Ages 2-5.

Fairy Delight

You can feel the fairy buzz at the AADL fairy door in anticipation of our Halloween Party. The fairies are hoping to see Tinker Bells, Tooth Fairies and more! Join us at 10:30 am or 11:30 am for stories, songs and then head to Main Street for trick-or-treating!

Responsive Reading with Your Preschooler

When children are learning about books, keeping them actively involved is a good way for them to gain more from their time with you and their reading. One great way to do get them involved is with dialogic reading. Great for use with children just beginning to learn about books, this reading style encourages the child to be an active participant in the reading process, talking with the adult about what they are learning.

There are many ways to engage your child in the story, keeping both of you interested and allowing the child to talk about what they are seeing. Ask them what shapes, colors, and words they see or know. While reading, prompting them with questions is encouraged, as is responding to what the child is saying about the book. After asking a question, following up with more detail also helps the child to grow their understanding.

Dialogic reading helps the child to begin talking about their reading, an important process in improving vocabulary, understanding, and the ability to talk about what they read (oral language skills). It also teaches the child that reading can be a responsive, social activity.

Hot Youth DVDs

Have you been waiting to watch some of the newest youth DVD releases? Has your family been wanting to see Rio and other popular movies that were in theaters recently? Well, the AADL has some great new and popular youth DVDs! Stop in at the downtown youth department or at any of our branch locations to check out or put a hold on some of these awesome titles. Here are just a few of them:

Gnomeo & Juliet
The Chronicles of Narnia. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Check Out Some of Our New Youth DVDs!

Come take a peak at the some of the new and interesting Youth DVDs at the AADL! We are always getting fun and exciting movies for you and your family to check out. We have the new Sesame Street DVD, Sesame Street. Elmo's Travel Songs and Games, which would be great to watch with your kids before taking your summer vacation this year! We also have other Sesame Street DVDs like, Sesame Street. Elmo's Rainbow And Other Springtime Stories, Elmo's World. People In Your Neighborhood, Sesame Street. Silly Storytime, and Sesame Street. Bedtime With Elmo! Which one(s) will your family be checking out?


Are you 0 to 5 years old?
Are you making plans for your parents this weekend?
Bring them to the Dance at Traverwood on Sunday.
DANCING BABIES will be led by Aron Kaufman @ Traverwood Branch, June 12, 2011 from 1-1:40 pm.
Trot-out your toes, and kick-up your knees for the occasion!

DANCING Babies @ PITTSFIELD Sunday, April 17 1-1:40pm.

PITTSFIELD Branch Library will be the location for Dancing Babies on Sunday April 17, 1-1:40 pm.
Please note the location!
It is changed from the Winter/Spring JUMP! brochure.

PITTSFIELD Branch Library will be the location for Dancing Babies on Sunday April 17, 1-1:40 pm. Dianne Dudley, of First Steps Ann Arbor, will lead. This is a music and motion program for families with children under 5 years.

If you want to dance at home, pick some special recordings from the Library Catalog.
Then kick off your shoes!
Push back the coffee table!

Rings On Her Fingers and Bells On Her Toes

The last time we had Mother Goose to the library we had a big crowd of happy listeners for tiny tales and rhymes. Trudy Bulkley, a longtime favorite at Ann Arbor’s Kerrytown, will grace us with her gander in tow on Wednesday, March 8th at 10 am in the Downtown Youth Department Story Corner.

Meet Colby, the Service Dog

Join us for doggie tails and tales on Wednesday, March 2nd at 11 am in the Downtown Library Youth Story Corner. Our friend, Mary Roderique, who is a dog expert, teacher, literary advocate and mom extraordinaire, will bring the awesome Colby, the service dog. Colby loves to hear stories and get strokes from all the listeners!

Kid Bits - Snowy Days

Snow is here! And "snowy" books are all around.
Here ya go!
Snowy Day ... think footprints.
Katy And The Big Snow ... think snowplows.
The Mitten:an old Ukrainian folktale ... think warm and cozy.
All You Need For A Snowman ... better dress warm.
The Missing Mitten Mystery ... where can it be?
Then watch Stranger In The Woods, created by wildlife photographers Jean Stoick and Carl Sams II.
And many many more stories about winter.
Make your picks.

New Toys at AADL--Snap-Together Letter Blocks!

Introducing Snap-Together Letter Blocks: one of many new toys at the AADL this season! Who needs flash cards when tots can learn letters and spelling with fun, colorful letter blocks that snap together! Plus, each block features the uppercase and lowercase version of one letter—so they reinforce letter recognition, too! The blocks are at the youth department in the Downtown branch now, but they'll move to another AADL location soon! Come check out the blocks, and all our new toys!

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