A Dock, a Dashboard, a Spotlight, an Alias and Widgets!

Come to the downtown library for the Meet the Mac class on Friday, March 12th to practice using a Mac computer. We'll talk about all of the Mac stuff like the Dashboard, Dock, Widgets, Alias, Spotlight, and more. Ever lost a file on your computer? If so, we'll show you how to use the Finder to locate your files. Bring your Mac laptop along with you if you'd like!

Registration is required. Register online, visit any AADL location, or call 734-327-4555.

See you in class!

Budgeting 101


Need some help balancing your budget? MSU Extension is offering a free workshop to get you on track. Participants will learn how to successfully create a financial plan, how values effect how we manage money and get ideas on how to pay down debt and save more. The workshop is on March 24 from 6:30 to 8 pm, and you'll need to register by March 22 by calling 222-3943.

Bring It Back, Take It Forward: March 12-14


What do Michigan alumni Arturo Rodriguez, Dean Baker, Bill Ayers, and Harvey Wasserman have in common? They were all campus activists in the late-1960s and early 1970s--and they're coming back to the University of Michigan March 12-14 for Bring it Back, Take it Forward (BIBTIF), a three-day conference at the Rackham Building. The conference will feature a dozen panel presentations focusing on several topics including the environment, health care, feminism, immigration rights, the underground media, TBLG issues and the progressive movement itself. Speakers will consider the future of progressive activism and reflect on previous milestones, including the 40th anniversary of the Black Action Movement (BAM) and the 45th anniversary of the first teach-in against the Vietnam War here at the University of Michigan.

A full list of presenters and programs is available here. For additional details and background on the presenters, visit the BIBTIF website.

Teens and Adoption: Books, magazines, meetings

Issues of identity and social life can complicate adolescence for adopted teens. Fortunately for families, there is lots of information at the library and support in the community. Check out Adoptive Families magazine in which the March-April issue has the article "Between Worlds" by Fran Eisenman. In Ann Arbor, a new group is beginning for adopted teens, "Connections," co-led by an adoptive mother/psychologist and her 22 year old daughter. The group will be a place to reflect on challenges, opportunities, relationships and adoption. For details, call Kristine Freeark, 668-0140 or email kfreeark@gmail.com.

Germantown: Old but in the news

Among articles called out in the recent “Proposed Fourth and Fifth Avenues Historic District Study” is Grace Shackman’s Old West Side Story: The Germans in Ann Arbor. In this article, Grace carefully traces the longstanding German influence, back to 1825 when Mannheim baker Conrad Bissinger apparently became the first German to set foot in town. Reading this article, you can see why some people want an historic district that might include Bethlehem United Church of Christ and nearby historic homes. Click here to read a news story from AnnArbor.com. The actual report about the proposed historic district is here.

Filing Online for Unemployment

Need to file for unemployment? Have no idea where to start? This step by step video from the State of Michigan's Unemployment Insurance Agency will tell you exactly how to file your claim. For more information on filing for unemployment or looking for a new job, visit AADL's Small Business & Job Search Toolkit.

New e-Program Helps Unemployed Michigan Workers Find New Careers


With Michigan's high unemployment rate, many are scrambling to find new career paths and a way to transfer skill sets from one industry to the next. Now, there is a solution! A free online program called LEARN. A collaboration of Michigan-based Maria Madeline Project, Inc., the UM Ross School of Business, AADL and 4 other library systems, and WJBK, Fox 2, Detroit; LEARN provides university-level e-learning and career re-branding courses for unemployed Michigan workers with the goal of preparing more than 100,000 unemployed Michiganders to re-enter the workforce in a new career. LEARN's initial online class, "Redefining You Through a Career in Health Care" is available now at www.50plusprime.com. LEARN career re-branding courses are free and will focus on the following industries: health care, government and non-profit, emerging technologies, and entrepreneurship. LEARN courses are developed by Lynn Perry Wooten, PH.D., Clinical Associate Professor of Strategy, Management and Organizations at the UM Ross School of Business in collaboration with Maria Madeline Project, Inc.

Ignite Ann Arbor 3: This Thursday!

Ignite Ann Arbor

5 minutes, 20 slides; what would you say? Come find out what some passionate locals are most passionate about at Ignite Ann Arbor 3, this Thursday, 3/4, at the Blau Auditorium at the UM Ross School of Business at 7 PM. Ignite was started in Seattle by Brady Forrest, and has been promoted and expanded by the O'Reilly Media Group. Ignite is an evening of short, fast, fun talks on any and every subject sure to ignite your interest in some exciting ideas. Ignite Ann Arbor 3 takes place during Global Ignite Week, when Ignite events have been planned in over 60 cities on 6 continents. AADL gets in on the action by offering Ignite Second Stage, an opportunity for the best 5-minute talks to be expanded into longer programs at the library. Our first Second Stage event just happenend this past weekend, but we've got our eyes on some of the Ignite Ann Arbor 3 talks coming this week, so read more, drop us a comment and let us know which of these talks you'd like to learn more about, and don't miss Ignite Ann Arbor 3 this Thursday at Blau!

Ignite Ann Arbor 2: This Friday!

Ignite Ann Arbor

Five minutes; twenty slides. What would you say? Ignite Ann Arbor 2 is coming up this Friday, 11/6 at 7 PM at Blau Auditorium at the Ross School of Business on campus. Ignite is a series of events that began in Seattle and has spread all over the world that invites members of the community up on stage and gives them 5 minutes and 20 slides to talk about their passions. Ignite Ann Arbor 1 included talks on building your own weather balloon, DIY camping equipment, the Golden Mean, the future of News in Ann Arbor, the under-representation of Women in technology, and many more cool things; Ignite Ann Arbor 2 has an amazing lineup including estimating how many licks it does take to get to the center of a tootsie pop, Rosicrucians and Barber-orators, How to Spin A Rope, Why Sex is Great, Wildcrafting, Gelato, Librarianship, Wood, and many other amazing, exciting, inspiring talks.

Also, the best presenters of Ignite Ann Arbor 2 will be invited to the Library over the next few months to give expanded versions of their talks and get deeper into the subject matter. Ignite is an illuminating, entertaining evening that showcases some of the most exciting things going on in town. RSVP for free now and don't miss it this Friday 11/6; then come back to http://aadl.org/ignite to let us know which talks you'd most like to see expanded at AADL!

Parenting on Your Own?

Join The MSU Extension at The Hope Center for a weekly parenting session for single parents. Sessions are EVERY Tuesday from 10:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m. and are free . Come to six sessions and receive a certificate of completion. Registration is requested. Oh, and AADL has a large collection of parenting books and there's plenty to peruse on the Parenting Shelf in the youth Department, too.

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