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Mentos FountainMentos Fountain

Get in on the action and try out some fun chemistry at EXPLODapalooza on Wednesday, August 15 at 2PM at the Malletts Creek Branch. Make your own Alka-Seltzer rocket and bask in the joy of a mentos fountain. It will be a glorious, exploding hour. Hope to see you there!

Program is for children in 4th grade and up. Please note that the program was incorrectly published as starting at 7 PM in a local publication.

Kid Bits - Share The Yiddish

Oy Vey! Kibbitzers and Fools: Tales My Zayda Told Me by Simms Taback is a very fun collection of brief tales, Yiddish sayings, and colorful illustrations. It's a very nice family shared read. Gey gezundt!

Culture Bits - Share The Princess

The PRINCESS And The PEA has been around for generations. Rachel Isadora has illustrated a brand new version of The Princess And The Pea and she tells the story using iconic African patterns and profiles. It is bee-yoo-tee-ful !!

Lookin' for Bird in the Big City by Robert Burleigh

Teenage Miles Davis takes his trumpet to the streets of New York to find Charlie Parker also known as Bird, in this fictional account of what it may have been like to play with, and learn from one of America’s best Jazz musicians.

Manga Drawing Contest Winners!


Our first annual Manga Drawing Contest Award Ceremony was last night @ 7:00 at the Downtown Library - I'm sorry you missed it! Over 70 kids and teens in grades K-12 entered the contest and ALL of their work is currently on display in the Downtown Youth Department and will be for the month of August - check it out! Our fabulous judges, Fred Gallagher and Jerzy Drozd had a daunting task - they spent HOURS last Saturday making their decisions and writing comments and feedback for each and every piece of artwork. Over 70 kids/teens/families/friends attended the award ceremony to hear WHO got Wizzywig gift certificates, the Olympic-worthy medals and more... Most importantly everyone got to meet and greet with Fred and Jerzy! And the winners are (click read more for the complete list):

Grades K-2:
1st Place/Duaa Aljirafi; 2nd Place/Runner-Up/Domonique Littlefield; 3rd place/Honorable Mention/Samuel Wasserman. Best Fan Art/Kristen Umbriac; Best Original Character/Sophia Cho.

Grades 3-5:
1st Place/Agnes Cho; 2nd Place/Runner-Up/Samantha Linn; 3rd Place/Honorable Mention/Bernadette Lamb. Best Fan Art/Lillian Xie; Best Original Character/Charlotte Cardon.

Grades 6-8:
1st Place/Lena Ji; 2nd Place/Runner-Up/Kylah Thompson; 3rd Place/Honorable Mention/Kyle Mink. Best Comic Strip/Andrew Hacott; Best Fan Art/Emily Ji; Best Original Character/Jessica Maronen.

Grades 9-12:
1st Place/Xin Gu; 2nd Place/Runner-Up/TIE/Brittany Adams and Donovan Adams (not related); 3rd Place/Honorable Mention/Michelle Lin. Best Comic Strip/Stephanie Mannheim; Best Fan Art/Desha Stewart; Best Original Character/Kaitlin Casternino.

Highly Contagious Science

All children age 5 and up are invited to join us on August 7th at the Pittsfield Branch at 10:00 am or the Malletts Creek Branch at 1:00 pm to explore the science of sound with water balloons, slinkies, space phones and whoopee cushions. Marcey Walsh will have the kids learning about vibration, air molecules and pitch while laughing all the way!

Este es mi Mexico

Mexico FlagMexico Flag

Children between 7 and 11 years old, related to Mexico, are asked to participate in the 11th Children’s Drawing Contest 2007. The purpose of the contest is to motivate children from all over the world to express what Mexico means to them. Submit a 12 x 12 size painting or drawing by August 24 to your nearest Mexican Embassy or Consulate.

Show in your drawing whatever your imagination says about Mexico:
· What you know about Mexico?
· What have your parents, grandparents or friends told you about Mexico?
· Why are you proud to be Mexican?
· What you know about its heroes, culture, art, architecture…..?

Follow the guidelines link for further information or visit the Intituto de los Mexicanos en el Exterior website.

More new Spanish children's books at the library!

There are new children's books in Spanish in the foreign language collection at the library. There are new books at every branch and the selection varies. Take the time to browse the shelves at each branch and look for the new stickers on books. Any questions, comments or suggestions, please e-mail

Apártate de Mississipi! por Cornelia Funke
By the popular German author of Inkheart and Dragon Rider
Matias y los imposibles
A children's book by Peruvian author and winner of the 2006 Alfaguara Prize, Santiago Roncagliolo.
El cartero que se convirtió en carta
See the results as the village postman tells a friendly witch how envious he is of the letters he carries as they can travel and he cannot.
Clifford: Huevos de pascua
A Spanish translation of Clifford and the Big Egg Hunt. More Clifford books in Spanish coming soon.

Stories to make you hungry!

Storytime this week is all about food. Come see how the Mighty Asparagus causes a whole heap of trouble, and join us for our final round for the summer of "Knees Up Mother Brown."

Kid Bits - Fearful of Fifth Grade

The Liberation Of Gabriel King is a positive-attitude story of coping with childhood fear.
The main story .... Gabriel and Frita will "fly up" to 5th grade in the fall and they both have their own list of fears. The good thing is they are very good friends, and have very supportive parents, to help them prepare. Together they devise a way to build courage over the summer of 1976.
The historical backdrop ... America's Bicentennial, and black-white racial tensions.
This book, was a Michael L. Printz honor winner.

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