Ages 5-11

Vergie Goes to School With Us Boys by Elizabeth Fitzgerald

Set in the Reconstruction era in Tennessee, Virgie Goes to School with Us Boys tells the story of a determined little girl and her desire to experience real freedom through education.

Kid Bits - A Porcine Wonder !

If you are a fan of delightful pig fiction, then discover the tales of Mercy Watson. Mercy is the favorite pig of Mr. and Mrs. Watson. Read her adventures in
Mercy Watson Goes For A Ride;
Mercy Watson To The Rescue;
Mercy Watson Fights Crime and Kate DiCamillo's newest addition to the series
Mercy Watson: Princess In Disguise. Kids can read these as a "first chapter book", or the family can enjoy them together. OINK with pleasure !

Madeleine L'Engle Brought Us Such Reading Pleasure

I remember being curled up in my "hiding place" 44 years ago and reading the first line, "It was a dark and stormy night". How many thousands of other children were turned upside down by Madeleine L'Engle's imagination and amazing literary skills? In her Newbery Award acceptance speech the author, who often claimed that children's literature is literature too difficult for adults to understand, said "A writer of fantasy, fairy tale or myth must inevitably discover that he is not writing out of his own knowledge or experience, but out of something both deeper and wider." That is why L'Engle, who wrote more than 60 books and died this week at the age of 88, will continue to enrich the lives of many young readers on a dark and stormy night.

Sweet Land of Liberty by Deborah Hopkinson

Oscar Chapman hated injustice as a child and decided that he would do whatever he could to fight it as an adult. When the Daughters of the American Revolution refused to let Marion Anderson sing at Howard Univeristy's Constitution Hall, Oscar Chapman and others came up with a plan. The result was one the largest concert crowds the U.S. Capital had ever seen as Marion Anderson sang America to thousands of people at the Lincoln Memorial.

History Bits - Birch Canoes

Birch bark canoes, longhouses, and the Potowatami Trail. Trust our library Dewy Decimal Numbers to carry you into Native American history by browsing collections around "970" (Europeans coming to the North American continent), "975" (Native American cultures), and "978" (Western Expansion).

Kid Bits - Baseball

Ah ... Baseball Season's coming to an end, but mighty Casey carries on. Ernest Lawrence Thayer's Classic Casey At The Bat sets the climate. Dan Gutman has created a sequel Casey Back At Bat.
"CAN Casey bring joy back to Mudville?"

Kid BITS - School's Coming !

... here comes Labor Day ... then comes SCHOOL!
NEW books help smooth the way, and anticipate Kindergarten. Kindergarten Countdown, Off To Kindergarten, and It's Time For School With Tallulah.

The Power of Sisterhood

Here’s a great new family read-aloud that will take you through the landscape of Hansel and Gretel, Rapunzel and other fairy tales while the spunky Eden sisters run into the woods, chased by ravenous wolves and the evil Dr. DeWilde, all the while clinging to the precious pipe given to them by their worthless mother on her deathbed.

More new Chinese kid's books

Here is a selection of more new Chinese books for children. There are many more that will be on the shelves at each branch in the youth department downtown and in the foreign language collection at the other branches. Questions, comments or suggestions, please contact

Picture books and books for younger children: 彩图儿歌/Cai tu er ge, mi yu, 沒有東西"送給你/The gift of nothing, 彩图寓言故事, 小皮斯凯的第一次旅行, 艾斯頓的石頭/Aston's Stones and 巴贝尔和他的孩子们/Babar and Family

Books with read along CDs: 动物摇滚乐 /Animal Rock 'n' Roll , 胆小的皮亚诺 /"Piano" the scarecrow and 小熊造船记 /Three bears build boats

New Chinese books for kids at all branches

The library will soon have many new children's books in Chinese on the shelves. The selection of books varies from branch to branch and can be found in the youth section at the downtown library and in the foreign language collection at the branches. The selection includes many original Chinese language works and works translated into Chinese from other languages. You can browse the shelf to look for new books or put a hold on books through the library catalog and have them delivered to the branch of your choice. Any qiestons, comments or suggestions, please contact
The selection includes
The popular Elmer the Elephant books, Elmer, Elmer in the Snow,Elmer and Wilbur, Elmer's Hide and Seek,Elmer and the Lost Teddy and Elmer Again

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