Ages 5-11

Kid Bits - Picture Books with a Point-of-View

Like to Figure things out? In journalism, "What's your angle?" In picture books, "What's your point of view?" David Weisner tells the story of Flotsam through pictures only. His illustrations are as dramatic and involving as ever. Neil Curtis presents the story of Cat and Fish Go To See in highly detailed black and white engraving-style illustrations, reminiscent of Escher prints. Walter Wick adds Can You See What I See? Once Upon A Time to his "picture puzzles to search and solve" series that kids love to study. Each is a great "looking" book.

Storytime Fun

This week’s Downtown and Pittsfield storytimes will take you traveling around the pond and off to India and Timbuktu!

1st Annual Kid’s Art Fair

Youth in grades Kindergarten through 12th from Washtenaw County are invited to submit their artwork to be juried for the very first Kid’s Art Fair at the Townie Street Party on July 16.

Interested young artists should bring samples of their artwork to the Downtown Library Multi-Purpose Room on Saturday, June 16 between noon and 1 PM. Art jurors will score the work between 1 PM and 3 PM. Everyone is invited to watch the process.

Jurors will announce the young artists invited to exhibit their work at 4 PM. These artists will be allowed to sell their work at a booth at the Townie Street Party!

Check out the library's great art book collection to get some ideas!

Mr. Ferlinghetti’s Poem: Story and Woodcuts by David Frampton

David Frampton offers a colorful look into one of the poems of Lawrence Ferlinghetti. The woodcut illustrations bring the poem about a hot day in the city and Ferlinghetti’s imagination to life.

June Wedding

If you are taking the kids to a wedding this month, check out Flower Girl Butterflies, Lilly's Big Day, and Road to Mumbai for picture book reading.

The Boy Who Was Raised by Librarians by Carla Morris

Melvin is very curious. Every day he goes to the library to ask librarians Leola, Marge, and Betty, questions about everything. These enthusiastic librarians always help Melvin find the answers. Carla Morris writes an amazing tribute to librarians everywhere.

Want to get into summer mode?

Poor Angelina longs for her Jamaica home, dreaming of papayas, hot sun and rainbow-colored birds. What will make her happy in her new home, Brooklyn, New York? Carnival of course! Once again, author Jeanette Winter touches and entertains with her whimsical story and magnificent illustrations.

I Lost My Tooth in Africa by Penda Diakite

Amina is going to Africa to visit her father’s family. On the way she notices that she has a loose tooth. Her father tells her if she loses her tooth in Africa and puts it under a gourd she will get a chicken from the African tooth fairy. This Coretta Scott King Honor and Reading Rainbow book is filled with hope and family love. It is a wonderful adventure for a small child.

Kid Bits - 2nd-4th Grade Reads

Youth Librarians have been making school visits to announce Summer Reading starts when school stops in June!
Here are two recommended books for kids in grades 2-4.
In Star Jumper: Journal Of A Cardboard Genius, Alex can make ANYTHING if he can just figure out how to get enough cardboard boxes and duct tape.
In The Homework Machine, Brenton is a 5th grade software ace and figures out how to make his computer do homework. It will even print in his handwriting. The teacher notices that class homework assignments have all become A+. Hmmmm.... She needs to FIGURE IT OUT!

Kid Bits - Ecology Kids

It's time for gardens and summer activities. The following web sites can help kids FIGURE OUT how to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Texas Agriculture Extension Service provides a nice slide show sequence of kids setting up a compost bin. Learn how garbage can become new and treasured at EEK! Recycling and Beyond. At The Imagination Factory an Indiana waste management company has a site full of fun and artisitic ideas on how to reuse materials.

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