Ages 5-11

Bronzeville Boys and Girls by Gwendolyn Brooks

From the pleasure of tea parties to the fear of a thunder storm Pulitzer Prize Winner, Gwendolyn Brooks, captures the wonder, pain and joy of childhood in this collection of poems re-illustrated by Faith Ringgold.

Great Grandpa Could Not Have Imagined

What you can make with that thing he used to clean his pipe with! All kids five and up are invited to join us for Pipecleaner Fun when we make crawly critters and other outrageous creations at the Pittsfield Branch this Wednesday, June 20th at 4:00 p.m.

Tiger Tail Soup Anyone?

Find out why Tiger is so mad and Bear is so sad at the Downtown and Pittsfield “Safari” preschool storytimes this week.

KidBits - Virtual Museum Trips

A wonderful museum visit can be virtually found for the Children's Museum Of Indianapolis. Kids and Adults can FIGURE IT OUT by traveling the internet. Some day you may REALLY get there.

KidBits - Virtual Museum Trip

What a fun place to FIGURE IT OUT ! Visit the virtual site of The Museum of Unnatural Mystery and explore mysteries of the real world. You can visit and learn about the seven wonders of the world. Try "odd archeology", "cryptozoology" and uncover many, many sources of unusual information. Try "Science Over the Edge" and "Roundup Strange Science for the Month". Have fun on this explore !!

Manga Drawing Contest – Guidelines Released!


Fred Gallagher, author and creator of the webcomic Megatokyo and Jerzy Drozd, of mlatcomics judging your manga drawing – how cool is that?! All entries will be displayed in the Downtown Youth Department in August. Deliver completed drawings to any library information desk by closing on Monday, July 30. The Awards Ceremony is on Monday, August 6 @ 7:00 p.m. at the Downtown Library. Prizes will be awarded in four categories: Grades K-2, Grades 3-5, Grades 6-8 and Grades 9-12. For complete rules and guidelines click here.

Kid Bits - Picture Books with a Point-of-View

Like to Figure things out? In journalism, "What's your angle?" In picture books, "What's your point of view?" David Weisner tells the story of Flotsam through pictures only. His illustrations are as dramatic and involving as ever. Neil Curtis presents the story of Cat and Fish Go To See in highly detailed black and white engraving-style illustrations, reminiscent of Escher prints. Walter Wick adds Can You See What I See? Once Upon A Time to his "picture puzzles to search and solve" series that kids love to study. Each is a great "looking" book.

Storytime Fun

This week’s Downtown and Pittsfield storytimes will take you traveling around the pond and off to India and Timbuktu!

1st Annual Kid’s Art Fair

Youth in grades Kindergarten through 12th from Washtenaw County are invited to submit their artwork to be juried for the very first Kid’s Art Fair at the Townie Street Party on July 16.

Interested young artists should bring samples of their artwork to the Downtown Library Multi-Purpose Room on Saturday, June 16 between noon and 1 PM. Art jurors will score the work between 1 PM and 3 PM. Everyone is invited to watch the process.

Jurors will announce the young artists invited to exhibit their work at 4 PM. These artists will be allowed to sell their work at a booth at the Townie Street Party!

Check out the library's great art book collection to get some ideas!

Mr. Ferlinghetti’s Poem: Story and Woodcuts by David Frampton

David Frampton offers a colorful look into one of the poems of Lawrence Ferlinghetti. The woodcut illustrations bring the poem about a hot day in the city and Ferlinghetti’s imagination to life.

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