a very complex story into the seemingly simple stories. This series is great for young and old alike!

Also as a special non-graphic novel bonus you should check out the super secret (OK not that secret) travel guide to Ooo for under 20 Snails a day Adventure Time Destination Ooo

Fabulous Fiction Firsts #539

Exquisite Corpse *, marks the first US release for Paris-born bestselling graphic novelist Pénélope Bagieu. This is the English translation of her Cadavre Exquis, originally published in French, and a prize-winner at the 2010 Angoulême International Comics Festival, the second largest comics festival in Europe.

Down-trodden twenty-something Zoe is a "booth babe", hawking luxury goods at trade shows by day and dreading the evenings with the unemployed Neanderthal of a boyfriend at home. On a lunch break, she meets Thomas Rocher, a recluse who happens to be a world-famous author, and soon becomes his girlfriend/muse. Everything is fabulous until Thomas' wife shows up, and that's just the first secrets that put into play an expected yet satisfying ending.

"(An) absorbing, fast-paced erotic literary drama... (this) funny and fresh exploration of authorship and a writer's relationship to fame is utterly charming."

An immensely fun and quick read.

* = starred review

Love at first byte: Image Comics Alex + Ada

The idea of human and robot relationships, and robotic sentience are nothing new. Some might say they are the oldest stories in the sci-fi book. Alex + Ada manages to capture the idea of robotic sentience and robotic relationships in a very different way.

The story follows Alex who is given a very expensive robot as a gift, but is uncomfortable with the pure obedience that Ada shows him. It brings up questions of free will and what it is to be alive.

This graphic novel is a more modern take on the robotics genre and anyone who enjoys a good tech story should enjoy the issues that this graphic novel brings up. If you've never read a robot story but like a nice romance then Alex + Ada fits that bill as well.

There is always the concern that robotic romances will be tacky rather than insightful but the creators of this graphic novel managed to make the story meaningful rather than cheesy.

Lumberjanes, the greatest scout group you wish you'd belonged to!

BOOM! studios has in the past few years has been on a roll with their new lines of comics and graphic novels, from licensed products such as Bravest Warriors to their own original comics such as The Woods. Lumberjanes is no exception to this trend.

So what is Lumberjanes about? It follows a group of girls at a summer camp, but this is no ordinary summer camp. From the very beginning of the story the graphic novel shows that something strange is afoot, with bear-ladies and foxes that disappear. Another really cool aspect of the graphic novel is that each section of the graphic novel (which was originally released as an individual comic)has an overarching theme based on one of the Lumberjane badges and so you can try and figure out what that badge is!

The series has been praised for its style and also for being a female led female written series.

The story is intriguing and will leave you asking "what's going on!?!?!" So if you love adventures, comics or even summer camps then this graphic novel is for you!!

and remember "beware the kitten holy"

Graphic novels that are great for young and old.

Crossover books are great, they offer something for the young, old and everyone in between and in graphic novels there seems to be a lot of these texts. I'm going to highlight just a couple of wonderful crossover graphic novels.

For teens and adults Neil Gaiman's Sandman is a great crossover graphic novel. Sandman follows a being named Morpheus or Dream who is one of the seven endless, entities who fulfill certain roles in reality. The 10 volume series (and subsequent prequels) deals with lots of great issues and the reader is invited to question preconceptions about the world within the graphic novel.

For children, teens and adults My Little Pony Friendship is Magic has really captured the imagination of people of all ages, the subculture that has grown up around it encompasses all genders, ages and nationalities. It follows a group of six ponies who are best friends and the adventures that they have. One of the reasons that it has become so wildly popular is because of how it deals with everyday life issues, plus it helps that they throw in lots of references to other pop-culture icons (such as Dr. Who or should I say Dr. Hooves).

The third crossover graphic novel(s) is great for teens and adults alike. Scott Chantler creates a fantasy world that is both fast and interesting in theThree Thieves series. If you are a fan of the fantasy graphic novel genre these books are worth reading!

IRL: In Real Life

In Real Life written by Cory Doctorow and illustrated by Jen Wang is a slice-of-life graphic novel for anyone who loves video games. It takes a look at Anda, a high school girl who gets involved in a massive-multiplayer online game called Coarsegold Online. She loves the game because it lets her be a warrior and a hero, fighting with her friends and slaying monsters. It's all battle and earning experience points until Anda meets a poor Chinese boy who plays a gold farmer in the game. This boy, along with many other Chinese kids, gathers valuable items in the game to sell to people for real money, a practice that is illegal in the game. Follow Anda as she struggles to come to terms with the fact that right and wrong isn't always clear, and as she tries to help her new friend get a better life from across the world.

If you're wanting more teen fiction written by Cory Doctorow, check out Little Brother and Homeland, or any of the other novels he's written here.

You can also check out Jen Wang's other book at the library, Koko Be Good, or any of her other books here.

If you go into the woods today you're in for a big suprise! James Tynion's 'The Woods" is a graphic novel you don't want to walk away from

James Tynion is no novice comic creator his work on Batman has given him some serious comic book cred. Now his first original comic, The Woods, is being serialized in graphic novel form by BOOM Studios.

So what is The Woods about? In October 2013 437 students 52 teachers, and 24 other staff from Bay Point Preparatory High School disappear, the school in its entirety is transported to an alien landscape. These students, teachers and staff must decide how they are going to survive, where they are and if anyone is coming to rescue them.Volume one: The Arrow contains the first 4 issues of the series and Volume Two: The Swarm contains issues 5-8.

New Marvel Graphic Novels @ AADL

For fans of comic books, graphic novels, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe this weekend is sure to delight. Avengers: Age of Ultron debuts at theaters nationwide this Friday and Saturday is Free Comic Book Day at local comic book shops across the country. Before immersing yourself in this weekend’s festivities, take a second to check out these new Marvel books at AADL -- because once Ultron is over and your free comics have been read, you’ll need something to fill the void.

Avengers & X-Men: AXIS: When the Red Skull hijacks the brain of Professor Charles Xavier he is transformed into the Red Onslaught and World War Hate begins. Personalities, allegiances, and motivations become skewed and twisted and the Marvel Universe looks like nothing you’ve seen before.

Frank Miller’s Daredevil & Daredevil Vols. 1 and 2: Within eleven days of its Netflix release, Daredevil became the company’s most-watched original series. AADL has recently added the first two volumes of Marvel NOW’s Daredevil, and a three-volume set written by Frank Miller (300, Batman: Year One, Sin City). Drop in and spend some time with the defender of Hell's Kitchen.

Silver Surfer: Marvel relaunched this title in early 2014 with writer Dan Slott (Superior Spider-man) and artist Mike Allred bringing the cosmic traveler vividly to life. Allred’s art is the main attraction here; Allred’s pop-art style fits perfectly with the characters and landscape.

Ms. Marvel Vol. 2: Keep up with Kamala Khan as she navigates being both a teen and a superhero. Super-cute, super-fun, super-Marvelous!

Boredom Busters to the Rescue!

Need something fun to do on spring break? Never fear, AADL has it covered with brand new youth nonfiction books!

Monstergami by David Mitchell gives even the most experienced origami artists a new challenge! Make the Fangster, a fierce dragon with pointy teeth; a Sky Sprite with feathered wings; or even a monster Totem with multiple stacked heads! Other new origami books include Folding Origami and Origami X: Paper Folding for Secret Agents.

Comics: Investigate the History and Technology of American Cartooning by Sam Carbaugh is perfect for fans of graphic novels and aspiring artists! Travel through the history of how comics started with ancient civilizations, design your own unique characters, and investigate various comic styles like manga and webcomics.

Totally Washi: More than 45 Super Cute Washi Tape Crafts for Kids by Ashley Ann Laz will inspire you to get decorating right away! Washi tape is patterned tape that is actually made of paper. Maybe you already knew that you could make beautiful cards and bracelets, but did you know that you can also make cool "feather" earrings, a color-coded keyboard, or temporary wallpaper? For more washi tape fun, check out the free Crafting with Washi Tape book from Cherry Lake Publishing!

Magic Mike's Miraculous Magic Tricks by Mike Lane will keep the boredom away this spring! Astound your friends and baffle your parents with these amazing illusions, including the Coin Flip, Floating on Air, The Chosen One, and Money Morph!

For even more spring break fun, check out all of the upcoming events for kids at AADL!

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